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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Yearly Recap

Every year I try and make a sort of a summary of my reads. There are always so many great books I would rather recommend them all than try and pick and choose especially since I would probably tend to mention books I've read recently to ones I've read at the beginning of the year.. so down bellow I'll be listing ALL the books I consider SUPERB reads which means rated 5 / 4½ stars. There were 81 books in total (out of the total of 125 books) - 65 books rated 5★ & 16 books rated 4½★.

This year I had a few authors I was going through their book list. My top read author (with 21 books!) was Charlie Cochet. Also FINALLY finished Mary Calmes (13 books) and Amy Lane (9 books) as well as Mariana Zapata and Suki Fleet (8 books each). I wanted to finish Cari Z.'s booklist as well but sadly I didn't manage ALL of them.. (yet I DID read 13 books) - still have a few I'm  planning on reading at the beginning of 2019.

Contemporary Romance - 41/60
First in Line - Annabeth Albert (♂♂)
Status Update (#gaymers, #1) - Annabeth Albert (♂♂)
Holiday Escape (#gaymers, #2.5) - Annabeth Albert (♂♂)
Connection Error (#gaymers, #3) - Annabeth Albert (♂♂)
Love Connection (#gaymers, #3.5) - Annabeth Albert (♂♂)
Sleepover - Serena Bell (♂♀)
Speakeasy (True North, #5) - Sarina Bowen (♂♀)
Brooklynaire (Brooklyn Bruisers, #4) - Sarina Bowen (♂♀)
Tribute Act - Joanna Chambers (♂♂)
Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Center of Gravity - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Finding Mr. Wrong - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Forgive and Forget - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Light up the Dark - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
A Fool and His Manny (The Mannies, #4)- Amy Lane (♂♂)
Crocus (Bonfires, #2) - Amy Lane (♂♂)
Regret Me Not - Amy Lane (♂♂)
Beautiful Dreamer - Christina Lee (♂♂)
Love me Louder - Christina Lee (♂♂)
Reclaim (Under My Skin, #3) - Christina Lee (♂♂)
First Light (Heartsville, #2)- Christina Lee & Felice Stevens (♂♂)
Ever After - Christina Lee & Riley Hart (♂♂)
Off Sunlight and Stardust - Christina Lee & Riley Hart (♂♂)
Lucky - Garrett Leigh (♂♂)
Soul to Keep (Rented Hearts, #2) - Garrett Leigh (♂♂)
Whisper (Skins, #2) - Garrett Leigh (♂♂)
Fragments of Ash (A Modern Fairytale, #7)- Katy Regnery (♂♀)
Fighting Irish (The Summerhaven Trio, #1) - Katy Regnery (♂♀)
Smiling Irish (The Summerhaven Trio, #2) - Katy Regnery (♂♀)
Loving Irish (The Summerhaven Trio, #3) - Katy Regnery (♂♀)
Catching Irish (The Summerhaven Trio, #4) - Katy Regnery (♂♀)
500 Kisses - Anyta Sunday (♂♂)
The Douglas Fir - Anyta Sunday (♂♂)
Handle with Care - Cari Z. (♂♂)
Worth a Shot - Cari Z. (♀♀)
Under Locke - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)
Kulti - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)
Wait for It - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)
Dear Aaron - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)
From Lukov with Love - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)
Luna and the Lie - Mariana Zapata (♂♀)

PNR 19/32
His ConsortMary Calmes (♂♂)
Old Loyalty, New Love (L'ange, #1) - Mary Calmes (♂♂)
Fighting Instinct (L'ange, #2) - Mary Calmes (♂♂)
Love and Payne (THIRDS Universe) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
The Perfect Valentine's Day (A little Bite of Love, #1.5) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Healing Hunter's Heart (A little Bite of Love, #2) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
The Soldati Prince (Soldati Hearts, #1) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
The Foxling Soldati (Soldati Hearts, #2) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Between the Devil and the Pacific Blue - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Love in RetrogradeCharlie Cochet (Sci-Fi Romance) (♂♂)
Shades of Wicked (Night Rebel, #1) - Jeaniene Frost (urban Fantasy) (♂♀)
A Blinded Mind - Cari Z. (♂♂)
Off the Beaten PathCari Z. (♂♂)
Panopolis (#1-#3) - Cari Z. (♂♂)
Shadows and Light - Cari Z. (♂♂)
TempestCari Z. (♂♂)
The Train - Cari Z. (♂♂)

New/Young Adult - 10/14
The AccidentalsSarina Bowen (♂♀)
Studly Period (The Ivy Years, #5.5) - Sarina Bowen (♂♀)
Falling - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
The Glass House - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
Te Quiero - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
This is not a Love Story - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
Wildflowers - Suki Fleet (♂♂)
(in)visibleAnyta Sunday (♂♂)
rock - Anyta Sunday (♂♂)
A Date for Hannah - Katy Regnery (as Callie Henry) (♂♀)

Romantic Suspense - 7/11
All kinds of Tied Down (Marshals, #1) - Mary Calmes (♂♂)
Fit to be Tied  (Marshals, #2) - Mary Calmes (♂♂)
Twisted and Tied (Marshals, #4) - Mary Calmes (♂♂)
Love in Spades (Four Kings Security, #1) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3) - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
Blue Blooded (Lord and Lady Hetheridge, #5) - Emma Jameson (♂♀)
Christmas in Camelot (Camelot West Virginia Season #1) by Emma Jameson & Cyn Mackley (♂♀)

Historical Romance - 4/6
Mr. Winterbourne's Christmans (Winterbourne, #2) - Joanna Chambers (♂♂)
A Tender Curiosity - Charlie Cochet (♂♂)
The Bells of Times Square - Amy Lane (♂♂)
Bird Meets Cage - Anyta Sunday (♂♂)

Christmas in Camelot (Camelot West Virginia Season #1, Episode #1) by Emma Jameson & Cyn Mackley

This was a nice and sweet surprise release. It's just the "first chapter" in a serialized series by two authors - one I've very familiar with and enjoyed reading - Emma Jameson and new to me Cyn Mackley. I'm not sure when the next one will be published but I DO know I'll grab it and read it ASAP. It was rather short but we already got to meet quite a lot of the people of Camelot and a hint of what's in store for us.

Colonel Merle Emery has recently retired, and after traveling the world he realizes it's time to settle down and not just anywhere but in the small and almost forgotten town of Camelot in the big castle over on the mountain. He has money he recently made and he has his vision of what's his future is going to be. His objective is convincing Misty Avalon, the owner of the castle, to actually sell it to him since she is having some regrets about even posting her family's home for sale.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

His Consort by Mary Calmes

This book was so fun and engaging! I was hooked right from the start! I loved Jason. He was truly a great guy so it's no wonder he makes friends whenever he goes, even without realizing he has a very special and unique power over a species he didn't even know existed - Vampyrs!

When Jason Thorpe helps rescue a "kid" while on a carpentering job in Washington he doesn't know the effect it's going to have on his life. But that situation and everything that happened there made him take the right decision for his own life and that's starting a new in New Orleans in a place that was gifted to him by his best friend after his passing. Yet once he was there, just looking at the place he finds the best partner and friend in Ode. Together with her family she envelopes Jason's life with warmth and love, though she hopes he will have more of that in a partner but Jason is quite reluctant.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tempest by Cari Z.

There is so much I have to say about this book I truly don't know where to start. This book was AMAZING, the arc of it, Colm's story was heart breaking heart warming, difficult to read at times, hopeless! hopeful! but also at the very end peaceful. Life certainly took a lot from both Colm and Nichol but they DID manage to find their own kind of Happily Ever After. Perfect is a relative concept really.

When Colm Weathercliff's father dies he realizes it's time to leave the only place he has called home. Though he is reluctant he knows that's the best time and hopefully he can find and build a new place with his stepmothers' family in the big city of Caithmor. After a colorful and interesting journey to get there he is happy to find friendship and love in a new home - The Cove - the Inn Megg (his stepmother's aunt) runs with a bit of help from her grandson Nichol Searunner.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Shadows and Light by Cari Z.

I'll admit I had my doubts about this one.. I don't usually read BDSM, and this one sounded like one through the synopsis. But it's Cari so I HAD to give it a go and I'm SO glad I did. It was different, and though the relationship between our two MCs was very defined as the book starts - an apprentice and his master, as the book progressed and things change between them and all around them their relationship changes as well. It was BEAUTIFUL seeing Rafael grow and evolve, becoming a man who has a life to live for.

The whole story is told from Rafael's POV. He lives in a city controlled by "High Ones" who used to be regular men before they drank from a magical substance (the blood of Erran) and became more than just immortal - also very powerful with enhanced abilities. As a little boy he was selected to be the apprentice of  Xian a very known and appreciated Assassin. He hoped to please his master and be turned by him to be a High One as well, but he mostly wanted to warship Xian. He was obsessed with him, enamored with him. He wanted to be by his side no matter what. But when the test came he failed and was thrown to the lower city to fend for himself. For the first time in his life he was left master-less, all alone without the one man who meant the world to him. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Luna and the Lie by Mariana Zapata

Another OUTSTANDING book by Mariana. If you're into "slow burn" and even if you aren't I HIGHLY recommend you give this one (or any other book by Mariana) a go. As with her other books we only get the feminine side of the story with SUCH a beautiful buildup, both of the relationship as  well as personal growth as this book takes a few months and that's without counting the time both MC have known each other before our starting point.

Luna Allen had a difficult life growing up. It's more than she was just "unwanted" by her family, she was neglected and abused. Now ten years later she is in a totally different place and she has her own 2 hands and 10 fingers to thank for. Yeah, she had help from friends who were SO much more than her family ever was but still she managed to build a life for herself as well as take care of her three younger sisters. It wasn't easy, but she has done well. Lily, the youngest, will  be following her older sisters' footsteps and getting into college. Well, Luna didn't have time for studies, but she made sure her siblings did. She found her calling in CCC a repair garage where she paints cars. It doesn't sound glamorous, but she is good at her job, she actually enjoys her work and (almost) all the people she works with, especially Mr. Cooper the owner who has become the father she could have only wished for.

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Train by Cari Z.

Calling this short novella cute is kinda strange considering the mystery and murder happening on this train in only a 3 days ride, yet when I closed my kindle with a smile at the very end, that's what I thought. I LOVED it, really enjoyed it though I have to say I DID struggle with the language at first (English isn't my mother tongue and I don't have a lot of experience with Steampunk).

Anton Seiber is a student of thaumaturgy (basically magic), on his way to the University of Zurich to continue his studies. It's IMPERATIVE that he arrives on time for his internship but it doesn't seem likely since his destined train was just switched to a royal ride of one of the Emperor's cousins on his way to get married. Not sure what to do he knows he HAS to be on this train no matter what so with a strange kind of occurrence he finds himself impersonating one of the guests. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Blinded Mind by Cari Z.

While I'm not a fan of Dystopia, I AM a fan of Cari which is why I gave this one a go and I'm REALLY happy I did. This novel was kinda scary I have to say! It had a different feel than my usual reads with how desperate both our MCs are though we mostly follow Jonathan and his journey from childhood to adulthood, as he was growing up in a special facility due to his enormous psychic ability. I loved that through the gloom of this HORRIBLE place and everything Jonathan had to go through, there is always the hope of Jonathan reunited with his lover Sam. It was really special the way Sam was always THERE with Jonathan even when he clearly wasn't. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Soothsayer by Cari Z.

Honestly I don't know how to rate or review this book. I have this feeling of "what did I just read now" and I'm really unsure about it all. I'm not even sure I got what happened in the end, or what it really MEANS. For me, it didn't feel like a closed (enough) ending. But it might just be me not understanding what the hell happened in this one..

Cillian Kelly has the power of seeing the fate of people when he looks into their eyes. It's not as fun as you'd think. First he doesn't know HIS fate, he only knows the fate of others and second the fates of horrible people tend to stay with him and trouble his dreams. His life have been a total mess being kidnapped a few times and people trying to "acquire" him for his "services".

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Off the Beaten Path by Cari Z.

This book was SO beautiful. It was tender and sweet, not at all what I would expect from a werewolf themed book, not to mention an alpha who is actually a TRUE alpha, not just a jack**s who likes bossing everyone around. I enjoyed the characters, the progression of the story and the romance (which was pretty sweet and slow going - no instalove!). I'm so pumped Cari will be releasing another book in this world sometimes in the beginning of 2019!

Ward Johannsen world changed the minute he heard his 4 years old baby girl Ava has shifted into a wolf. In the world Cari built for us this means she is to shipped to a pack somewhere and so Ward's part as her parent is over. This is NOT something Ward was going to accept, government decision or not! Ava have been all of his life since she was born and he isn't going to give her up! With a help from a dear dear friend he finds the pack she was assigned to but now comes the hard part - getting the pack to accept him in it. Once he is there leaving (alive..) isn't an option but staying means being cut out from the world he knew and living with a grumpy alpha, his human sister and her husband - they might be nice to him, the alpha - not really..

Beautiful Dreamer by Christina Lee

ADORABLE! This novella was so sweet! I LOVED IT! First, before the romance, I really enjoyed the holiday vibes and nostalgia around it. I don't celebrate Christmas but I loved the whole feeling of this novella. I was a bit like Kate (Rory's girlfriend) getting to know these two families and their traditions, ones they perfected over a lifetime of friendship between them. They might have been apart for the past 6 years but it made no difference once they got together again for the holidays. 

Garrett Coleman and Rory Sweeney have been best friends since they were little, as their mothers are best friends it worked wonderfully. They spend their days playing and having fun together, at times with Rory's older brother Finn. Growing up Garrett idolized Finn and even before he realized he was gay, he was simply fascinated with the guy. His self assurance, charisma, good looks. Yet everything fell apart after his mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Feeling like his whole world was shattered he went partying where he shouldn't have and the guy who came to his rescue - and total embarrassment - was Finn. Being drunk only made thins worse. Ever since then he made his best to ignore Finn. It wasn't difficult. Being in college and helping his family as much as he can during his mother's recovery made it hard to look beyond his personal bubble. Yet now, 6 years later, he is driving to the one place he knows he won't be able to ignore Finn - their family cabin where they spent so many Christmases together.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Where There's a Will (Panopolis #3) [Craig & Ari] by Cari Z.

Outstanding! This wasn't what I expected in the best possible way.. First I was sure the last installment, like the previous two, would be of Edward and Raul taking over the city and while they are both constant in this book it's actually all about "Freight Train" or as he preferred to be called - Craig Haney - the name he was born with and doesn't define just one aspect of his life...

Being a Hero isn't easy. It's not just a job, it's what people expect you to be 24/7 and while Craig is ALL about saving lives and doing the right thing, sometimes all he wan'ts to do, all he wants to be, it a regular Joe. Being surrounded by a force field means he is out of reach from life at all times. He can't eat unless it's with a special straw with a concoction GenCorp has manufactured especially for him. It isn't tasty but he can't taste if anyway.. But what he misses the most is being touched. Even a simple caress. Being appreciated and SEEN not as just a Hero but a person.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Where There's Fire (Panopolis #2) [Edward & Raul] by Cari Z.

What a rush! Edward Dinges was just a regular guy yet getting outed as The Mad Bombardier's accomplice changed everything. He might have been experimented on for a few minutes, but it was enough to make him a Super or rather a Villain. We start this novella with Edward planning his first "job" breaking into the bank he used to work for - It's time he shows Raul his worth.

Yet things don't go as plan, not in the bank and not when Raul isn't the one to rescue him. Turns out someone captured Raul Tremblay and he plans on using Edward's "Reverse Empath" abilities to do his bidding before (or maybe if..) he hands him back. Though Edward SEEMS to be very complaint with Maggot - the big Villain boss! - his mind is always working on his possible next step (same as Raul - plan for the worst, hope for the best!).

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Where There's Smoke (Panopolis #1) [Edward & Raul] by Cari Z.

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this one but if I have to sum it up in one word it will oddly enough be - COOL! Though this was quite short I feel we got to know our sole POV Edward Dinges quite well and there is FAR more to get to know him in the next two installment which I have NO CLUE how it's going to evolve for both him and his lover.

The city of Panopolis is special. It's special because it has Super Heroes Marvel can only envy as well as Villains galore. That's what drew Edward into the city actually though it took time until he met his first Villain AND Hero both the same day as The Mad Bombardier broke into the bank Edward works at and Freight Train came to the rescue. Yet Edward somehow finds himself helping not the Hero but the Villain. He didn't expect himself to even act when he was so stressed, yet he did and when the thank you flowers came with an offer for a meeting he couldn't be more surprised.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 2018 Reading List

Last month I was mostly tired, for too many reasons.. I hope I'll have more energy to close this year with a better feeling. Generally speaking a lot of good, even great, things happened this month so mostly I'm looking forward to enjoy their benefits the following months. I've started my new tattoo project (two sessions in) and I'm SO excited to see it finished. It's the biggest project I've done yet and it's so very different than all the others. It's a more "me" tattoo, the symbolism is literally who I am. I'll probably post it when it's ready, possible next month.

This month reading list is mostly about finishing things I SHOULD have. First more and more and more books by Cari Z (all of them PNR which is a genre I read far less of lately). There are three exciting new releases one from the previous month I didn't get to - a Vampire PNR by Mary Calmes, a new book by Mariana Zapata which is always a treat and a surprise holiday novella by Christina Lee! YAY!

Hope having a day more in December (than November) will make the difference and I'll actually get to read all the books on my list. Mostly I'm into the two new releases and Cari Z's books. I'll be finishing her booklist VERY soon.
Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
Total Books: 13
Total Pages: 2612
Pages per day: ~84
Click for more Recap & Goals of previous months

    ♥ Paranormal Romance / Steampunk
    ♥ Contemporary Romance 

      Friday, November 30, 2018

      First In Line by Annabeth Albert

      This short novella was THE sweetest thing ever! I LOVED it! and I SO wish we'll get more of Ethaniel and Nesto though the HFN we get was somehow enough for me.

      Ethaniel Rhodes is new in Cathia College, it's his first day and he has a few more firsts on his list. Growing up in a small town with VERY conservative parents, going to a college 1500 miles away with a full scholarship means he can actually never look back. It's a great feeling but also a very difficult one. I was heart broken for Ethaniel and how miserable his life have been.

      Mr. Winterbourne's Christmas (Winterbourne, #2) by Joanna Chambers

      Such a SWEET novella. I enjoyed seeing Lysander and Adam again, this time as a couple though they are both unsure of the seriousness of their relationship. Yet when they are both invited to Lysander's home estate it's the perfect time to not only ponder their current situation but to think of the future.

      When Lysander's sister was married to Adam's brother it was no secret it was all about the money, Adam's money.. His brother Simon got the "title" while Lysander's family got the money his father needed after gambling away his own.. They had an agreement but as Lysander and Adam see the way the estate hasn't been renovated they realize there's another reason Adam was invited.. Lysander's father was obnoxious. He wanted everyone to do his bidding so he can keep on being irresponsible with his money and be paid off by other men. Adam saw through him but what he didn't predict was Lysander's reaction.

      Thursday, November 29, 2018

      Crossroads (Skins #4) [Angelo & Dylan] by Garrett Leigh

      This short novella is a closure to the series, though it contains the POVs of Angelo and Dylan all three couples are enjoying the holidays together at Joe's (and Harry's) Farm. The feeling is more settled, certainly for Joe and Harry but also with Rhys and Jevon. Angelo and Dylan needs to find a way to make their relationship work. Staying at the farm doing physiotherapy with Harry and in general living there makes a HUGE difference on his health and so he needs to find a way to talk to Dylan and explain it to him, hoping Dylan can make a future with him somewhere near the farm..

      Dylan already realized Angelo's future is entwined with his and this is NOT something that is going to change, even if he sees the great influence the farm has on Angelo's health and it's underline meaning. So it's up to him to find a way to make a life there. With a bit of help from the guys he does find a way which suits him well and will enable them to chose their own path together.

      Monday, November 26, 2018

      First Light (Heartsville #2) [Aubrey & Oliver] by Christina Lee & Felice Stevens

      PERFECTION. I"ll write a review though I think I can sum it up in two words MUST READ, or in three words GRAB IT NOW. I knew this book is going to be awesome not only because I trust Christina, but also because I loved "Last Call", the previous book in this series, together with Felice. It was different, yet the most important things stayed the same - wonderful writing, beautiful and tender story, and characters who are here not only to get their HEA but to evolve and grow in the process. It was almost a "slow burn" in the way the friendship between Aubrey and Oliver progressed and I loved it to pieces. So let's make a deal, okay? Scroll down, order it, then come back here and I'll tell you my thoughts in more than 2 or 3 words.

      Are you back yet? you're here? Great! Let's start at the beginning...

      Saturday, November 24, 2018

      Join the Club (Four Kings Security #3) [Lucky & Mason] by Charlie Cochet

      Getting back with the kings! I was so excited about this book, and frankly after finishing and getting the little snippet of the next one, I'm even MORE excited (AND it's releasing next month). This series is a mix of romance, suspense and A LOT of family/brotherhood shenanigans. What more can anyone ask? We've already met both Mason and Lucky so it was all about seeing how these two can stop being stupid suborn bastards and start ACTING on what they want.

      Eduardo "Lucky" Alejandro Morales is one of the "Kings", he is Ace's cousin and have been in his shadow ever since he came to the state in his teens. Living in Ace's shadow was never truly a problem though he always wished he would be taken more seriously and people SEE HIM for who he is, not just the hot headed one. Though he IS also that hehe. It was actually a surprise to Mason as well when he saw Lucky on a daily basis and saw how much more he actually is, and with sexual tension burning everything around them it easily became so much more.

      Wednesday, November 21, 2018

      Friendly Fire by Cari Z.

      While I did enjoy this book I feel like it was somehow "half cooked". I would have loved seeing both men open up more, especially Lennox who stayed a closed book in front of Elliot. We only know about his past though small glimpses. The relationship buildup, even if wasn't lengthy time-wise felt very genuine. I could see how these two fell for one another even if no words of emotions are truly spoken between them. Which is a bit of my problem, I wanted MORE of them as a couple, mostly opening up.

      Elliot McKenzie made mistakes and he has paid for then, now he is the CEO of a company who gives second chances for everyone who is willing. Not everyone believes he is genuinely a good guy now, but for him - HIS truth is what's important. He wishes his family, his sister mostly, would look at him and see who he has become but mostly he is quite content with life. Yet when strange occurrences - some bizarre others life threatening are circling around him his right hand - Serena - brings Lennox, a family member for help, she has NO IDEA what's this meeting will bring to everyone's lives, mostly Elliot and Lennox.

      Sunday, November 11, 2018

      Sleepover by Serena Bell

      Two single parents living next door.. yon can guess where this one is going... yet it's so much MORE than that. To quote Sawyer "We did everything backwards - Crazy monkey sex first, foreplay later, getting to know each other third". See 2 months ago before Sawyer moved to the house next to Elle, they met in a bar. Elle was two weeks after finalizing her divorce, in a need of getting back to who she was before the whole mess with her ex, and Sawyer, as usual was looking for a "relief" from the constant ache of losing his wife 2 years prior. He offers a night without a repeat and up until Elle it worked fine. Yet seeing her again, with a plate full of cookies as a good neighbor should, makes him for ONCE question his resolve.

      Thursday, November 1, 2018

      November 2018 Reading List

      Though I had high hopes for the month of my Birthday, October wasn't what I had hoped for health wise though at least it was on the amount of books I consumed so THAT is a sort of a blessing.. This month I'll have my hands full with studies yet I hope like the previous two months I'll find more than enough time to read - what I'm trying to say - besides studying I'm planning quite a chilled out month (which I'm all for, give me "boring" routine anytime!).

      Okay, so maybe BORING isn't the right word for this month because there IS something special planned - a new tattoo! It started in my head, close to 10 years ago (what can I say, I like planning ahead ;)) yet it had to change since my tattoo artist didn't like my idea (and one thing for sure - I'm not changing HER!). I fell in love with the new concept so I say INK ON! It's a big project, the biggest thus far. I'm not even sure we'll finish it this month.. It's going to be big, it's going to be wonderful and artistic and it's going to be about me and who I am. Can't wait to start!

      There are SO MANY exciting reads for me this month! But with a busier than expected month I decided to focus on the new releases! First off - Serena Bell, Charlie Cochet, Garrett Leigh, Joanna Chambers and a surprise release from Christina Lee (with Felice Stevens). Only managed one novel  by Cari Z this month.. more from her to come the following months..
      Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
      Total Books: 7
      Total Pages: 1281
      Pages per day: ~43
      Click for more Recap & Goals of previous months

        ♥ Contemporary Romance 
          ♥ Historical Romance 

          Wednesday, October 31, 2018

          Holding Court by Cardeno C.

          Short and sweet but also extremely HOT. Esav Walters is quite shocked to find a painting of himself, 10 years younger, at a new bar in town his friends dragged him to. He remembers the night he spent with Court Swanson so very clearly. It was amazing to say the least yet they were at a different time in life and a relationship wasn't an option.

          Shades of Wicked (Night Rebel #1) by Jeaniene Frost

          It started in the summer of 2014 (at least for me..) when I found Cat and Bones. It used to be my absolute favorite UF series, yet then came the spin-off "Night Prince" of Vlad and I fell in love even harder. Putting Ian against Vlad isn't a fair game.. So I'll just say I LOVED this book. It was AWESOME. Can't believe how much I missed all these characters.. Jeaniene made us wait a whole year and a half since the last installment of Vlad and Leila's story and though it was a long wait it was totally worth it!

          I'll just say that if you haven't read any of the "Night Huntress" books YOU TOTALLY SHOULD, but actually it's not a must.. you'll just get to know many of the characters in advance.. and there are naturally a few spoilers.. up to you. Chronologically speaking this book continues right after the end of "Into the Fire", the 4th and last installment of the "Night Prince" where Ian made a bargain he shouldn't have and now it seems he has very short time to live before his soul goes to the Demon he bargained it for - Dagon yet he didn't see Veritas coming.. NOT AT ALL.

          Tuesday, October 30, 2018

          Fireworks (True North #6) [Benito & Skye] by Sarina Bowen

           We've met Benito a bit, mostly in Zara's book and I was curious to who will capture his big heart. Turns out, she already did YEARS ago on the one year Skye spent living in the trailer park Benito and his family used to live in. It wasn't the most beautiful time of their lives and yet it was because together things WERE different, there was a sort of unspoken hope that sadly disappeared when Skye left town without a word..

          Benito Rossi is on a mission and he plans on delivering it ASAP, though he is all about the job - catching a drug dealer who messes around with his drugs making them more lethal then they suppose to be - it's actually personal on so many levels.. When he was growing up, his family had a tormentor - the cop living in the trailer park with them. He made Zara's life such a living hell they had to move her to another place and their lives weren't easy with so many times the police were on their case when they really shouldn't... It got even worse on the last year of school when Skye and her mother moved in with said cop.. He was horrible to Skye, she was frankly TERRIFIED of him and for good reasons.. So now when Benito is the cop and he has his sights on FINALLY arresting Jimmy Gage.

          Friday, October 19, 2018

          Innocence by Suki Fleet

          It's hard for me to actually write it but it's my truth so I gotta - I didn't like this book AT ALL. It was all over the place with Christopher running around in circles, in his head but also in real life. It FELT like the YA I stay clear of and frankly I don't get what a 29 years old guy would find in someone 10 years younger. Their whole relationship was BEYOND strange. Not to mention with the book finished I still don't think I know anything about Malachi besides he's a mechanic who loves to play and sing music (there's also a dark secret, but it's a spoiler-free-zone here so I'll let you figure it out..).

          This is Christopher Grey's story for sure. We follow him around as he tries to find a place in this world he can call his own. He have been living with his dad and younger brother on a boat all of his life. When he was 5 years old, the 3 years old Jay got burned by accident which consequented in their mother leaving for good. Doesn't sound like the exemplary mother, does she? and their father isn't that much better even if he have been taking care of them since then. it's not black and white I guess.. he is who he is, and he's doing what he thinks is the right thing even if his reasoning aren't the best.  Jay is the focus of Christopher's life, he would do right around anything for him, he is his number one priority even if the one thing he craves - finding their mother - is not something Christopher is mad about. He doesn't feel there's a point and also where to start?

          Wednesday, October 17, 2018

          Handle with Care by Cari Z.

           This was such a sweet novel! I LOVED it! I read it almost in one sitting. Aaron and Tyler where simply adorable together. There's this one sentence I read and then re-read - "I could have had this sooner, couldn't I?" and I thought to myself this is IT. This was everything falling into place for both of them. They have known each other for 10 years, most of that time as best friends and now they are ready to take the next step for them to become a couple. 

          Aaron McCoy had a difficult life growing up. Yet while he ended up in the system his little brother Zach, the one he tried his best to care for while his mother had other things (and addictions) in mind, found a great home. Aaron was too resentful to appreciate what he could have had with the same family so he somehow drifted away from Zach not knowing how to gap the distance between them.. Yet a few years later, almost at 18, he found himself the best home in the Howards family. The two older siblings in the family were already out of the house so all he had was the 16 years old Tyler. It took them time to form a friendship - not for lack of want from Tyler's side, but once it stuck both knew they won't ever let go. So while They grew up, found themselves in life, college, work, in the end, whenever both needed someone it was obvious who they'll turn to. 

          Tuesday, October 16, 2018

          Wildflowers by Suki Fleet

          We learn to appreciate what we truly want only when it's practically gone - and then what? What do we do when we realized we made a HIGH mistake and now time is running short? How do we love without the fear of losing? Losing the one we love and ourselves. Xavi doesn't know and neither do I. This was a sweet yet sad story about waiting a bit too long to appreciate love.

          It's quite a short novella but I think what we can take from it is LIVE. Live in the now and say what we want to say. Sitting in silence the way Xavi and Sam did for most of their time together only cost both of them pain. They've met 4 years ago when they lived in the same commune. Sam was already living there though hated by most of the others and when Xavi came with his boyfriend. It was an open relationship but it was still hard for Xavi to act upon his growing emotions towards the sweet Sam. It's more than attraction between them, what they share together means more to Xavi than he can deal with when he already has a boyfriend he is suppose to be in love with. Which is part of the reason they leave (not surprisingly their relationship doesn't last long after).

          Monday, October 15, 2018

          Te quiero (Falling for You #1) [Ally & Levi] by Suki Fleet

          This short novella was THE SWEETEST THING! I've read Suki referred to this one as the fluffiest novella she have ever written - and it is! But that's a good thing! :) Ally and Levi's story was warm and fuzzy even if Ally wasn't at his best. It was a chance for a HEA when things were looking down which actually made this short novella so much more than just two guys learning they share and want more than each of them realized.

          Ally is devastated. His ex posted a bunch of NAKED photos of him on multiple porn sites. What would he do now? It's more than feeling naked it's being abused as well. Since his laptop crashed last week he sits in the physics lab hoping he can somehow make the photos go away but though he wrote the sites, they haven't gotten back to him and to top it all Levi just came into the lab asking what he's doing there (since he left the department a while back). Not knowing what to do he antagonizes Levi before he simply disappears leaving behind a short unfinished love letter in Spanish (Ally's mother tongue).

          Sunday, October 14, 2018

          Three Fates by Mary Calmes, Amy Lane & Andrew Grey

          The legends talk about three sisters, The Fates, they are immortal being spinning the wheels of fate. Sometimes, they take interest in some of the Fates they "create". Like they decided to help Cheyenne a bit so he can find his true love, though sometimes like with Cassidy and Raza they needed more than a little pursuading. With Lief and Hacon I'm not even sure what they THOUGHT would happen but they were willing to give it a chance and through it a love story was formed.

          I liked the idea behind the Anthology, but the novellas didn't really work for me. They were all nice but somehow lacking, each for it's own reason. The first two were shorter (I'd guess round 80 pages each, together getting to the middle of the book) with the last one giving us a much more developed story (taking the whole other half of the book).

          Friday, October 12, 2018

          Wild Summer (Love Story Universe, #1.5) [Crash & Summer] by Suki Fleet

          I enjoyed this book though it felt very different from the previous one. For once I wished this story would have been a little bit MORE, mostly more of Christopher (Crash) and Summer as they first met. I wished they had more time together, it would have been easier for me to understand the hold they had on each other for the 4 years they were apart.

          We've met Crash in the previous installment and when we start this one it's already about a year (I would guess) after Romeo and Julian found their place in Cornwall. Though Romeo chose to have a different life than Crash did when arriving at the same foster home, they become fast friends and now Crash is spending the time with both of them trying to deal with what seeing Summer again, 4 years after their downfall, have done to him.

          This Is Not a Love Story (Love Story Universe, #1) [Romeo & Julian] by Suki Fleet

          The tears haven't even dried yet but I feel somehow I have to write my feelings now before my mundane life snatches the storm of emotions I have right now. This book was so heart breakingly beautiful. It was a HORRIBLE ride of cold, wet and heartless London with kids who should have had a home and yet they don't. On their own, trying to live with barely hope they can survive the next night. This is not a love story, yet it is. Romeo and Julian means the WORLD to one another, but the world needs to give them a break so they can actually build a life together. One that promises more than hungry, sick, penniless roaming the streets.

          The whole story is told from Romeo Danilov's POV. He is 15 years old, living on the street after being left by his mother. He has nothing and no one until Julian Lavelle jumps to his rescue from tugs who enjoyed tormenting a mute who can't even scream for help. From that moment Romeo and Julian become almost inseparable. Yet there is very little they can actually DO to survive which is why Julian keeps selling his body to buy them food and a little shelter from the cold. They have a friend in the owner of a cafe - Cassey. She helps as best as she can, but she too has her limits. They also have Gem - Julian's friend but she too has her own problems to deal with. They can barely make it, truly, but together they find little glimpses of light mostly in each other.