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Friday, August 17, 2018

Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Diana and Dallas's story was beautiful. It wasn't my usual read but maybe because of that I appreciate it even more. Mostly because this is not only their story but also the story of the little family Diana has formed with her two nephews now under her guardianship ever since her brother died.

Diana had to grow up fast when she became the guardian of Josh and Louie. She had changed her life and made a home for the two young kids, putting their needs first. Her mother might think she isn't the best option but she must have realized Diana is the best available option. Lucky for her she does have help from both the kids' grandparents or otherwise she wouldn’t be able to truly make it on her own. Yet its still difficult. She isn't sure what she is doing is the right thing half of the time but what she does know makes her in my eyes the best kind of mother – one who first loves and believes in her little guys.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Fool and His Manny (The Mannies #4) [Quinlan & Dustin] by Amy Lane

WOW, this book was simply AMAZING, but it was also heart breaking. I had to hold my hand to my chest to keep my heart either in place or intact.. Quin and Dustin broke my heart time and time again, mostly Quin. Sad, lonely, quiet Quinlan who is all alone in the world even when he is surrounded by the family he wished was his (and little by little BECAME his).

The Robbins-Graysons have A LOT of kids, 6 to be exact. we've met all of them before in the previous installments. Truth being said, I'm not a fan of kids in books but it this series it somehow works though I feel like if I was actually THERE I would get dizzy in one second and just collapse. I think that's what Quinlan Gregory thought when he saw the lot of them at a family wedding he was invited to by his friend Sammy. Sammy thought maybe Quin would consider being the manny now that the "old one" is getting married.. At first Quin was terrified, but somehow he thought staying so close to Sammy, one of the few people in his life, would be a good idea so he stays though he keeps mostly to himself and doesn't truly "mingle" with the family. He doesn't feel like he has a place in one. It didn't work with HIS family, so he won't even think of taking this one for his own, though in his heart it's all he can wish for.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Date for Hannah (LIFE - Love Is For Everyone, #1) [Hannah & Liam] by Callie Henry (Katy Regnery)

I LOVED this one, it was sweet and simply PRECIOUS. I'll admit I was a bit worried I won't connect with this one. I haven't been a teen for a while now... and I feel quite disconnected from a lot of things that happened "back then", and yet I could more than connect with Hannah and her struggles. As an "adult romance" reading I didn't mind one bit that this was quite innocent. I actually found it refreshing. This book is a YA intended to ALL readers, YA included. I wished I read this kind of a book back then though I feel I was a bit TOO cynic to enjoy it. Hannah has NOTHING on me on how isolated I was. Yet hope can be packaged in all kinds of different packages, sometimes you need to find the one best suited for you and most of the times, it's not the one you expect.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2018 Reading List

Okay, it's official! I passed the test! 💃💃💃 I was SO scared of this one, it WAS difficult but it is also behind me now so I can continue my education. Also I've sent my two essays for the other courses I had this year so I can finally FEEL the summer holiday and have as much fun as possible till the new year begins. 

This month I'll be traveling to Amsterdam to the World Dog Show. Last year, the World Dog Show at Leipzig, was the first I've went to a show outside my country and since then I knew it's going to become a tradition. Can't wait!

So this month FINALLY I can have a long list of books to immerse myself in. Last month, at the end, I was so tense I couldn't read when I actually had time! So this month is planned SO very differently with leisure all around.

I have many books by authors I know I've enjoyed and loved. Continuing on reading more by Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Suki Fleet, Katy Regnery (also in her new pen name as YA author) and Mariana Zapata as well as a new to me author - Meghan March with a NA series which I plan on reading little by little till the end of the year.

Happy summer everyone! 🤩🌞


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♥ Young / New Adult 
♥ Contemporary Romance 

    Tuesday, July 31, 2018

    Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts by Charlie Cochet

    This short novella was PERFECT. I loved it to pieces. I loved both MCs, their interaction with one another and the WHOLE set of nosy  meddling characters around them. It had enough substance to bring us a whole story, somehow feeling much longer than it actually is. 

    Julian “Quinn” Quintero is more than annoyed to be stuck at home after he got injured at his job (as a SWAT agent). He isn't amused by his family getting in his business, or his friends who always appear uninvited and when he feels like being ALONE in his peace and quiet. Though he soon changes his mind when he get a taste of his clumsy endearing geeky neighbor.

    Monday, July 30, 2018

    Be Still My Heart (Four Kings Security #2) [Red & Laz] by Charlie Cochet

    As you can expect from both Charlie and the "King of Hearts" - our MC Red, this was sweet and endearing. we've already met both Red and Laz in the previous installment so their coming together wasn't a surprise, it was a matter of time, it was a matter of trust and as it seems it was also a matter of security with Laz finding himself shot at while filming a shoot on the beach.

    Lazarus "Laz" Galanos is a photographer, he is still starting his way but he has big plans and he will work hard to get there even if his past - recent and far gone haven't been very positive. Most of his life it has been him, his father and bigger brother Gio. Ever since Gio met Colton in College he became family as well and now, it's mostly him he turns to with his father dead and Gio very far across the sea. Yet Colton can't save Laz from making mistakes, especially not his relationship with Bryan. It ends with a big BANG in the first installment "Love in Spades", I'll send you off to read it if you haven't already, it would really be a pity to miss out on it.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2018

    Second Chance Summer (Cedar Ridge, #1) [Aidan & Lily] by Jill Shalvis

    I did expect quite a lot from this author though I haven't read her before. She has A LOT of raving review, some from my friends so I was getting ready to fall madly in love. "Spoiler Alert" - I didn't. This book was a total and absolute cliche. I think I got to about 60-70% when I started skimming. Not sure why, I could have DNFed it and I would have been fine with it (rule of thumb, if you don't like a book half way in, it's not going to change enough to change your opinion of it). But I DID finish it and though it ended nicely, I had SO many issues with this one along the way I wasn't satisfied with it.

    I really feel bad about writing this review.. I mean it's all PERSONAL opinion after all.. It's MY personal take of this story. You might LOVE it. So take everything I'm writing with a grain of salt.

    This is a beginning to a series, the story of 3 out of 5 Kincaid siblings. This one features Aidan Kincaid. He's gorgeous, he has a very loving family (though it could be said they are all somehow dysfunctional..), he is a life-saver, working both as a fire-fighter as well as on a  Search&Rescue team in the mountains he loves so much and where his family own a resort. He might not have a girl, but he is satisfied in life and frankly doesn't have any time for one.. Well, except for Lily Danville - the one who got away..

    Friday, July 13, 2018

    Center of Gravity (Compromised, #1) [Lymond & Daniel] by Charlie Cochet

    This short novella was simply AWESOME. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. It started a bit awkward and I wasn't sure about it, then it turned HILARIOUS (when the dogs get into the picture) and I was just hooked.. Charlie - MORE. SOON. PLEASE!

    So this is those sweet Valentine novellas but it's so NOT what you'd expect. See, the two MCs are professionals.. One - Lymond - a professional assassin and the other - Daniel - a professional dog walker.. For both the blind date is someone else's doing and yet the app used to match them, or their loved ones, knew exactly what they were doing fixing these two together.

    Thursday, July 12, 2018

    Head Over Heels by Serena Bell

    ~sigh~ I'm upset. I REALLY wanted to love this one but for some reason I just couldn't connect to either character. I loved so many of Serena's books so I really don't know what to say.. How did this happen?

    Chase Crayton and Olivia "Liv" Stratten are best friends. They have been for the past 3 years ever since they went on their first date and realized they couldn't BE more different and unmatched. Yet friendship works for them perfectly well! Honestly I don't know why the things either of them listed on that date matters. If there's attraction and they can enjoy spending time together, why does it matter that they so many things that are NOT in common? I think it just means that they would have their own "things" to do while not together. I see it as HEALTHY. Never mind..

    Tuesday, July 3, 2018

    His Hearth (Warders #1) [Julian & Ryan] by Mary Calmes

    This one was VERY disappointing. I don't think I have very good things to say about it but frankly. Yet. it's MY personal preference and it has nothing to do with the quality of the book. The things that made me put this one aside might be the exact ones to make you appreciate it, so as usual read with caution ;)

    This novella is a part of a Urban Fantasy series, each book is actually novella length. As this is Mary and I've loved so many of her books in the past (I've read MOST of them) I bought the  compilation of the first three installments in the series. It starts as a regular Contemporary Romance novel and as it seems the Paranormal side of things starts very close to the end (which I haven't gotten to since I DNFed it at 33%).

    Monday, July 2, 2018

    The Accidentals by Sarina Bowen

    Sarina is a MUST read for me, and there's a good reason for that. When I heard she is releasing a Young Adult novel I was intrigued and maybe a tiny bit worried. Worried is a strong word. Let's just stay with intrigued :) Generally speaking I don't like and therefor don't read YA but with Sarina I knew the only real option is READ IT and of course I wasn't disappointed. I was FLOORED! I started this book nearing midnight, thinking I"ll just read a bit before I fall to sleep and found myself reading until the birds started chirping outside and light streamed through the window into my room. yeah, I had one of THOSE days today where I could barely hold myself upright but it was SO worth it.

    The Accidentals isn't truly a love story though there IS a bit of romance mixed in it. A very sweet and tender one. This book is YA and intended for young readers in that there is few little sexual content. I actually really liked it and how sexuality was discussed in the book. It felt very genuine and heart felt. I think any young reader can and will enjoy this one, even if at times it deals with difficult situations. I know I'm going to cherish this one for a long time.

    Sunday, July 1, 2018

    July 2018 Reading List

    While the schedule was - June hysterically busy -> July everything calms down - In reality I had a fairly "regular" pressure month on June - which explain how I got to read ALL the books on my reading list! (THAT doesn't happen often...), but now most of July will pack more stuff in it..  I'm actually debating doing one of my assignments on one of the books I have on my list this month.. not sure it will work but it will be REALLY cool if it does workout! (*Truthfully, I'm TERRIFIED of the exam I have on the 25th but I'll just have to do my most and hope for the best. I'll be over the moon once it's behind me! 

    I DO have something else to look forward to this month. I REALLY want to get a new tattoo (actually twins :)), it's been rolling around in my head for a LONG time now, so it's finally time to make it happen! I have two more I'm still somewhat debating. One is actually pretty clear in my head (just waiting for the right timing), and the other is still just a concept/idea which means it will take a few years till I actually get it tattooed. I rarely "go back" on an idea, so I'm pretty sure it WILL happen, but there is much to think about still.. 

    I'll be keeping it simple this month reading-wise, a bit like I did in June. I have 3 new release, a YA by Sarina (haven't read one of THOSE in a while), a Contemporary Romance novel by Serena and a new Romantic Suspense By Charlie (as well as another novella). Besides that I'll be continuing with my "project" of reading Mary's booklist as well as a new to me series and author - Jill Shalvis. 

    (*) It DIDN'T work out in the end like I thought it would but lucky enough the beautiful Covet by Tracey Gravis-Graves popped into my mind and so I got it on Audiobook. It was as emotional and heart breaking as I remembered but also heart felt and so very human. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 


    Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
    Total Books: ~42
    Total Pages: 1315
    Pages per day: 5 + 2 DNF
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    ♥ Young Adult 
    ♥ Contemporary Romance & Romantic Suspese 
    ♥ Paranormal Romance 

      Saturday, June 30, 2018

      Believe (Skins #3) [Rhys & Jevon] by Garrett Leigh

      ~sigh~ I'm SO disappointed. This was nothing like I expected. Naturally, ANY of Garrett's books are a must read, and though I expect a heart breaking story, I want to feel the promise of a HEA laced in between but here I was just depressed the whole while I was reading it. The alternating POVs helped, but still, Rhys was too "broken" and Jevon was doing his best, but he wasn't so sure himself if this thing between them is even possible.

      Rhys Foster used to spend his days in an anonymous sex club, it used to be his THING. Sex, generally, was his thing but he is sick of it. Going to a pub to drink his sorrows he meets Jevon Campbell and somehow finds himself inviting him over to his apartment. Jevon is nothing like Rhys expected, while he is gay, it's somehow new to him. He has dated and slept with women, realized he isn't really into them but wasn't brave enough to take the leap into dating men and here comes Rhys, openly bisexual and VERY into exploring anything and everything related to sex. Put the two of them together, and Jevon is finally able to experience what he was missing, and Rhys sleeps for the first time with a guy who can actually mean something to him.

      Thursday, June 28, 2018

      Love Me Louder by Christina Lee

      It's not like I had any doubt I'm going to LOVE this one. My only problem was, lack of time prevented me from reading the whole thing in one day. This story broke my heart and pieced it up together. Will and Noah were MADE for each other. What they saw in one another is exactly what love stories is made of and made for. The story is told from both Noah and Will which I really enjoyed. They both had their issues and so seeing it from each ones perspective gave this book a really beautifully sensitive feel.

      Monday, June 25, 2018

      The Douglas Fir by Anyta Sunday

      This book was simply PERFECTION! or should I say it was MAGIC! But mostly it's going to be very difficult to explain especially without spoilering anything.. Whatever you planned or reading in the near future this one have GOT to be fitted it.

      Jase have been in love with his best friend and neighbor - Noah - for a while now. But he isn't even sure he is gay.. They enjoy spending time together, including with his younger brother, Noah enjoys teaching how to surf. He wants to teach Jase as well, but Jase doesn't know how to swim and he won't allow Noah to see him so vulnerable.. What he DOES know he has to make Noah's birthday the best thing ever, but for that to happen he needs a plan. It takes him time but in the end he realizes the best thing would be a magic Douglas Fir ("Christmas Tree"). One which grows not just from watering but also from speaking truths to.

      Sunday, June 24, 2018

      A Tender Curiosity (Including Endearing Young Charms) by Charlie Cochet

      This anthology contains 3 previously released short Historical Romance novellas. I enjoyed all three but gotta say, loved BEST the third one (which was actually Historical PNR). I loved the feel of all of them. They felt timeless really.

      Saturday, June 23, 2018

      Chosen Pride (L'Ange #3) [Jon & Kelvin] by Mary Calmes

      This one was a nice closure to the series with A LOT of things being explained about L'Ange's past which led to a very special present (and future).  The story was mostly about Jon and Kelvin finding their HEA, but it had quite a lot of the characters from the previous books - Quade and Roman, Arman and Linus.

      Jon and Kelvin's story started in the last few chapters of the previous installment (I really do think if you haven't read the first two, reading this one would spoiler.. better start at the beginning..), when Jon came to show his support of Arman and mostly Linus when he confronted the ones who cast him out all those years ago even after a horrible abuse he went through.  Kelvin is the "fenrir" the champion of the "Wolf King", he was there looking for whomever was killing off an entire pack. That would be Arman.. When all business is finished and Kelvin and Jon stand one in front of the other it's obvious for the both of them they are mates. The pull towards one another is TOO strong to be anything else.. Yet Kelvin refuses Jon. He has his duties as fenrir - the champion of the king. Heart broken Jon leaves back home.

      Tuesday, June 19, 2018

      Fighting Instinct (L'Ange #2) [Arman & Linus] by Mary Calmes

      This felt more of a Paranormal novel with a Arman and Linus being destined to be mates, even though it sounds SO unlikely. Yet, it felt so very genuine with how much they circle one another for the past 7 years they have been living in L'Ange. Their banter (like in the previous one) was SO MUCH FUN! and even just listening to Arman battling himself (as he is our sole POV) was SO AMUSING! When not sure if he wants to f&%# Linus or to eat him! hehe that's how it is when you're a predator while your love interest is prey...

      We've met Arman de Soto in the previous installment (haven't read it yet? YOU MUST! first, it would make things less complicated, and second and more important - it's AWESOME!). He is in charge of security of the L'Ange estate. Though he is a shifter, a predator, no one, including Quade (the mate of Roman - the owner of L'Ange) who is a Jackal shifter, and an Alpha, can't sense just what exactly he is. One thing he has no problem disclosing, he is not a pack member. Never was and have no intention of becoming a part of.. He had his 4 trusted friends, who were with him in the Marines and now, working with him to secure L'Ange.

      Sunday, June 17, 2018

      Old Loyalty, New Love (L'Ange #1) [Quade & Roman] by Mary Calmes

      This book was AWESOME! I LOVED both Quade and Roman and especially their banter and how much they cared for one another and each was frustrated about the way things are between them - somehow on the verge of a real relationship and yet it isn't..

      At 35, Quade Danas finds himself the bodyguard of the 17 years old Roman Howell. Quade is a Jackal Shifter but he was banished from his family and pack when he was Roman's age because of his sexuality. His father wasn't willing to accept him the way he is, even if it's obvious from Quade's ancestry and special powers he is the one who suppose to lead the pack when he matures. After years in the military Quade tried to get back but it doesn't work the way he thought and so again he drifts  away from home where he accidentally saves Roman's parents who offer him a job on the spot.

      Saturday, June 16, 2018

      Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin by Mariana Zapata

      I enjoyed this one though at too many times I was SO annoyed with Gaby's brother and best friends I wanted to throw the kindle on the wall! Lucky I didn't, ha? ;) I enjoyed seeing Gaby and Sacha get closer together, the so very slow burn Mariana is so great at was also a treat in this one though the setting was a bit uncomfortable for me.

      Gaby Barreto's life isn't at its best at the moment, recently dumped by her boyfriend, returning to live with her parents and struggling to find a job now that she has finished college. She truly doesn't have anything better to do than accept her twin brother's offer to join him and their two best friends on a joint tour with another band, her being their "merch girl". Gaby has known Eli's best friends all of her life so it's no wonder Mason and Gordo are not only her brother's best friends but also her own. They are silly and stupid and always get in trouble but she would do right around anything for them, including going on the tour with them. It's going to be close, maybe a bit TOO close considering it's basically 3 months stuck with 11 (!) guys in a bus but she knows she can manage it and the money is going to be awesome!

      Monday, June 4, 2018

      Loving Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #3) [Ian & Hallie] by Katy Regnery

      Though both Ian and Hallie went through hellish 10 years I'd still call this book sweet and endearing. I don't think anything could have been done differently by both Ian and Hallie so maybe that's what life (or rather Katy ;)) was meant to show them or make them appreciate what they can find in each other even more.

      The senior year Halcyon "Hallie" Gilbert came to the Summerhaven resort she was different, took her a bit but she was finally maturing and though Ian thought she was cute (as a friend) before, when he saw her NOW his feelings quickly changed. So they spent the summer together, even though Ian Haven, as one of the triplets of the owner of the summer camp, wasn't allowed to have ANY relationship with the guests.. Rules needs to be broken, right? and anyhow who can resist the beautiful and sweet Hallie?

      Friday, June 1, 2018

      June 2018 Reading List

      June will be continuing my hectic schedule but I swear once it's all over (middle of July) I'm going on a vocation. Don't care where to, don't care what's on the agenda just taking a few days OFF everything. I truly need it.

      When this month will be over I HOPE that two of my most stressful assignments would be behind me. That would be GREAT. Will leave me with a better start to July.

      So this month I'll keep it light, I want to read 3 new releases (Charlie Cochet, Katy Regnery and Garrett Leigh) which I really can't wait for, but I"m not sure what I'll actually get to besides those.


      Statistics (will be filled at the end of the month)
      Total Books: 10
      Total Pages: 2102
      Pages per day: ~70
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      ♥ Contemporary Romance & Romantic Suspese 
      ♥ Paranormal Romance 
      ♥ Historical Romance 

          Thursday, May 31, 2018

          In the Right Light by G.B. Gordon

          Truthfully I just didn't connect with this one. It was too short to be realistic romantic wise, at least for me. it felt too fast and the "relationship buildup" felt more like an infatuation.

          Danny Holt and James Carver find themselves working at the same project from different ends. James a landscaper, and Danny working artistic lights in a big estate. Though it's what Danny usually does with his artistic talent, James works with his older brother and father who mostly put him off and so their usual clients are more "mediocre", this is a big chance for them yet if they keep their attitude it's not just they won't get better jobs, James would leave as well. He had enough of his father and how badly he treats him... James has his dreams but he doesn't feel he'll be able to pursue any of them with his father managing the business..