Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Worth a Shot by Cari Z.

Wow, I'm actually quite surprised how much of a REAL story we got for this short novella, though I AM reducing half a star because this could barely even be considered as a HFN.

Samara Wynne feels like she has found not only the best roommate for the other side of her duplex, but also the love of her life in Katie Hansen but though everything SEEMS perfect - them getting along, practically sharing a dog,spending time together including sleeping together, and yet something doesn't feel quite right about Katie insecurities, well, up until Sam finds herself facing the barrel of a gun. From there, everything she thought she knew about Katie and what she pictured her or rather their life together was about to change. 

There's really very little more I can say without spoilering. I WILL say I loved Sam's occupation - painting racing cars (or ones who wish to LOOK like ones). I loved her inner voice and how she looked at life and Katie and though female gay romance is not something I read very often I really find myself enjoying this one. It felt different. I really wish we got more than we did. 

This one is definitely worth a shot, though bare in mind you're not going to get the truly HEA you wish you'd get. Yet even without it, it's a fun, sweet romance novella. 

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10 April 2018

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