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Skins - Garrett Leigh

Skins is a Contemporary MM Romance series by Garrett Leigh. There's a strange link between all the characters in this series, but they only come together all 3 couples in the 3rd installment.
Trying to explain it is too difficult.. Each one of the characters has some kind of issue, mental or physical they are dealing with. If the name Dylan rings a bell it's because we've met him before in "What Matters" which is Garrett's only MF romance story.

While I enjoyed the first installment, for me the 2nd installment was the best. The third kinda closed the series nicely with all of them coming together, realizing they have all known each other one way or another, and  yet it was too depressing for me. We were gifted another short novella to make a better HEA for all three couples, spending the holidays together. Sadly it too didn't grip me.

1. Dream [Dylan Hart & Angelo Giordano] (Published 23 Januray 2018) ★★★★
2. Whisper [Harry Foster & Joe Carter] (Published 1 May 2018) ★★★★★
3. Believe [Rhys Foster & Jevon Campbell] (Published 26 June 2018) ★★½
4. Crossroads [Dylan Hart & Angelo Giordano] (Published 20 November 2018) ★★

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