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The Soldati Prince (Soldati Hearts #1) [Khalon & Riley] by Charlie Cochet

This was more than I expected it to be! At first I was trying to figure our "what's going on?", and trying to find good virtue in the overly bossy and annoying Khalon when I caught myself truly caught (!) in the story. It was sweet and quite short, actually gave a good world building without interfering with the romantic part which while short as well was still enough for me. Really interested seeing where this series is going to go from here. There are enough hints at the next couple (and there IS a book of these two – my next read!)

Riley Murrough is an ordinary barista. His life isn't that exciting. But one night it all changes when Demons come to visit the café he works at. One minute he is finishing a few cakes left of the day the next he is running from his life only to be rescued by 4 HUGE tigers who later on transforms back to human form. Say what?! Not only that but as he is touched for a brief moment by one of the Demons a tattoo-like mark appears on his arm, one that makes the shifters take him away to their enchanted land.

Khalon the Soldati King is appalled to find out THIS is his true mate. It's not that he isn't good looking. He is.. for a HUMAN. What an immortal warrior to do with a weak human at his side?! But the mark on Riley's hand, identical to the one he carries shows that he is his mate. Khalon won't accept his "fate" as one before he has a word with the Priestess. This must be a mistake.. she can undo it so Khalon may get a mate worthy of him while Riley will get back to his life remembering nothing of what transpired while he was in his world.

They start their journey to the Priestess. At first saying Khalon and Riley didn't get along would be an understatement especially since Khalon was behaving like a jerk and not only to Riley but to everyone around them with how furious he was at finding his true mate is a human. Things turns out to the worst when they discover Riley has a certain "gift", one he won't be able to live through with a human body.. Yet as they spend more time together, Khalon starts to realize he actually LIKES Riley and wants to spend time with him and as they do an unlikely yet destined connection is formed between the two, so when they finally meet the Priestess, Khalon have a totally different request for her one that comes with a price...

Though it took me time to warm up to Khalon I did at a certain point. He shouldn't have acted the way he did to EVERYONE around him, including his three best friends who are also his "royal entourage". I guess he DID redeem himself somehow along the way. He is a sweet and caring guy, he was just caught "off guard" by everything. Riley was VERY lovable right from the start. He is a true sweet heart. It's no wonder everyone fell for his charm (Khalon included). Though he is worried about his fate he truly ENJOYS exploring the world around him. He embraces everyone with welcoming hands and appreciates everyone around him.

The Soldati world was interesting, there are many kinds of shifters so we mainly read of "Foxling" Fox-shifters (of many kinds) and the Soldati which are Tiger-Shifters. I liked Khalon's friends and hope we'll get their HEA as well.

Going to delve into the next one :)

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13-14 April 2018


Soldati Hearts is a Paranormal Romance series by Charlie Cochet. It's a beautifully crafted parallel world of shifters. The main focus is on the Soldati - Tiger shifters but there are foxes and bears as well who play in important role. The stories are all rather short ~130 pages but for me each one feels like a whole story, a sweet and endearing one with plots to out thrown the Soldati King which seem to never end. LOVE IT!

1. The Soldati Prince [Khalon & Riley] (Published 23 November 2016) ★★★★½
2. The Foxling Soldati [Rayner  & Toka] (Published 16 August 2017) ★★★★★
3. The Soldati General [Ezra & Segreti] (Published 22 September 2020) ★★★★★
3.5 Sansone and Fausti (Published 24 September 2020) (Free read through Charlie's newsletter) ★★★★★

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