Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Handle with Care by Cari Z.

 This was such a sweet novel! I LOVED it! I read it almost in one sitting. Aaron and Tyler where simply adorable together. There's this one sentence I read and then re-read - "I could have had this sooner, couldn't I?" and I thought to myself this is IT. This was everything falling into place for both of them. They have known each other for 10 years, most of that time as best friends and now they are ready to take the next step for them to become a couple. 

Aaron McCoy had a difficult life growing up. Yet while he ended up in the system his little brother Zach, the one he tried his best to care for while his mother had other things (and addictions) in mind, found a great home. Aaron was too resentful to appreciate what he could have had with the same family so he somehow drifted away from Zach not knowing how to gap the distance between them.. Yet a few years later, almost at 18, he found himself the best home in the Howards family. The two older siblings in the family were already out of the house so all he had was the 16 years old Tyler. It took them time to form a friendship - not for lack of want from Tyler's side, but once it stuck both knew they won't ever let go. So while They grew up, found themselves in life, college, work, in the end, whenever both needed someone it was obvious who they'll turn to. 

Aaron loves his job as a social worker, he is the one now taking care of kids who have an unfortunate family situation. But he is also addicted to his work not knowing when to take a break, clinging to his kids long after he should. So it's no wonder his boss has had enough and demands he takes two weeks off work and actually enjoy a vocation. Yet that's a foreign concept for Aaron so naturally he turns to Tyler...

Tyler had an idea, a brilliant one though he knows Aaron might not be really into it.. Zach is getting married and he is invited (+1) to the wedding. He didn't plan on going, in fact, forgot all about it.. yet Tyler didn't and he offers they take a road trip together to the wedding. Though Aaron isn't sure about the whole thing, going with Tyler is the only way it can actually work truth been told.. 

Seeing Zach again, as well as his adopting mother, seeing HIS mother after YEARS apart, seeing Zach - the young man he become - and his wonderful girl, reconnecting and accepting his feelings and decisions through the years is quite an emotional ride with every step of the way Tyler on his side, so it's no wonder at a certain point all Aaron can do and think about is FINALLY acting upon his long lost feelings for him with a simple kiss. 

Aaron could have TOTALLY had this - love, friendship, acceptance - with Tyler a LONG time ago, but I think both needed their time, to mature and realize who they are and what they want, who they won't settle for by their side. It was all THERE, they just needed to make the first step and once they did I was giddy with happiness. 

Thank you Cari for this wonderful and endearing romance. Perfect for any occasion really. 

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16-17 October 2018

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