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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tribute Act (Porthkennack #8) [Nathan & Mack] by Joanna Chambers

This book should have been a medical recommendation for me I swear! I had a horrible month, the year truly started on the wrong foot so I'm so glad that this book was in my schedule it made thing so much better. It was sweet, yet heart-breaking but also heart-warming at the same time. It was tender yet it wasn't mushy. It was about family taking you for granted and yet loving you fiercely and trying its best which isn't always enough. It was simply beautiful. If you don't have this book on your list - add it NOW, and do yourself a favor and find the time to read it. It's SO worth it. 

Nathan Bridges meets Dylan MacKenzi (aka Mack) rather randomly at a pub. After sharing a night together Mack disappears and Nathan (our sole POV) is left feeling he might have lost something before he even got to having it... It was good, but more than that it had a promise that vaporized when he woke up alone to find a cold note.

Nathan is a fixer which is why he is living in Porthknenack co-owning his mother and step-dad's coffee and ice-cream shop. It's not what he had in mind, he was already quite comfortable in London but when his family needed him to fix the business he came back and found himself doing more than merely fixing it "for now". But now that his half sister Rosie is sick all the family is troubled. She needs a liver transplant ASAP and they are running out of options. 

That's where Mack step in. Getting a letter from his father he is unable to say no to finding out if he can save the half sister he haven't ever met. After his father, Derek, married Lorraine (Nathan's mother) and Rosie was born his dad tried to keep in touch but after one hell of a fight on his mother's funeral, his father left never to return again. Derek might feel sorry for what he did so many years ago but he is unable to speak to his son and make ANYTHING better. He is more than grateful when it turns out Mack can donate a part of his liver for Rosie but the ones who connect with Mack are actually Lorraine, Rosie and Nathan.

Nathan and Mack feel strange about what they shared before they realized they are step-brothers (though not blood related). They still want each other but it's so complicated now that they are sort of family not to mention the family drama... with Mack seeming on the verge of leaving every chance he thinks he can. Nathan and his family won't have that but what can convince him to stay really? That's a good question especially when he and Nathan return to sharing their bed but little more than that emotionally. 

I don't want to say more so I won't. It was a beautiful ride. I loved all the characters and how "flawed" each was in his/her own way yet because of that so genuinely human. I loved Mack and Nathan together though my heart ached for them to express MORE than they allowed themselves. The epilogue was our only glimpse into Mack's head and it was SO worth it. This book couldn't have ended any better.  

Loved this book to pieces!

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26-28 January 2018

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