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#Gaymers - Annabeth Albert

#Gaymers is a Contemporary MM Romance series by Annabeth Albert. The series centers around at least one worker/developer of "Space Villager" an online role playing game. They are beautifully written, emotional yet not too angsty. The connection between the characters, the relationship buildup is a JOY to read. Each deals with life in a very genuine way, the 3rd one blew me away especially having a "crippled" MC, not only as a fact, but the whole way he and his love interest were dealing with the subject BEAUTIFUL beyond words. Yep, HIGHLY recommend ALL of them. 

All the short novellas "in between" are free reads. Grab them through Insta-freebie.
I DON'T recommend reading ANY of the novellas without reading the book before (of the MC). It's written as a sweet glimpse into that couples' future. The books though I don't think it's a MUST to read by order though it always makes more sense this way.

The third and fourth installments are somewhat connected to Annabeth's "Out Of Uniform" series which is SUPERB!

1. Status Update [Adrian Gottlieb & Noah Walters] 
    (Published 7 December 2015)
1.5 New Status Needed [Adrian Gottlieb & Noah Walters]  
    (Published September 2016)
2. Beta Test [Ravi Tandel & Tristan Jones] ★★★★ 
    (Published 30 May 2016)
2.5 Holiday Escape [Ravi Tandel & Tristan Jones] 
    (Published December 2017)
3. Connection Error [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson]  
    (Published 5 September 2016)
3.5 Love Connection [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson]  
    (Published April 2017) 
3.6 Tease Me [Josiah Simmons & Ryan Orson]  
    (Published 1 April 2019) 
4. Level Up [Landon & Bailey Morgan] 
    (Published 17 May 2018)

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