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Panopolis - Cari Z.

Panopolis is a Paranormal Series by Cari Z. It contains three parts, two short one and the 3rd a full length novel. The first two are novellas, telling us the story of Edward Dinges and his lover Raul Tremblay who is actually a Villain called "The Mad Bombardier" in a city full of Heroes and Villains. The last is a full length novel of Craig Haney (aka "Freight Train"), a Hero we've met in the previous installments.

Don't expect either Hero nor Villain to be what you'd expect them to be and look for the hidden reasoning for WHY this city is so special.. Yes, there are people behind the amount of Heroes and Villains and the treatment BOTH are getting though very different is still not truly beneficial for both parties.

It's up to the "Good Guys" - Heroes, Villains, regular Joes to bring the evil down and make Panopolis a city for all it's citizens.

This series was simply SUPERB. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. All three installment were extremely engaging. I loved the setting, world building and the way the story progressed. There's a lot of action but within it there are still two sweet love stories.


1. Where There's Smoke [Edward Dinges & Raul Tremblay] (Published 25 April 2015)  ★★★★★
2. Where There's Fire [Edward Dinges & Raul Tremblay] (Published 12 July 2015)  ★★★★★
3. Where There's A Will [Craig Haney & Dr. Ari Mansourian] (Published 3 April 2016)  ★★★★★

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