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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Foxling Soldati (Soldati Hearts #2) [Rayner & Toka] by Charlie Cochet

Okay, this book KILLED me! It's not only held me on the edge of my seat, it left me with a nauseating stomach that wouldn't settle down until it was all finished! The book starts sweetly, with Raynar and Toka playing around, continue to Ezra (one of the Soldati "Royal Entourage" to King Khalon) prophesying a visit from the King of the Bear-Shifters going to end up VERY badly. You don't know the half of that!

Raynar has offended said King of the Bear-Shifters awhile back when he refused to marry his brother. It's not that he had anything against the brother, except he knew that it would be a mean for said King to have his own grasp of the Soldati Kingdom (because of Raynar is second in command to the King). Now the King is back and he has a very vile punishment for Raynar, one that would not only put him at risk but mostly Toka and would tear apart the brotherly friendship between him and Khalon as well as put a huge strain on the relationship between Khalon and Riley, his prince. It was HEART WRENCHING to read.  Everything that happened broke my heart in a way I wasn't sure would be mended back together when the story is said and done but somehow it DID manage to work out.

Toka is the sweetest fox EVER, I already got that he was squeezy sweet in the first installment, so getting more of him, playful, sexy, but also resilient and courageous was simply AMAZING. Also Raynar with him - what a joy together! I could see how they worked out. Raynar is a really good guy, he deserved to have his HEA, but what can he do when it's forbidden for Soldati (Tiger Shifters) and especially one as high ranking as himself to be mated to a meer servant - a Foxling. Yet the heart knows what he wants.. He wants Toka. Toka wants Raynar as well, but he is afraid to even dream Raynar wants him the same way he wants him not to mention the law is against them even if Riley, the Prince, is TRYING to help... But there are the least of their problems in this one. 

I've said enough as it is.. but I WILL say I really enjoyed this one even if at times it was a torture to read, but have faith in Charlie, she will get to the HEA in her own time :) In this one it doesn't take too long since this is only a novella. I enjoyed getting more of the previous couple as well as ideas about the two next ones - Adira and Ezra. I'm currently most intrigued by Ezra because of the hint we got need the end of the book.

I'm loving this series! It's amazing how much story and world building could be done in such short novellas and not only that but also a true romantic story. I don't think this one should be read as a stand alone, you'd miss the world building and mostly the sweet romantic story of Kahlon and Riley, so do yourself a favor and first grab "The Soldati Prince" - you won't regret it!

Can't wait for the next one!

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14 April 2018

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