Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Glass House by Suki Fleet

This one was extremely RAW and heart breaking and yet it had so much hope beneath and above each line. Sasha had a pretty awful life and he might be getting a sort of a break the past 9 months living with his sister Corrine, but it's not that simple for neither of them to connect and understand what each need in general and especially from one another. The sunshine in this book was without a doubt Thomas. One not very bright day he appeared on Sasha's side and it seemed he is going to stay even if Sasha has no idea why.

This short book is all about friendship and love, compassion, understanding. The very basics every one of us needs to survive. Without Thomas, Sasha felt he had nothing at all. He could forget himself sculpting beautiful statues made of broken glass but once his work is done he has nothing in his life but emptiness and pain. He might be 17 years old but he felt 100. Weary of life and disappointments, feeling there is no hope for anything better for him not now and not in the future.

Thomas somehow makes Sasha get out of his state, enough to make Sasha see there are things outside of his broken shell that is worth seeing and experiencing along side his new found friend. He does his best to accept everything Thomas is offering but it's difficult even if SO promising. We only get Sasha's POV which is why this book is so difficult to read. I wish we got the sunshine that is Thomas. Yeah his life isn't perfect either but he sees in Sasha something Sasha couldn't see about himself. He accepts and cherishes Sasha just the way he is. He understands him better than anyone ever had and with him by his side, Sasha is able to open up a little bit more, to Sasha's grandmother and more importantly to his bigger sister who is lost and confused about caring for her brother. Not knowing how to help when she herself is struggling to manage her life. She want so much more than she has for her little brother but she needs to reach him somehow first.

Though it wasn't an easy read it was a beautiful one. It was innocent and basic on a certain level even if it dealt with VERY difficult issues. It didn't feel like a young adult novel even if Sasha and Thomas where in their last year of school. It somehow didn't matter. It wasn't about age, it wasn't about growing up, it was about living, about loving and having people who care about you at your side even when you are not at your best. I imagine Sasha has a long road to healing in front of him, but his age and the people he has no around him might just be enough to truly find his happy ending.

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