Saturday, February 27, 2021

The First Snow of Winter (Winterbourne #3) [Sam & Jasper] by Joanna Chambers

This novella was SO amazingly tender and sweet! I didn't want it to end and I truly wish this was a full length novel as I would have LOVED seeing these two become a real couple, exposing their weaknesses, their hearts. 

Sam Alderton and Jasper Huxley have known each other most of their lives. As their mothers have been best friends since an early age as well. When Jasper was 17 and Sam 20 they shared a kiss neither of them forgot but thinking about seeing each other again 5 years later makes Sam weary. Weary of his reaction back then and insecure in himself after losing his left arm in battle. 

Who Knows the Moonlight (The Vigilante #3) by Tere Michaels

~Sigh~ FINALLY we got the 3rd installment and it was everything I wanted and hoped it would be! It was an INCREDIBLE heart stopping ride I didn't want to end. I read it literally in one sitting (finished at 5AM!) and I'm already waiting for more. More of Nox and Cade, more of Sam and Mason as well as TJ and Rachel with their own arc. 

If you haven't read the first two installments what are you doing here? unless it's to go look for the first one so you can delve into this gripping story. While I'm not usually a fan of either Dystopian or Sci-Fi novels this was simply DIVINE. When we left off in the previous installment the guys (and gals) were separated into 3 groups/couples not knowing how they'll be able to re-group and most importantly find the man behind it all. This is what this whole book is about. It starts in a high note and keeps it throughout the story. There's something going on every step of the way. I'll say it's more action than romance though our couples have quite a journey emotionally. I preferred it this way honestly. I don't think it would have been very "believable" otherwise considering what they went through (the danger, high stakes, injuries not to mentions no privacy ;)). Yet in the end all three came out tighter and more sure of what they have and what they expect their future to hold. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Feel the Fire (Hotshots #3) [Luis & Tucker] by Annabeth Albert

While I liked certain aspects of this book, in the end, it simply didn't grip me. If it wasn't by Annabeth whom I ADORE I would have probably put this one aside somewhere along the way. I'm actually happy I finished it and seen where Annabeth took Luis and Tucker (and us). It wasn't what I expected in a good way. I think both characters needed the "redemption" firstly towards themselves and while a teenage romance can be beautiful there are a lot of reasons why it rarely lasts. Lucky for both they could rekindle what they thought they lost so long ago. 

Growing up, Luis Riviera and Tucker Ryland have been best friends. Okay, they were a bit more than that even if very little physically happened between them. When Luis' family move to Los Angeles they make each other a promise to keep in touch long distance until they graduate and Tucker can join Luis in LA. It was a sweet and innocent dream but their plans fall apart sooner than they expected leaving both guys hurt and resentful. It have been almost 20 years since the day they last saw each other and none thought they would ever again. But life can be unexpected..

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Angels in the City by Garrett Leigh

I'm so happy I chose this book yesterday! It was such a wonderful read I read it in just one sitting! While the holidays are long gone (and I don't celebrate Christmas as it is) I have no problem reading these kind of easy reads. Though there is a bit of angst as you'd expect from Garrett, but I think far less than the usual. I'd still call it a feel good story. Loved the opposites attract and the whole vibe of two people looking for the most casual thing and finding so much more than they ever wished for. 

Jonah Gray has everything he wants in life. He is rich (and you could say famous). He has a small yet successful advertising firm which he loves with employees who simply adore him (it's easy to see why..). He lives in a beautiful apartment and generally wants for nothing. Well, his mother wants at least ONE thing more - a significant other. She'd especially appreciate him coming with a date to her annual fundraiser. Honestly he would love a distraction from one specific man.. But alas finishing his day at the office, entering the elevator, he accepts his "fate". Yet right before the doors closes a guy rushes in and from there - EVERYTHING changes. Spending less than half an hour in the elevator with said stranger Jonah finds himself inviting the guy to enjoy fancy champagne and canapés.

Sacha Ivanov didn't have anything special to do at the end of another day at the office - his new job. He lives a rather solitary life, no friends and barely a human connection at work. I'm not sure they enjoyed the fundraiser but they had GRAND time at Jonah's apartment after. Since Jonah doesn't date and Sacha doesn't do second anything there is no promise of anything more. 

Saturday, February 13, 2021

How to Evict a Hot Jock in Three Weeks (How to Love #2) [Alexander & Logan] by Anyta Sunday

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. It was just FUN in the most unlikely way. I mean, you'd think Alexander and Logan wouldn't get along but somehow they did even when they didn't hehe. I'm not the kind of person to bet on anything and if I did I would NEVER play with SUCH high stakes but for both Logan and Alexander they were in a place they needed to prove a point not exactly to the other person but for themselves and I think this is what made them keep this bet for so long, or rather, right up until the end. So who lost? You'd need to read and see :)

Alexander Kress might have a house he loves and a job he enjoys as a art curator, but his life is rather empty. His strict and critic way he looks at the world (himself included) doesn't allow for mistakes. Which makes it hard to find a special someone for himself but not easy also in renting a room in his place to anyone he can put up with. When his brother Nico finds him a rather okay guy to rent the room to, he offers a bet, if Alexander can't handle the guy for 3 weeks he'll have to swap places with him for a year. Alexander shudders at the thought but he is willing to commit this time. How bad could this guy be?

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Home Plate (Easton U Pirates #2) [Mason & Dominic] by Christina Lee

This book! I have NO WORDS to describe how much I enjoyed it. Honestly can't remember the last time I wasn't just "sniffling" a bit, but down right crying, not being able to continue until my vision is cleared. Mason KILLED me and Dominic being all sweet and caring towards him only made it worse (for my tears). I finally understand why we need the new waterproof e-readers.

While this novel can be read as a standalone I think you'll get both characters a bit better if you start with "Bat Boy". Maybe I think this way because I could see a start of a change in Mason and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one! Dominic and Mason have been "circling" each other for a while now and not even as friends. They need to be able to work together on the team but grumpy Mason is making it VERY difficult. 

If you've read the first book you might be wondering who are these guys.. Well, I feel entitled to use their first names now that I've finished the book (and miss these guys already!) Mason Maclain is no other than Donovan and Hollister's roommate. While he sometimes acts like a douche he is just pessimistic and reserved and he has good reasons. He likes to play confident but it's easy to see it's all a façade. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Winter (Signs of Love, #0.5) [Caspian & Eli] by Anyta Sunday

This short novella was THE sweetest thing EVER. I LOVED IT. I'm so sad it's no longer available! I really hope Anyta would bring it back!!! Caspian and Eli have been the best of friends since they were teens, living and studying in far away places makes both of them miserable and that's without admitting to themselves they wish for more than they have in this friendship. 

Best friends to lover is my absolute favorite trope so it's not wonder I'm all over this novella. Caspian has been trying to find his "guy" for the longest time, going through all the astrological signs but no one feels right. He doesn't feel comfortable with any of them especially not to proceed to something a bit more. 

Sunday, January 17, 2021

His Holiday Crush by Cari Z.

 ~sigh~ This was SUCH a sweet and heartfelt story. I simply ADORED it. So glad I decided to read it this weekend when I wasn't my best and definitely needed a cheer up. For both Max and Dominic this years' holidays was a time to reflect on what they are missing - seeing exactly that in each other's eyes made the decision a lot easier. 

Max Robertson used to live in the sleepy town of Edgewood but when he left 10 years ago he had VERY good reasons never to return again. He kept his distance physically and mentally but he did his best to keep in touch with his best friend Hall Bell. Now that Hall is divorced and he is having a hard time dealing with raising two little girls, he doesn't expect Hal to come visit him in New York, so he reluctantly accepts coming to visit them even if only for a day. After all he'll be closing on a HUGE client the next couple of days and he needs to stay focused. 

If you know these kind of holiday novels it's obvious without even reading the synopsis Max will be spending more than just a day in Edgewood. It started with his car getting stuck at the side of the road and immediately after with Police officer Dominic coming to his rescue. He sees exactly what he likes in the guy even if he doesn't realize he was checking out his best friend's younger brother he always remembered as Nicky.