Saturday, December 29, 2018

Tempest by Cari Z.

There is so much I have to say about this book I truly don't know where to start. This book was AMAZING, the arc of it, Colm's story was heart breaking heart warming, difficult to read at times, hopeless! hopeful! but also at the very end peaceful. Life certainly took a lot from both Colm and Nichol but they DID manage to find their own kind of Happily Ever After. Perfect is a relative concept really.

When Colm Weathercliff's father dies he realizes it's time to leave the only place he has called home. Though he is reluctant he knows that's the best time and hopefully he can find and build a new place with his stepmothers' family in the big city of Caithmor. After a colorful and interesting journey to get there he is happy to find friendship and love in a new home - The Cove - the Inn Megg (his stepmother's aunt) runs with a bit of help from her grandson Nichol Searunner.

Nichol is a wonder for Colm. His feelings for him are complicated, he knows he wants far more than he should, especially with Nichol's big dreams of joining the navy (more now with an upcoming war). But especially when things are going great with himself, Megg and Nichol that's when his luck changes. His special "gift" of finding fish is found as "magical" and he is sentenced for it. While magic and magical creatures seem to be surrounding them, the king doesn't allow the use of magic unless it's worked by the priests of their gods. It was heart breaking what Colm had to go through but in the end he somehow accepted his current situation especially when those somehow brought him more than just friendship from Nichol.

Working at the The Cove for Megg, spending time with Nichol was all he could really ask for and as they spend more time together Colm could finally feel happy. Yet not very long after getting a strange reading of his fate at a festival his life turns upside down (to say it mildly). Everything he has known about himself is changing and with it the possibility of a life and future with the one he holds dearest - Nichol.

While Nichol can be childish and mischievous he has grown up enough since Colm first came to The Cove to realize some things are better fought for and he is willing to do his best for the person who he can't envision his life without. Nichol wanted an adventure and he gets one even if not the one he had in mind.

There's so much going on in this book, so many wonderful and awful characters. Some fully human while others not so much and truth been told neither Colm not Nichol are FULLY human though they can't begin to imagine what Colm's secret part of him really is.

I enjoyed my journey through this wonderful world Cari has build for us in this book. I would have gladly spend more time there, with Colm and Nichol or other characters as well. This book had the perfect blend of a personal journey, romance and action woven into a dark and not very compromising world. I truly couldn't have asked for more, just PERFECT.


I was kindly gifted this book by Cari. Thank you

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27-29 December 2018

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