Friday, August 3, 2018

A Date for Hannah (LIFE - Love Is For Everyone, #1) [Hannah & Liam] by Callie Henry (Katy Regnery)

I LOVED this one, it was sweet and simply PRECIOUS. I'll admit I was a bit worried I won't connect with this one. I haven't been a teen for a while now... and I feel quite disconnected from a lot of things that happened "back then", and yet I could more than connect with Hannah and her struggles. As an "adult romance" reading I didn't mind one bit that this was quite innocent. I actually found it refreshing. This book is a YA intended to ALL readers, YA included. I wished I read this kind of a book back then though I feel I was a bit TOO cynic to enjoy it. Hannah has NOTHING on me on how isolated I was. Yet hope can be packaged in all kinds of different packages, sometimes you need to find the one best suited for you and most of the times, it's not the one you expect.

Hannah Giacomina and Liam Callahan meet on Bree wedding. Bree being Hannah's bigger sister. Before the wedding, knowing her sister is going to feel quite lonely Bree offers Liam to be Hannah's date (for a fee..) knowing they are probably going to be the only ones about the same age (and under 30..). Yet when Liam lays his eyes on Hannah, he couldn't care less what Bree offered him because he truly wants Hannah to BE his date, more than just for today.

Hannah and Liam spend the night together, up until the next day when he needs to get back to work. They have a MAGICAL time together. It was so tender and sweet. I enjoyed it so much! Both Liam and Hannah feel insecure about themselves, each for his/her own reasons. Hannah is quite ashamed of her looks (being overweight) and Liam made a few mistakes and he is now trying to sort out his life and make it better. Giving each other a chance feels like a risk they are worried about taking but still REALLY want to take.

As their time together comes to an end ,Hannah discovers Bree's offer to Liam and her feelings are shattered. Yet Liam has the best way to win her back. He was THE sweetest with his brave gesture. I hope there are still romantics like him in the world (at 17 I mean ;)) and Hannah, though insecure, when she had her time to think things through she could see beyond her insecurities which was also precious to read, to see the realization slowly building up.

There are so many endearing moments in this one. I really really enjoyed it! But I don't want to say more not to spoiler especially since this one is quite short. Katy, what a WONDERFUL sweet novel you've made for your kids and for so many other to read and enjoy.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, not matter your age.

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book is out in just a few days - 6 August 2018 - and can already be Pre-Ordered through the links below.

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