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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts by Charlie Cochet

This short novella was PERFECT. I loved it to pieces. I loved both MCs, their interaction with one another and the WHOLE set of nosy  meddling characters around them. It had enough substance to bring us a whole story, somehow feeling much longer than it actually is. 

Julian “Quinn” Quintero is more than annoyed to be stuck at home after he got injured at his job (as a SWAT agent). He isn't amused by his family getting in his business, or his friends who always appear uninvited and when he feels like being ALONE in his peace and quiet. Though he soon changes his mind when he get a taste of his clumsy endearing geeky neighbor.

Spencer Morgan has a bit of a crash on Quinn.  They might be next door neighbors but Quinn never even looked his way. Now he has his chance! He can do his best to show his worth through his delicious cuisines.

Offering a hot meal and a very calm judgment free conversation Quinn finds Spencer to be EXACTLY what he needed, not only now when he is injured but long before. As they get to know each other the grumpy Quinn and the clumsy Spencer fall for one another and no one (including nasty Javier) won't stand in their way.

Thank you Charlie for another sweet sweet story. HIGHLY recommended. Go ahead and grab it, no additional sugar needed.

Note - I came to this book just after finishing Charlie's latest release "Be Still My Heart" and funny enough Quinn and Spencer are mentioned there! What a coincidence!

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31 July 2018

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