Monday, June 25, 2018

The Douglas Fir by Anyta Sunday

This book was simply PERFECTION! or should I say it was MAGIC! But mostly it's going to be very difficult to explain especially without spoilering anything.. Whatever you planned or reading in the near future this one have GOT to be fitted it.

Jase have been in love with his best friend and neighbor - Noah - for a while now. But he isn't even sure he is gay.. They enjoy spending time together, including with his younger brother, Noah enjoys teaching how to surf. He wants to teach Jase as well, but Jase doesn't know how to swim and he won't allow Noah to see him so vulnerable.. What he DOES know he has to make Noah's birthday the best thing ever, but for that to happen he needs a plan. It takes him time but in the end he realizes the best thing would be a magic Douglas Fir ("Christmas Tree"). One which grows not just from watering but also from speaking truths to.

Jase hopes with all of his heart that once Christmas is here, Noah would finally SEE him and maybe want him the way he wants him.. but as times goes by, the magic grows but Jase is still silent about his feelings and when they are finally revealed they shatter their friendship. The only thing Jase can think of doing is asking Noah's best friend Dave to teach him how to swim (so he has an excuse to ask Noah for those surf lessons) hoping it's the ONE thing to bring them back together. Dave isn't Jase's first option, but it's actually the only option he can think of, though he feels like both he and Dave are in a way "fighting" for the same thing.

When Christmas if finally here and the magic Douglas Fir is done Jase needs to realize which are the actual truth he have been saying to the magic tree and what he needs to do so he can at last claim his love.


This novella can be bought on it's own or through the "Briefs Collection" (Amazon) which contains more WONDERFUL short novellas by Anyta. I made a compilation post of all of them together (though since I reviewed each on it's own you can also look them up 👉 right here).

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24 June 2018

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