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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Perfect Valentine's Day (A Little Bite of Love #1.5) [Trip & Boone] by Charlie Cochet

A very short and endearing novella of Trip and Boone from "An Intrepid Trip to Love" celebrating Valentine's together. As usual Trip can't manage to NOT get in trouble and Boone being him self is all the sweetness and consideration.

As neither of the guys celebrated Valentine's before it wasn't easy for neither of them to shop for a present. It was quite hilariously sweet on Trip's side and then when the short novella comes to an end we learn of Boone's sweetness of a present. A bit cheesy I guess but that's these two together. It simply works.

Naturally we had a few glimpses of Hunter (Boone's brother) as well as Robbie (Trip's son).

This short novella is a bonus free read  on Charlie's website. Read it through the link bellow.

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