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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Studly Period (The Ivy Years #5.5) [Josephine & Pepe] by Sarina Bowen

This was the SWEETEST novella EVER. I LOVED IT! Granted, I had to wait till all the chpaters were out because waiting for a mere chapter each week just wasn't for me but actually reading it - ALL of it - was literally a doctor's subscription to my mental and physical health.

Josephine Allister is a sweet and nerdy introvert. Working at the tutoring center is helping her a little to interact with people she doesn't know but she is still quite closed off. When Pepe Gerault comes into her view she have a difficulty with more than her tongue. The French-Canadian Hockey player is just too much. He is fun and easy going and a total opposite of her. Yet through the essays he writes and she corrects they form an unlikely and endearing friendship.

The whole novella is written from Josephine's POV and it was perfect this way. Yeah I would have loved to know what Pepe was thinking at times, but I think it made better sense this way, seeing how Pepe affected her and how she fell for him little by little and he was always THERE and yet never demanding or asking her for more than she was willing to give.

Though this is quite a short novella it did give us a whole story as the progress of story took a few months. I also quite appreciated that it wasn't at all about sex (even though it's mentioned she is a virgin in the synopsis), it was actually "fade-to-black". It was about THEM 100% of the time. About friendship and trust, expressing what you feel, taking a chance.

All is left to say is GRAB IT NOW! Before it disappears from Sarina's website to re-appear who knows when.. and if I wasn't clear before.. this is a free serial novella published in 8 weeks during April-May (2018), so if you want to read it you need to subscribe to the newsletter (link in the blue button below).

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Even if you haven't read any of the Ivy Years books (though SHAME ON YOU if you haven't!).

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