Monday, October 15, 2018

Te quiero (Falling for You #1) [Ally & Levi] by Suki Fleet

This short novella was THE SWEETEST THING! I've read Suki referred to this one as the fluffiest novella she have ever written - and it is! But that's a good thing! :) Ally and Levi's story was warm and fuzzy even if Ally wasn't at his best. It was a chance for a HEA when things were looking down which actually made this short novella so much more than just two guys learning they share and want more than each of them realized.

Ally is devastated. His ex posted a bunch of NAKED photos of him on multiple porn sites. What would he do now? It's more than feeling naked it's being abused as well. Since his laptop crashed last week he sits in the physics lab hoping he can somehow make the photos go away but though he wrote the sites, they haven't gotten back to him and to top it all Levi just came into the lab asking what he's doing there (since he left the department a while back). Not knowing what to do he antagonizes Levi before he simply disappears leaving behind a short unfinished love letter in Spanish (Ally's mother tongue).

Feeling horrible for taking out his anger and frustration on Levi and reading this sweet short love letter he goes to his dorm to apologize. For the first time it occurs to Ally that shy Levi wasn't angry or disgusted with him, he just misunderstood his reactions and now it seems both are open enough to express they actually want each other - always did... Yet Ally is still in his head about what happened with his ex so he is more than surprised that when he opens up on THAT as well he gets more than just understanding but genuine care and help. From there the road to sweetness is short.

I've said enough. It's endearing, it's warmth and sweetness and I want a Levi of my own! (and MORE PLEASE of this kind of fluff from Suki)

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15 October 2018

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