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A Modern Faitytale - Katy Regnery

A Modern Fairytale is a Contemporary Romance series by Katy Regnery. Each novel is a stand alone one re-telling a Fairytale in our modern times. The novels are sweet and yet heart breaking, as you remember your childhood fairy-tales happy ending - yeah, but always a journey before they can get there. I love Katy's writing, also love that though the road is long, the final note is special and beautiful. 

All of these are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. There is no connection between the books character / plot - wise, only connection being the idea  behind them - a modern fairytale. My absolute favorite and one of THE BEST books I've ever read would be the third one - "Ginger's Heart" and yet "Don't Speak" puts up quite the fight against it. 

For my own reasons I'm no sure I'm going to continue reading this series. Currently there is just the Aladdin based novella and as I understand there will be one last novel - Swan Song - but it's been postponed for quite a while now. 

1. The Vixen and the Vet [Beauty & the Beast] [Savannah Carmichael & Asher Lee]
    (Published 15 June 2014)   ★★★★
2. Never Let You Go [Hansel & Gretel] [Griselda Schroeder & Holden Croft]
    (Published 12 June 2015)   ★★★★
3. Ginger's Heart [Little Red Riding Hood] [Ginger McHuid & Cain Wolfram / Josiah Woodman]
    (Published 22 March 2016)   ★★★★
4. Dark Sexy Knight [Camelot] [Colt Lane & Verity Gwynn]
    (Published 5 June 2016)   ★★★★    
5. Don't Speak [The Little Mermaid] [Laire & Erik]   ★★★★
    (Published 25 February 2017)
6. Shear Heaven [Rapunzel] [Bella Capelli & Prince Nico De'Medici]   ★★★★½
    (Published 3 December 2017) 
7. Fragments of Ash [Cinderella] [Ashley  Ellis & Julian Ducharmes]  ★★★★★     
    (Published 1 October 2018)
8. At First Sight [Aladdin] [Ian Ladd & Valentina Yasmina De’Medici] 
    (Published 1 June 2020)
*** Swan Song [The Ugly Duckling] (To Be Published  ???)

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