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Fighting Instinct (L'Ange #2) [Arman & Linus] by Mary Calmes

This felt more of a Paranormal novel with a Arman and Linus being destined to be mates, even though it sounds SO unlikely. Yet, it felt so very genuine with how much they circle one another for the past 7 years they have been living in L'Ange. Their banter (like in the previous one) was SO MUCH FUN! and even just listening to Arman battling himself (as he is our sole POV) was SO AMUSING! When not sure if he wants to f&%# Linus or to eat him! hehe that's how it is when you're a predator while your love interest is prey...

We've met Arman de Soto in the previous installment (haven't read it yet? YOU MUST! first, it would make things less complicated, and second and more important - it's AWESOME!). He is in charge of security of the L'Ange estate. Though he is a shifter, a predator, no one, including Quade (the mate of Roman - the owner of L'Ange) who is a Jackal shifter, and an Alpha, can't sense just what exactly he is. One thing he has no problem disclosing, he is not a pack member. Never was and have no intention of becoming a part of.. He had his 4 trusted friends, who were with him in the Marines and now, working with him to secure L'Ange.

When Arman got to L'Ange all these years ago he was instructed to care for Linus. A beautiful Deer Shifter who was hurt badly before he came to L'Ange. He is perfect as the estate manager but it's obvious he isn't truly happy. He seems cold and mostly untrusting. What he went through changed him. That's where Arman comes into the picture. Even if Linus doesn't know that, Arman made himself a mission to hunt down everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who hurt the sweet white deer. HIS sweet white deer.

For YEARS Arman and Linus circle each other, feeling the mutual pull, with Linus always pulling apart at the last second. Yet now Linus might start to realize there is no real reason to pull apart, Arman IS a predator, but he is also and mostly his protector, the one, the only one, he truly and absolutely trusts and THEN when Arman sees Linus is FINALLY his, he won't settle for anything less than having him now and always, by his side, as his true mate.

But it seems it's also time for Arman to finish up what he started.. sooner rather than later, especially when a bunch of Wolf Shifters came INTO L'Ange to hunt him down for killing so many of theirs.. Now it's obvious the job needs to be FINISHED! Together Arman and Linus travel to Linus' hometown to deliver justice! Yet it's much more than Arman thought they'd have and everything Linus needed all of these years.

For Linus getting Arman, feeling safe, not just in his arms but as a man and who he is, liberates him and allows him to become the beautiful but also formidable creature his lore only whispers about. Arman couldn't have asked for a better companion and true mate. They complete each other. Arman might sound cold and reserved, but with Linus on his side he can become so much more, exactly as he allows Linus to explore a different side to himself, one who can FIGHT for himself. It was beautiful seeing how they grow with their bond strengthening them both.

There's A LOT going on in this book, concerning Linus' past (and present) with the very beginning of the next book of Jon Slade, the playful Tiger Shifter and a very big yet sweet Wolf Shifter who also attends a very important "meeting" Linus and Arman finds themselves a part of. I know, I know, I haven't said what kind of Shifter Arman is.. that's for you to find out :)

Yep, Recommended!!!

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17-18 June 2018

L'Ange is a Paranormal MM Romance series by Mary Calmes. L'ange is the beautiful estate most of our characters live in (or move into) during the timeline of the series. It hosts quite a few different kinds of shifters, all in need of finding their HEA. The first one felt almost like a regular Contemporary of the friends to lovers turf which I enjoyed SO MUCH, the other two, felt more Paranormal with a destined mate. There's actually quite an interesting reason for all of these shifters to be in this magical estate but that is only revealed in the last installment!

Love how engaging the books are. Literally didn't want to put them down. 


The last novella was published a few years after the initial 3 books and it was, sadly, mostly a disappointment. If you've just read the first three, of if you miss these guys give it a go, it's fairly short. Just doesn't expect romance or real explanations. It's a destined mate with very little to make it feel like a romantic novella. 

1. Old Loyalty, New Love [Quade Danas & Roman Howell] (Published 12 December 2013) ★★★★★
2. Fighting Instinct [Arman de Soto & Linus Hobbes] (Published 8 December 2014) ★★★★★
3. Chosen Pride [Jon Slade & Kelvin MacCurdy] (Published 26 December 2016) ★★★★
4. Winter's Knight [Tucker Flynn & Kier of the fain of Segh] (Published 18 January 2021) ★½


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