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Monday, October 31, 2016

Defy the Dawn (Midnight Breed #14) [Brynne & Zael] by Lara Adrian

I kind of hate the fact I have to wait SO LONG for the novels in this series. The series is SO GOOD, the progression of the global plot, the new couples entwined with the older ones is such a joy to read! But sadly it's mostly once a year (with a little reminder with the added novella). I really enjoyed this one, both the MC - Brynne and Zael were intresting characters to get to know, and while their attraction and connection felt a little bit like an insta-love, that's something I don't have a problem with in this genre. I love the fact they are both storng characters, of mind and body. Brynne is no damsel in distress! Though she does need Zael, more than she wishes. 

We've met both MC in the previous installments, Brynne was helping the Order with a mission outside of her work as investigator in JUSTIS, also making her lose her job for acting outside of her authority, that's how we find Brynne in the first chapter. Feeling a bit out of sorts, now that the most important piece of her life seems to be missing... Zael the Atlantean came to Jordana's help when her father (a close friend of his) died and by that gaining the trust of the Order. He was also amazed to meet Dylan (Rio's mate) and realize she is actually his daughter. Lucan doesn't have a specific need for Zael at the moment so they mainly keep in touch about the problems Opus Nostrum and Selene (the queen of the Atlanteans) are causing. 

Zael is inetersted in Brynne from the moment he met her (in the previous book), but Brynne (though interested herself..) keeps her distance and when Zael seems to get closer she pushes him away as far as she can. Brynne have her secrets, one in specific keeps her away from getting attached to anyone including her half sister Tavia Chase and her family. Tavia and Brynne might share the same Ancient father, but that's were the connection ends when it comes to their past with Dragos. 

I gotta say, there were times when I thought Brynne must be over reacting, she felt like a fledgling vampire with her need to keep her distance from others so she won't harm them.. boy I was WTONG! Zael didn't kow what her secret is, but he knew she has her reasons to stay away and it comes with a very high price for her, which is why he is determined to push her out of her comfort zone enough so he can get to her. It works in the end, but it makes Brynne very frustrated! She wants him so much! but he confuses her, he has too many "sides", she isn't used to people being so complex. For her, it's always black-or-white and Zael just doesn't fit the bill! Brynne is drawn to Zael with every act he makes. He might not be the kind of guy who stays with the woman he fancies, but with her it's different from the start and what he gives her, the sort of peace of mind, connection, caring for her, is something she NEVER experienced and having it now with him makes her yearn for it, for him. But also, for Zael, caring for Brynne is something he is surprised to find in himself, and when he realizes how much she means to him, he is willing to fight - her or anyone else - to keep her by his side. 

I was surprised with how the book was concluded, I really didn't see that one coming but I think it was truly for the best. I'm really intriged who the next book is going to be about! and what is going to happen with both the Order's enemies! Listen, there are only 4 novels left! 

Recommended! But you must start with the first installment, or rather, you can dig in with any of the short novellas in the middle which are totally dependent, they just give you the overall feel of the world with characters that are in no way connected to the main plot line of the main characters in the series, but once you are hooked to those - start at the beginning, you won't regret it! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 243 pages, 29-30 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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