Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Blinded Mind by Cari Z.

While I'm not a fan of Dystopia, I AM a fan of Cari which is why I gave this one a go and I'm REALLY happy I did. This novel was kinda scary I have to say! It had a different feel than my usual reads with how desperate both our MCs are though we mostly follow Jonathan and his journey from childhood to adulthood, as he was growing up in a special facility due to his enormous psychic ability. I loved that through the gloom of this HORRIBLE place and everything Jonathan had to go through, there is always the hope of Jonathan reunited with his lover Sam. It was really special the way Sam was always THERE with Jonathan even when he clearly wasn't. 

In the world post WWIII there are a lot of people with special psychic abilities. The government are "collecting" these people to try and make them operatives or soldiers in a heavily divided world. When Jonathan's parents finds out their 4 years old has special abilities they go to check his potential and after a day of exams it's clear the government wants him even if his parents aren't sure about giving him away. Yet they decide it's going to be their better option so Jonathan stay in a facility with other kids with psychic abilities, most far less than his own which is no wonder he found himself an "admirer" in Dr. Nelson Cagney who has his own plans of controlling and weaponizing Jonathan. This guy is HELLA scary.

At first Dr. Cagney "played nice" until the day he didn't which changed Jonathan from what you would call a "straight A student" to a VERY reluctant one, one who also took the chance he got at 16 and escaped. He spent 10 years in ruin cities around Europe never quite finding his place and always on the run, though not always as discrete as his should have been which is how Lieutenant Samuel Sharpe found him. Sam has Jonathan's somewhat reverse ability, his mind is totally blank - a  blinded mind Jonathan can't find or wander through. Yet after shooting Sam his curiosity makes him take his in and try to decipher the man. He didn't expect to fall in love.. He also wouldn't have thought about returning to the facility but he had no choice. Sam's condition was deteriorating and only REAL medical help can make him whole again.

Back at the facility Jonathan keeps a visual illusion of Sam inside his head and through this image we learn a lot about Jonathan, who he is, what he went through and the hope for a future in which he and Sam can be together.. but with Dr. Cagney stepping up his torment things aren't looking bright. Something DOES change in the end - a strange premonition from his friend Tai (a fellow psychic) brings new possibilities.

I've said enough about this novel. It isn't long but it certainly pack up a punch. It's a bit all over the place with times going back and forth, and with a present without a real hope of a future yet there might be one and with how this book ended I wonder if we'll ever get a sequel.. I'd sure like to get one!

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11-13 December 2018

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