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Under My Skin - Christina Lee

Under My Skin is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Contemporary MM Romance series by Christina Lee. It loosely centers around "Doggie Styles" a dog day care. Tristan (the owner) as well as Brin and Elijah all work there and they all SO deserve to find their HEA. 

The first two were more "angsty" with the third being beautifully tender. They are all awesome MUST READS. They CAN be read as a stand alone ones but I always like starting at the beginning and getting to know the characters "by order". 

1. Regret [Brian “Brin” Schubert & Nicholas Dell] ★★★★★
    (Published 25 June 2017) 
2. Reawaken [Tristan Rogers & Jonas “West” Hollis] ★★★★★
    (Published 2 November 2017) 
3. Reclaim [Elijah & Kamnan "Kam"] ★★★★★ 
    (Published 27 March 2018)
4. Redeem [Michael Walsh & Stewart Jenkins]
    (Published 29 February 2019)

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