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L'Ange - Mary Calmes

L'Ange is a Paranormal MM Romance series by Mary Calmes. L'ange is the beautiful estate most of our characters live in (or move into) during the timeline of the series. It hosts quite a few different kinds of shifters, all in need of finding their HEA. The first one felt almost like a regular Contemporary of the friends to lovers turf which I enjoyed SO MUCH, the other two, felt more Paranormal with a destined mate. There's actually quite an interesting reason for all of these shifters to be in this magical estate but that is only revealed in the last installment!

Love how engaging the books are. Literally didn't want to put them down. I'm sad there are only 3 books, I hope and wish Mary would add a few more.


1. Old Loyalty, New Love [Quade Danas & Roman Howell] (Published 12 December 2013) ★★★★★
2. Fighting Instinct [Arman de Soto & Linus Hobbes] (Published 8 December 2014) ★★★★★
3. Chosen Pride [Jon Slade & Kelvin MacCurdy] (Published 26 December 2016) ★★★★

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