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Fireworks (True North #6) [Benito & Skye] by Sarina Bowen

 We've met Benito a bit, mostly in Zara's book and I was curious to who will capture his big heart. Turns out, she already did YEARS ago on the one year Skye spent living in the trailer park Benito and his family used to live in. It wasn't the most beautiful time of their lives and yet it was because together things WERE different, there was a sort of unspoken hope that sadly disappeared when Skye left town without a word..

Benito Rossi is on a mission and he plans on delivering it ASAP, though he is all about the job - catching a drug dealer who messes around with his drugs making them more lethal then they suppose to be - it's actually personal on so many levels.. When he was growing up, his family had a tormentor - the cop living in the trailer park with them. He made Zara's life such a living hell they had to move her to another place and their lives weren't easy with so many times the police were on their case when they really shouldn't... It got even worse on the last year of school when Skye and her mother moved in with said cop.. He was horrible to Skye, she was frankly TERRIFIED of him and for good reasons.. So now when Benito is the cop and he has his sights on FINALLY arresting Jimmy Gage.

Skye Copeland's life isn't perfect but she made it by herself and she plans on becoming much more than the "do-it-all without getting" a credit in the News Station she works at.. but after accidentally drawing a male shaped ~ehm~ on the traffic map things are not looking good for her.. So now she is taking a few days off like the station demanded of her..  Not really wanting to she finds herself driving a rented car to meet her "step-sister" Rayanne in Vermont. Rayanne is actually Jimmy Gage's daughter so they don't have any blood relations but they are still close like sisters since both don't have much besides each other. Promising Skye a big story to cover she accepts but she has NO IDEA what she has got herself into or rather what Rayanne found herself mixed in..

When Skye is left in the outskirts of town with no car and cloths for a few days and actually no place to stay she is annoyed, especially since the only option Rayanne leaves her is go to Benito Rossi and ask for his help. Benito meant to WORLD to Skye that year she lived here, but after his betrayal on Prom Night she has NO desire to see him again. Yet she doesn't have much of a choice when the only Uber driver in town turns to be Benito's brother Damien and he leaves her at their sister Zara's bar. She is surrounded by Rossi's as she never expected to be..

Meeting Benito again confuses Skye. He is practically the same yet he is older and wiser and it seems he has no plans of letting her go now that she is here.. yet there are too many secrets or rather unknown truths that were left unsaid and so with every step they get closer yet there are still things keeping them apart and though it all Skye is looking for her missing sister hoping she is well wherever she is..

There's a lot happening in this book, and almost all the characters from the previous books are here for a visit, or rather we are visiting them ;) It was nice seeing Zara looking at her past and trying to fix her wrongs, May and Alec happy together, Audrey and Griff welcoming their new born son and Benito and Skye perusing not only each other but to better they career. Benito NEEDS this bust, and Skye also has her heart on doing more than her demeaning boss offers her but there are limited jobs on the market and especially in a small place like Vermont if she even thinking of staying here after everything she went through 12 years ago... Yet love makes everything look so much  more appealing and it's easy to fall in love again or maybe just rekindle love that was always there..

I gotta say that though I LOVED Benito I had a hard time connecting with Skye. She seemed to be always on "Fight or Flight" mode of FLIGHT. She never gave Benito a chance back then and it seems she isn't really willing to give it to him now. He was her ONLY constant yet she doesn't trust him while she says she does. She is so concerned about her sister yet when it's the right time to tell her she might not be in danger anymore she chooses to focus on her career instead. It's all about the BIG STORY. But what about Rayanne and Benito? It was pretty strange to me.. though it might be the way journalists are? I hope not.. Benito wasn't at his best place considering on the pressure he was on, yet he always put what matters FIRST. He never abandoned his work responsibilities but he was mature enough not to EVER forget to make his biggest effort with Skye. I wish for him Skye no know her priorities.. Frankly, he deserved better (from her). Yeah she had a difficult life and she was dealing with the trauma from living with Jimmy Gage but somehow it wasn't a good "excuse" to how she treated the people who are closer to her the most.. 

Will either Rayanne Gage or / and Damien Rossi get their own book? I would really like to know ;)

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book is out 13 November 2018 - Pre-order it now through the links below.

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26-29 October 2018

True North is a New Adult / Contemporary Romance series by Sarina Bowen. It takes place in the beautiful Vermont where nature is always present. With Apple trees and exceptionally well made ciders. This series is really awesome! It brings something special and also personal from Sarina's "backyard" with interesting and complicated characters. Some older and some younger. All with unique stories with a very satisfying HEA. Sarina tackles a few difficult life situations in this one and she does it beautifully though frankly I don't expect any less from her. Superb series.  

* If the name Dave Beringer sounds familiar it's probably from another great series by Sarina - Brooklyn Bruisers. He plays for the team but finds his HEA someplace else ;) 

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