Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Holding Court by Cardeno C.

Short and sweet but also extremely HOT. Esav Walters is quite shocked to find a painting of himself, 10 years younger, at a new bar in town his friends dragged him to. He remembers the night he spent with Court Swanson so very clearly. It was amazing to say the least yet they were at a different time in life and a relationship wasn't an option.

Though Esav trying following the young artist and his whereabouts through his younger brother (a good friend of Court) at some point the trail ran cold. Yet Court is now HERE in Denver (not back in New York where they grew up) so it's obvious the first thing to do is re-visit their previous encounter.. Yet now older, mature, knowing what they want from life and actually living in the same city they can have so much more than just another one night together - all Court has to do is ask - Esav would always deliver.

I enjoyed this one though it was more about the attraction and sex and less about THEM and who they are. I guess since they knew each other for years before I can believe it can work but I wish we got A BIT more.

This short novella is a free read through "Prolific Works" (previously named "Instafreebie"). Click the blue button to claim it!

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