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Sunday, January 22, 2017

All the Wrong Places (Bluewater Bay #14) [Brennan & Zafir] by Ann Gallagher

Another book I'm not sure how to review.. Thing is the whole topic of Asexual was new to me and I enjoyed seeing a different relationship, and yeah, there was something even refreshing about a relationship being based on friendship closeness and trust with lust having NOTHING to do with anything. That being said, the story just didn't "grab" me. I liked both Brennan and Zafir, I could get both their difficulties with being together, but I wasn't that patient with them. I was tired of hearing redundant thoughts about life, definitions and insecurities. I wanted to SEE it, not hear about it. Also there was very little actually "going on" besides them forming a friendship, hanging with one another. Sometimes it works for me when it's just the couple, here I felt MORE would have been better than just being inside these guys heads and seeing them become more than just good friends. 

Brennan is a semi professional skateboarder, he works in a shop in Bluewater Bay who also sponsors him. But though Skateboarding works great for him, what doesn't are his relationships.. His last three girlfriends cheated on him.. Trying to work out what he's doing wrong he goes to Bluewater's Bay only sex shop. There he meets Zafir. From their conversation, Zafir starts to realize Brennan might be, like him, Asexual. Meaning sexual interactions aren't truly his thing, not something he NEEDS. Since Brennan has many questions, and since Zafir is a nice guy they start to hang out, at first, so Brennan can ask his questions and see how they apply to his life. But as they spend more time together, it's obvious something MORE is happening. I mean, it's basically them becoming great friends, but I could feel there was a little bit more than "me and my besty". 

While Brennan is struggling to understand his sexual interests, Zafir starts to realize he wants more than just friendship from Brennan, but thing is, there are many reasons to hold his ground.. First he is a Muslim. granted, not practicing it much but still. Second, he barely finished high school so he works low income jobs and he works A LOT to pay off his living expenses and his 9 years old son which is actually the biggest issue. Zafir doesn't want Tariq to get attached to Brennan only for him to disappear on him as it happened when other relationships didn't work out (including his mother..). But Brennan and Tariq are becoming good friends as Brennan started to teach him how to ride a skateboard and so its getting harder for both to separate their friendship from what's also happening between them. 

I liked the way the relationship progressed but I didn't like their final "quarrel" near the end, it was too much for me at that specific moment. I didn't need that. I was over them dealing with their inner fears. The final note though was beautifully done. I felt content with the life they built and going to build together. 

I say give it a try and read it if you haven't read a book about Asexuals. I was intrigued, I enjoyed the way their relationship was building up and yeah, I totally got both their insecurities on the matter. You might not have a problem with the things that were problematic for me. I wouldn't have giving up on this book. It was different and refreshing in it's own way even if I wish it was MORE than it actually was. 

I have one last thing to add which made me laugh (at myself). On dating sites under religion, one of the options is "Halal" I didn't know what that meant, and since it sounds Arabic, I wasn't sure why I was seeing some (Jewish) guys using this definition. I guess I was never that interested since I was looking for guys who regard themselves as "Atheists" (under this "box" of religious views). But now I know! Thanks Ann! (or rather L.A. Witt) It basically means, as I see it, funny enough, as Brennan saw it - eating "Kosher" or the Muslim definition of eating "Kosher". Everyday we learn something new, huh? :)   

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