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Friday, November 22, 2019

The Wild Hunt by Cari Z.

This novella was DIFFERENT. As I'm not Christian, though I know OF the holidays at the end of the year, I'm still lacking tales and surely mythology which is why I had no idea what I'm getting into with this one. The Wild Hunt refers to Gwyn ap Nudd - the King of the Faeries, the Lord of Annwn and the Winter God who rides on Halloween collecting the souls of the dead. David Evans is five years old when he sees Gwyn for the first time on Halloween night and from then on it becomes an obsession of his to become worthy of The Wild Hunt and especially be worthy of Gwyn himself.

Hometown Christmas by Garrett Leigh

This was a rather sweet holiday read. I"m saying "rather" because this is Garrett, so there's has to be a little bit of angst thrown in there. Though I gotta say I was really appreciative of the way it DIDN'T create any drama, rather making the characters more human and allowing them to connect on a deeper level.

We've actually sort of met Gavin Richie before as "Wedge" in a few of Garrett's previous novels but honestly I don't remember much about him. He is ex-military, special forces, and after two years of being out and dealing with breaking his neck (!) he is managing a shelter for the homeless. It's hard yet satisfying work if only they could have enough volunteers for their shifts, especially for the kitchen..

Yani Nicolaou have had enough of working for other people, he now works for himself. He has a food cart and he manages quite well actually. His days are busy but he is happy for the new life he has built for himself. Having his best friend Bex around is also a bonus. A chance meeting with a real hunk in a coffee shop doesn't promise much until his best friend begs him to take a shift at the shelter as a cook and he realizes said hunk work at the shelter as well..

Thursday, November 21, 2019

For Sam, times infinity by Suki Fleet

~sigh~ Beautiful. If you haven't read anything by Suki it's simply a must. There is something raw in her writing there is no way I'll be able to explain. But if you've read one of her books you'll know what I'm talking about. This feeling in your stomach he/they have been SO wronged and yet he/they are still here, trying, struggling, looking for a glimpse of happiness wherever it could be found. The is no fame and riches, no Prince or Princess, there isn't even a true promise of the kind of fairy-tale Happily Ever After, it's all about finding what's truly important in life - love, connection - and with those in hand finding their own happiness. It's so simply and exactly because of that - genuine. Money and fame won't ever make anyone happy but what Suki offers her characters will, even if their lives aren't "picture perfect" it's enough. It's a true lesson in humility.

This story is told from both our MCs - Sam and Evra, working together in a Balloon factory they somehow attract one another. Two quiet shy guys who wish for a little bit more than the simple life they are currently living - even if it seems impossible they'll be able to keep it. For Sam it's because he doesn't plan on staying for long and for Evra, well, you'll have to read this one to get his story... I won't spoiler it.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Beautiful Temptation (So This is Christmas #2) [Blair & Caden] by Christina Lee

Beautiful heart-felt story. I adored both Blair and Caden. They were both in a difficult situation in life and sometimes holidays' cheer isn't what's needed, it's the peace and quiet and sometimes the RIGHT company even if an unexpected one.

Caden Bell needs to figure some things out and though he loves his family he needs the time alone which is why when everyone is away he decides to go to his brother Christopher's beach house saying nothing to anyone. Yet Blair Anderson, Christopher's best friend, has already given Blair the okay to said beach house and when they stumble upon each other they are both reluctant to leave yet not sure about staying together. They might have gotten along great when they were kids (or rather when Caden was a kid) but as teenagers things have changed a bit and though both have secretly kept tubs on one another it's totally different spending this time together when both are in need of solace.

It doesn't take long for them to realize they actually DO get along pretty great. Even if the overly vibrant extroverted life-of-the-party model couldn't be more different than the muscled jock who liked to keep to himself. Yet the compassion Caden shows right from the start towards Blair makes him reluctant to leave even if he would rather stay on his own. After having a heart to heart things change. They both see there is more to each other than they thought or saw before. Blair have been living a very stressful life including drugs and an eating disorder and Caden have broken up with his high-school sweetheart to figure out his own bisexual sexuality.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mr. Right Now by Annabeth Albert

I simply ADORED this one. I loved everything about this sweet and endearing couple! I read this book on a flight, enjoying myself and couldn't believe half the flight was over and so is this novella.

Russ and Esteban have been neighbors for a while now. But besides Esteban asking forgivness for his naughty cat visiting Russ's apartment, they have very to little interaction. But actually Esteban is one of the reason Russ decided to rent the place, learining it's gay friendly. He's about a year out of his service as a marine as well as out and he still needs time to get used to it - civilian but also having a boyfriend.

Esteban have always admired Russ from the side, but he worried he's one of those ex-military who isn't that gay friendly.. Yet when he meets Russ throwing away a very unfortunate looking skilet he somehow finds himself connecting with the guy and realizing he's basically a big blond teddy bear - the best kind for sure! And that's how he finds himself offering to help Russ with cooking a dinner for his family.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Art of Possession by Cari Z.

I can't really say why but this book just didn't work for me. I think there was somehow not enough of the adventure - action or the romance. The premise of this one was quite different, a bit like Indiana Johns yet unlike him our MCs were not about STEALING treasures but rather making it available to the world to enjoy, especially the country of origin which is a hot debate at the moment and I really appreciated Cari bringing us a modern approach to artifacts and how they should be treated.

Malcolm Armstrong used to work for the British Museum before his name got tainted. He alluded to an artifact being fake only to find himself out of a job, his name shattered and also sans boyfriend - Gerard Thorburn who also works for the British Museum and in fact has donated a lot of artifacts from his personal collection.  Gerard found it very easy to move on from Mal but now he needs him and he has no problem calling him back to retrieve a stolen artifact that was suppose to be donated to the Museum and later on be moved to it's country of origin.

Mal isn't thrilled by Gerard offer, but after speaking to the guy who up until recently have owned the artifact - Specter - believes it could be genuine. What he isn't sure about is the guy with the gun - Alex Tucker, an american working for a private security company who is hired to be the muscle of the operation (him being there just to verify the item's authenticity).

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Lumber Jacked (Rainbow Cove, #2.5) [Johnny & Cam] by Annabeth Albert

Oh, I LOVED this one. What a sweet kinky little novella. Though frankly it felt like so much more somehow. I also really appreciated the bonus chapter we get in the newer version. This started out as a free read and now it's up on Amazon for 99 cents with a real bonus treat! Highly recommend you get this newer version even if - like me - you already got the free shorter one.

We've met Johnny briefly in the previous installment. Curtis "warned" Logan he wouldn't be his type and hinted to bondage. As it seems that's exactly Johnny''s thing, and he has made a sexy hobby out of it, one new in town vlogger Cam is intrigued to try.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tender with a Twist (Rainbow Cove #2) [Curtis & Logan] by Annabeth Albert

This book was special. It's not my go-to read, and I had my issues with it because I wasn't sure Logan's need to dominate "worked" for me, but in the end, it didn't really matter, because a relationship isn't built solely on the sexual interaction. Sure, it's important but it's not everything. Curtis and Logan, on the outside, seem total opposite yet somehow they each brought into the other's life exactly what they needed. Not because they were perfect, no, it was their imperfection and their need to be there for the other even when their future didn't feel like possible. So even if you're not into kink (pain\bondage) there is SO MUCH more to this story and I ask you to give it a go.

We've already met both Curtis and Logan in the previous installment. Logan Rosner is one of the three owners of the new tavern in Rainbow Cove. Logan had a comfortable life in Portland, but he wanted something different. He wanted freedom, a place to express the person he really is, and not the one people expect him to be. Being the Chef of the tavern, getting to make and decide on the menu makes him happy like nothing in the past did. Yeah they might be struggling but he hopes and believes they can overcome it. This town has totally captured his heart and he doesn't want just the tavern to succeed he wants the town itself to do better as well.

The few times Curtis Hunt came to the tavern with his long time friend Nash (the MC in the previous installment) he was his usual self - grumpy. He has changed the last two years after losing the love of his life. He had it all, a partner he adored, a future together, true happiness. But he lost it all and now, besides his work as a chainsaw wood carver, nothing truly brings him joy, including the shy kid who makes THE best vegan food (even though he won't admit that to ANYONE).