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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Heart of the Hunter (Dragon Chalice #1) [Ariana & Braedon] by Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

I'm not sure what I was expecting but this was, well, different. While there is a definite Paranormal element to this one, it takes quite a while until we understand where it comes from and there are STILL many questions left unanswered. I guess the world building in this one was more of a "you get the information you need as you go" and I gotta say, I'm not a fan. Yeah it means there's a HUGE element of mystery to this one but I felt too much in the dark and so it was less engaging for me. That being said, as this IS Lara, once the action starts I really enjoyed the pace.

Ariana of Clairmont is on a mission. After receiving information her brother is being held prisoner in France and will only be freed if she comes by herself with his ransom - his life work journals about the magical "Dragon Chalice"and where it can be found - she sets up for the journey. But before she even set sails across the sea her bodyguard is killed and her savior doesn't really feel like the "saving" type. Getting him to accept accompanying her to her destination is also a difficult task especially as she can't really tell what he WANTS from her or WHY is he really doing all of this for her.

Braedon "le Chasseur" ("The Hunter") is frustrated with himself getting stuck somehow in Ariana's business. While he acts as if he's helping her, he is mostly trying to return her back home, especially when he realizes what she is tangled in now is exactly what almost killed him (but DID kill some of his best mates) less than two years ago. He might be the best hunter with amazing instincts but what Ariana is after will need much more of that. There is dark magic involved and he would rather they both turn away from it before it's too late.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Moonlighter (The Company #1) [Eric & Alex] by Sarina Bowen

Loved it! This new series by Sarina has SO MUCH promise! I can't wait for the next book! It's somewhere between your "regular" Contemporary Romance with an element of suspense. Not sure how to categorize it. Anyhow, though this book is a bit long I finished it in a day. Sat down, thought to myself, well it's a bit long so it's a good thing it's a holiday weekend so I have time.. yet somehow I kept turning the pages as I just COULD not put it down. It wasn't just the suspense, it was this sweet and HILARIOUS couple (even when they are not a couple YET). The chemistry was OFF THE ROOF as well as a sort of easy going companionship that made them PERFECT for one another.

If you've read the Brooklyn Bruisers you've met Eric Bayer and you already know he isn't in his best state. He wants to keep on playing but his knees might have a different opinion on the matter. It's not the best time for his brother to spring on him a mission to help out an old friend (whom we actually also met very briefly in a Brooklyn Bruisers book). See though Eric makes A LOT of money playing hockey, his family sees him as a "slacker". They would much prefer he join the family's business. It a sort of security firm though they do so much more than your regular bodyguards. But for this mission HE is expected to be just that while playing the over protective jealous boyfriend.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Lady of Valor (Warrior #3) [Emmalyn & Cabal] by Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

Wonderful read! Loved both Emmalyn and Cabal. Both of their stories were painful yet each managed to build a life of accomplishment with the limitation they had. When they meet they are both challenged with a change to what the came to accept as they own personal destiny and both don't like it AT ALL. But once they realize what they can have together it's hard not to hope and dream for a chance at a true second chance.

We've met Cabal - or as most people know him as "Blackheart" - in the previous installment, he is one of King Richard's most loyal man. Yet Blackheart isn't as cold-hearted as everything conceive him to be, or maybe he just had enough of it all, maybe he has changed, even he can't really tell. What he does know, what he knew from a very early age - he is good at fighting, he is good at killing, he has what it takes and now that King Richard reached a treaty with the King of Thieves and he is leaving back to England his future is about to change (and he isn't thrilled..).

Near the time they leave back to England Garrett of Fallonmour is killed. Remember that guy (from the previous installment)? Yeah, he's a HUGE douche, no-one is going to miss him (literally!) but he does own a huge estate and King Richard doesn't want anyone grabbing it until he decides who it should belong to, so he assigns the man he can trust to - not one of the power hungry people around him and the kind to do exactly what he is told - Cabal.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Black Lion's Bride (Warrior #2) [Sebastian & Zahirah] by Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

While I enjoyed this novel - especially how cleverly it was concluded, it took me a LONG time to connect with Zahirah. While Sebastian is the most honest, hard working, gentlemen (yeah, okay he can be ruthless too..) generally a good person, Zahirah's character paled in comparison to his. She almost felt "inhuman" in her blood lust. I guess when you are raised on hatred that's what you become so truth being told, the journey she went through gave her back a possibility of LIFE one she could call her own - enjoy, grow and fulfillment, love and the possibility of being loved. For Sebastian it's finally meeting his match, the person who was missing from his rather sheltered life in England. He expected to find adventure in the Holy Land - that he did - but he also found something he didn't even know he wanted or needed.

While the previous book's setting was England. This book takes place in the Holy Land. As the previous book ended with Sebastian of Montborne offering his lost brother Griffin not only the wife he was ordered to marry but his place as the head of Montborne's estate as he would much prefer the adventures to a boring married life to a woman he doesn't know or want (especially since she is already madly in love with his brother and in a way have been for years).

It's been a few years since Sebastian got to the Holy Land, he had his share of battles, and while he enjoyed his time and the favor of his King - Richard Lionheart - in a way he is still a bit restless. As he hasn't found what he was looking for, the Assassins are always around them and his King seems to delay and delay their departure to Jerusalem. Being stationed now as a commander in the city of Ascalon he is getting bored, especially after being stabbed and almost killed by an Assassin trained on killing Richard, which is how he found himself left behind in charge yet in a way incapacitated.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

White Lion's Lady (Warrior #1) [Griffin & Isabel] by Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

WOW! I was GLUED to my seat this whole read, it felt like a Romantic Suspense novel! I had things to do yesterday but all I actually did was read this WHOLE novel in ONE sitting. Well, it was WORTH IT, that's for sure!

There are a lot of open questions in this one. What's the right thing to do? What's the "Honorable" thing to do. Is there an absolute "Right" and "Wrong"? Is being selfish and going after your heart CAN be the wrong thing to do? Both Isabel and Griffin are caught up on these questions. They want each other but there are so many conflicting issues and real dangers..

When Isabel de Lamere was a little girl, she got lost in the forest chasing a butterfly. Lucky her just when an angry bear found her, a boy saved her life. For young Izzy it was the most valor act of heroism she has ever witnessed and never forgotten. After spying Griffin's White Lion medallion near her feet right when he left, she cherished it, wearing it all times, hoping one day they meet again and she would return his fortune, the only thing he had on him when he was left by the Droghallow Estate.

It's been 10 years since that day and a lot of changed for both of them. After Isabel's father is found guilty of treason she and her little sister are separated to live in convents. Now at 18 she is to be married to the Lord of Montborne as a sort of gift from the king. Though she doesn't know anything about her future husband she hopes he will be kind enough to allow her to reunite with her sister, raising her at his estate. She is willing to do her duty, whatever it takes, to keep her vow to her little sister Maura.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lord of Vengeance by Lara Adrian (originally as Tina St. John)

OUTSTANDING. I can't believe it took me THAT long to get to this book! As Historical Romance are not my usual "go to" I delayed it - what a mistake!!! I loved everything about this book, the total feel of this book, the setting - the whole medieval feel, the mean plotting made my stomach burn! The romance between Gunnar and Raina didn't take long from a time perspective and yet I could see how and why both fell for one another even in such an unlikely situation.

Lord Gunnar Rutledge is FINALLY ready for his vengeance. He has waited 13 years, ever since he was a young boy, to claim his revenge on his parents murderer - Baron Luther d'Bussy. It would be fitting, killing the Baron on the tournament grounds where he killed his own father. But when he gets there and realizes the Baron is not going to participate he needs another plan. He waited too long to forsake his claim for justice.

Raina d'Bussy has lived a comfortable life thus far. The daughter of the Baron who denied her nothing. She enjoys her days riding with very little care in the world. She might miss the mother she barely knew but she loves her father who has always cared for her. The first "twist" to her playful naive life comes when one of her closest friends - Nigel - tried to force his "love" for her only to be rescued by a dark knight. Riding away from the beautiful girl Gunnar rescued, he couldn't have guessed she is the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Friday, October 11, 2019

In Kelly's Corner (Fighting Connollys #1) [Kelly & Bee] by Roxie Rivera

This book simply wasn't for me. I actually did like how it started and the dynamics between our two main characters as well as the dual POVs. What I DISLIKED right from the start is - this is NOT in fact the first book in series, try something like the 6th. The name dropping in this one was HORRENDOUS. I'm not sure I'll exaggerate close to 30 names I have NO idea who they are (besides 90% of them having Russian names). That's when I realized this is a "spin off" (a very BADLY done, it's NOT separate AT ALL) to Roxie's "Her Russian Protector" series and I can tell you now I'm NOT going to read it. This book made me think of how frustrated I was with J.R.R Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.. but while his books where frustrating they weren't as predictable and cliche as this one.

I'm mad and it shows through my writing. I'm sorry. This is actually not a bad book AT ALL. I'm just frustrated there are TONS of details, characters and prior interactions I don't know / understand. Truth being said, even in series I read and enjoy I'm not always good with SO many details, characters and connections. For a series like this I would need to start at the REAL first book and read them one after the other or I'll be - as I am now - totally lost. I KNOW many people adore a universe like this one where they feel they know everybody like their best friends but I'm genuinely HORRIBLE at these things.. Which is why I was SO frustrated.

While I enjoyed the interaction between Kelly Connolly and Beatrice "Bee" Langston, even with them the cheesiness was a bit OTT. I feel like I could predict their even move. Kelly being the tough guy, fighting (figuratively and physically) to protect his family. Honor above all. A true brute with no prior education (except for being a capable Marine). Bee being the sweet naive (virgin) genius, making BILLIONS before she even turned 23.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert

BEAUTIFUL BEYOND WORDS. I would have left this review with only these three words that say what's important - GRAB IT NOW. I don't care about Christmas, I don't celebrate Christmas as I'm not Christian, but if you are - it's another reason for you to get it NOW. Lucky me it's "holiday" here so I was able to read almost till the birds started singing outside my window and wake up (earlier than I thought!) to finish it. Truthfully, I couldn't have asked for more even if I really tried.

That being said I'm actually going to write a review! hehe

Sergeant Major Nicholas Nowicki is a month away from retirement. He's 46 years old so it's time. Yet feeling "useless" with no real goal doesn't feel "right" even if he has his plan of going to Florida and helping a friend with his boat business. Fishing, enjoying the sun (his current location lacks..) is what he deserves after years of drifting from base to base, doing his duty. Yet he has one more mission his Commander asked him to take care of and though he's reluctant he'll do it for her - replace her husbands' usual role of Santa in the sleepy little town of "Mineral Spirits" she calls her own. 

Wearing the smallish costume (for him) of Santa he takes off to do his duty, reluctant being an understatement. Nick isn't a holiday kind of guy. He isn't in touch with his family (maybe a bit with his only sister) and so his first interaction being with an elf - green slippers with pompons included - makes him even more weary. But the jolly Teddy MacNally loves holidays enough for the both of them and he is going to make Nick enjoy himself and even SMILE even if he didn't plan to.