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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Begging Ben (Love Letters #2) [Ben & Landon] by Anyta Sunday

This one was just HEART BREAKING. Though I really wanted Ben and landon to REALLY be together, I felt like throwing something at Landon for being BLIND this whole time and making Ben ACHE for so many years. We've already met Ben and Landon in the previous installment, but this one takes place a whole YEAR after "Admiring Ash" which means Ben and Landon haven't been speaking for this WHOLE time. Though we only knew they had a disagreement, nothing more than that.

Ben Spengler have been in love with his best friend since he was 14 years old. They've known each other since they were 9 when Landon's parents decided to separate him from his twin brother Roy so they could start communicating with other people (than just among themselves). They became inseparable and as they grew up they also starting making Youtube videos which turned into a real career having millions of subscribers. Yet everything changed once Ben FINALLY realized he would rather not have Landon in his life than have someone who always puts him second. His heart can't take it anymore especially after he practiced for a whole year rope walking and when the big day arrived Landon forgot all about it..

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Admiring Ash (Love Letters, #1) [Ash & River] by Anyta Sunday

This was adorable. It's short and yet Ash and River's romance felt genuine to me. I got their hangups but it was truly inevitable for them to find love with one another. I liked that though Ash "got lucky" with a generous inheritance it wasn't "over the top" and mostly it gave him a chance for a different life, one he can build on a family-base he didn't even know he had.

So let's back to the beginning, Ash Heartford is 25 years old, he is raising his sister Danielle for the past 4 years ever since their mother died and though it almost kills him he is adamant to give her everything he can, even working 18 hours a day cleaning houses and offices. He would love a "break" but he doesn't have time for one so no hobbies and no love for sure. His mother's affairs with men were enough for him. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Before Midnight (Blood Prince, #1) [Etienne & Loupe] by Jennifer Blackstream

I have to say that though I decided to let this one go at 37% it really is about taste. I thought all characters were kinda childish and the synopsis unlikely (even for PNR). I don't know really, I couldn't connect with either character and I think you have to really be in a fairy-tale mood to enjoy this one because it truly FEELS like one, with the characters being naive and old fashioned.

This book is a "recreation" of Cinderella who is named in this one - Loupe (yep, a VERY unoriginal name). Her evil stepmother and 2 stepsisters treats her badly and keep her busy yet she still manages to enjoy at least one thing - taking care of 3 little wolf pups she hides in the forest near by. Her kinship with wolves started after she got bitten by a werewolf. Now she is a wolf when the full moon rises...

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Arctic Sun (Frozen Hearts, #1) [Griffin & River] by Annabeth Albert

This book took me a LONG time to read, but I mostly blame myself and my lack of concentration. I was too busy physically and mentally to read. I guess this book wasn't the "right" escape for me when I'm stressed as this one is HEAVY on the angst. I'm not really complaining, I usually dig angsty books but as I was frustrated in REAL life it wasn't what I needed, though I DID feel like escaping to Alaska and seeing the beautiful views. I'm not sure I'll be all about the cold, but the sights are SURELY going to compensate!

Griffin Barrett is trying to put his life back together and it's not easy. Routine helps but it can't fix his past. He has a loving family with a business he is a part of - flying cargo but also people who are in for sight seeing while photographing the area. Being HIGHLY introverted he rather take the cargo, not the people.. but he needs to step up his game because his uncle is down with an operation and until he recovers he has at least one trip to take. His uncle is a known photographer who also adds his tips and tricks to the guests coming to these kind of trips so now it's also up to Griffin. He doesn't see himself as a big photographer, but maybe he can help a bit from his own knowledge...

Monday, April 1, 2019

April 2019 Reading List

arch have been GREAT reading-wise but also health-wise. I'm excited about returning to work out and in general a great feeling of starting over! True meaning of spring πŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΌ

This month there are 2 new exciting releases - By Christina Lee with Riley Hart and Annabeth Albert. Besides that I'm continuing on with more of Anyta Sunday and a new Paranormal Romance series by a new to me author taking a new look to our favorite Fairy-tales. Since that one didn't work out I added a few short novellas by Cari Z. (which were published on her blog only)

Not much planned besides that, but it's okay, I have already enough planned for next month so I'll keep this one more chilled.

🌹🌷 Happy Spring πŸŒ·πŸŒΉ

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      Sunday, March 31, 2019

      Resilient Heart by Annabeth Albert

      This novella was PERFECT. I loved everything about it. Even the note from Annabeth at the end about seeking help. Xander and Mackey have been best friends for a long time, ever since they were team up together as Army IT specialists, they also enjoyed a bit of "benefits"  but while they both craved more, they had their own reasoning for staying silent, mostly because it's difficult for both to express themselves with words. But when Xander almost dies of an IED, Mackey realizes they've got their second chance and he is CLAIMING it even if Xander couldn't be less in the mood for ANY company.

      After his injury Xander Miller is left with a permanent damage to one of his legs and an amputated arm. He is also suffering depressing and PTSD. He doesn't feel like himself anymore. What is he worth when he is crippled this way. So when Mackey appears by his bed offering him a place to stay he grumbles and agrees mostly because he is too tired to argue. He has loved Mackey for YEARS, seeing him now HURTS. He is no longer the guy he used to be, he has nothing to offer to Mackey. But Mackey is persistent. He has made everything clearer when he shows Xander into their apartment. There are two bedroom, but only one has a bed.

      Saturday, March 30, 2019

      Jude (Lucky #3) [Jude & Isha] by Garrett Leigh

      This one was quite an emotional and angsty ride. I wanted to slap both Jude and Isha too many times to count. While I could see them falling in love with one another it was hard seeing how much keeping their hearts as separated as possible was costing both of them. But in the end when push came to shove Isha HAD to act to keep the guy he loves.

      We've met Isha Hussain in the first installment. He's Dom's best friend and ex-manager. Though he might act indifferent we've seen him first act, never ask questions later when Dom requested his help, and he was really there for him when he came out. Yet it was never something he felt sharing himself - the fact he is Bi. The only person to know is his ex-wife. She has always been his best friend but they stayed together for the wrong reasons so now it's better for both of them (and their two kids) they are divorced keeping the friendship part only. While Isha IS a good friend to the few he keeps in his circle, he doesn't really allow people to get close to him so it's no wonder once he found Jude it was EXTREMELY difficult for him to open up and later on come out to his friends about his sexuality and relationship with Jude.

      No Quick Fix (Torus Intercession #1) by Mary Calmes

      Sadly, this book was a HUGE disappointment. I'm usually a big fan of Mary's books, I've actually read ALL of them, but this one just wasn't for me. I felt it was simply unrealistic. In a way I just couldn't relate to the MC or the story. After reading 21% I realized that my main issue won't change and I'm not in the mood to ignore it the whole book so I decided to put this book aside.

      Brann Calder is working for Torus Intercession, a company which "fixes" things for people. Truth be told I'm not really sure what that means and the job Brann gets in this one DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Brann is an ex Navy SEAL (been out for 6 months) he is sent miles and miles away to a small town on the border of Canada to help with the merging of two family and businesses. Yet what he is TASKED to do, from the start, is be the nanny to two little girls (5 and 7 years old) up until their father Emery Dodd gets married.