Friday, January 15, 2021

The First Boy I Ever Kissed (The First Boy #1) [Tommy & Kim] by Suki Fleet

I simply ADORE Suki's writing. There is something so genuine in the way her characters view the world but mostly their special person. Tommy and Kim, like many of their characters come from a difficult background and yet there is still innocence and wonder to everything they share. Life might have tainted them in certain aspects but luckily not all. 

In the year and a half they knew each other, Kim and Tommy became fast friends and nearly a bit more. But though Kim knew exactly what he was feeling towards Tommy, Tommy was still uncertain about his sexuality or willing to explore this side of him. They share one kiss on the night of their highschool's prom before Kim disappears from Tommy's world leaving both guys with a longing they can't shake. 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Raising the Ante (The Kings: Wild Cards #2) [Frank & Joshua] by Charlie Cochet

I would have given this book a 5 stars rating but I'm still a bit salty we only got a novella of Frank and Joshua. I've been waiting for their story for SO LONG I feel deprived seeing them get their HEA so fast. Well, in a way these two were circling each other for a few years now so it's no wonder they didn't need more than a little spark to ignited a beautiful (and sexy) relationship. 

As this one is rather short I won't say much about it.. Frank Ramirez is having issues in his exclusive club "Sapphire Sand" and it more than the accidental glitter bomb exploding (I laughed SO HARD on that one!) there is also someone trying to hurt him personally so he needs two things - First is sort out the Christmas party and second have the "Four Kings Security" find the threat and deal with it. So with Ace - and Colton - being involved it's no wonder they feel like playing match makers. 

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Roommate by Sarina Bowen

This book is one of those I feel like writing "A MUST READ" and being done with it. Honestly there is very little to add to that. It has anything I love in a book. Two endearing and wonderful characters, each battling with his own demons, finding solace in one another (even if it takes time to actually admit what they are hiding / dealing with or the fact they are friends..). A heart felt story of coming of age and finding yourself in your own world and naturally love. The best kind. The one we all wish for ourselves. 

While this is a standalone novel, it has quite a bit of a connection to Sarina's "True North" series. Both guys work at the "Busy Bean" owned by Zara Rossi Beringer and Audrey Kidder Shipley (having each her own story). Kieran being a Shipley has been mentioned in the books as being a great guy who keeps to himself. That being said I truly think this COULD be read as a stand alone and if you haven't read "True North" while I DO recommend it, the characters are older and  more mature than Kieran and Roderick. No matter where you're coming from my message is clear - READ THIS BOOK. 

As I've mentioned there is very little I actually knew about Kieran Shipley before this installment. 24 years old. Works HARD both at the "Busy Bean" as well as at an advertising agency, trying to find a future for himself. He has his reasons for leaving the family business of raising cows to his older brother Kyle. The atmosphere in his family couldn't be more uncomfortable. his parents not really getting a long, especially when he and Kyle are concerned, his father's disapproval of him and his brother trying to get a way from his duties by dumping them on him. He couldn't wait for Zara's tenant to leave so he could take the place for himself. It's bigger than he needs but he can look for a roommate to split the rent. The drive to both his jobs would be for shorter - and longer to his family's house the perfect excuse for keeping away - meaning he FINALLY gets to be free of the pressure. 

2020 Yearly Recap

 Well, this is embarrassing.. I'm not even sure what to say - TO MYSELF. 

2020 started with a strange virus, 12 months later and life is not as it used to and not only because we are all dealing with a world wide pandemic. 

Nearing the middle of the year three things happened - First is something I almost forgot - I moved out! I LOVE my new place, I think it took me maybe a day to feel settled! But it took a bit longer for the dogs and naturally new place means a lot of little (and some big) things to organize. I couldn't be more happy to be HERE in this place especially during the lock downs. I have much more space physically but mostly mentally. This truly feels like HOME.  

Second - I stared a new (educational) program. One I originally wanted to enroll way back in 2009. It feels like the perfect fit for me as well as a very well suited "companion" to the other program I've been studying the past few years. I hope celebrating my 40th birthday this year will bring a new career one that fills me with contentment, appreciation and joy. 

Third - And last - I was elected to a new position in the "dog world" (let's leave it at that ;)). It takes time and effort, more than I realized. It's more than just learning the "bits and ends" of the job, it's also learning to negotiate and communicate with people in a different capacity than I was used to. If I put aside the more difficult and frustrating scenarios and the sheer amount of time this (volunteer) position is taking, it's actually very fulfilling and dare I say FUN!

All that being said where does it leave my reading? Honestly, very low on my list not because I don't want to read but because I'm too tired at the end of the day and I can't afford to spend whole evenings devouring books. I miss reading SO MUCH. 

Seeing My Year in Books by GoodReads is a bit discouraging truth being told. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Loverboy (The Company #2) [Gunnar & Posy] by Sarina Bowen

This book was a real treat! With my schedule these days I don't have time or energy to read and I REALLY miss reading as I used to. Getting to read this incredible book was exactly what I needed. Loved the connection and interaction between Gunner and Posy. It was fun and light hearted and though their "falling apart" 15 years ago wasn't very pretty they mended their relationship beautifully. Gunner was exactly the confidence boost Posy needs right now, and for Gunner this is a real opportunity to consider what he wants in life. He isn't a kid anymore and he might have his reasons to avoiding New York but it's time to look the past square in the eyes. 

Gunner Scott grew up in New York but he didn't have the luxuries he currently has. It's easy for him to remember the struggles and the hard work he needed to put into everything he wanted. That's why he worked so hard as a bartender on "Paxton" hoping to get another promotion but it was stolen from him by the the boss' daughter. That was 15 years ago. Now he own a security company together with his best friend Max Bayer and he lacks for nothing. When Max asks him to help on a job as a barista for the same woman who stole his promotion he isn't thrilled.. But seeing Posy again brings back memories and most of them are of happy and fun times. Makes him wish he can rekindle what they used to have back then even if just until the job here is done. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Bat Boy (Easton U Pirates #1) [Brady & Kellan] by Christina Lee

In one word this book was ADORABLE. Kellan and Brady have been circling around each other and wanting each other for a few months before we get into the story. They are both unsure about anything possible between them for more than one reason. Seeing them becoming friends and progressing into lovers was such a heartfelt journey. Their innocence was refreshing. I don't remember when was my previous New Adult and I liked that though their had their sexy times together it wasn't at all focused about that but about finding  something special in each other, in their companionship. 

Brady Donovan is the captain of the Easton U Pirates Baseball team. Things are going pretty great for him on his first year of college working hard on his studies and having fun on the field with his new team. He is living with two of his teammates - his best friend from childhood Trent Hollister and Maclain (who has his issues for sure) and is working his way to building some sort of friendship with the team's "Bat Boy" - the coach's son - Kellan. While they have fun teasing each other, Kellan always keeps a distance which frustrates Brady but he is persistent! There is something MORE about Kellan. Something he has never felt before.  Makes him question what he assumed about himself.. 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Lost Ship of the Tucker Rebellion by Marie Sexton & Cari Z.

I tried, I really did but I just couldn't continue on with this book. I'll admit I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi novels but I've read a few by Cari and LOVED them so it was a given I'm going to give this one a go. So I delved in hoping for something different and exciting and finding myself ANNOYED and mostly, truth being said - bored. I didn't connect or even like any of our 3 MCs, their constant banter was tiring and it led to almost nothing happening in the first quarter of the book. I think I actually got to the point things started to happen but I can't commit to it. I'm sorry. 

I won't say a lot about the plot firstly because VERY little actually happened besides Denver Clayborne (our sole POV up until 22% where I stopped) finding a "pod" coming from at least a century ago and in it a promise of something extraordinary. His sick twin brother Laramie is skeptical and moreover he doesn't want Denver to put his life at risk for his sake (hoping for a cure) and their third member - Marit - isn't able of doing anything but complaining. There's a lot of not really world building but references to the past and how everyone came to be living in space (and Earth becoming uninhabitable). I didn't care about any of it because it was all done in their usual banter which threw me off this book in the first place. 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Restored (Enlightenment #5) [Henry & Kit] by Joanna Chambers

This book was EVERYTHING. I didn't want it to end and yet I did. I fell in love with both Henry and Kit in a SECOND. They lived their lives with the cards they were dealt with and it wasn't easy. When they first met and the time they shared together was the most naive and innocent for both of them but it all changed one night and nothing was the same ever again. 

While this book can be read as a TOTAL standalone we did actually met Kit Redford before, he is the owner of "Redford" a discreet club for gentlemen of a certain persuasion where characters from previous installments have visited. Kit, or rather, Christopher, started his life as a son of a whore and was raised to become one himself. He didn't resent his life, it was what it was, and while he was with Henry he was happy. They spent less than a year together and while he knew in his heart this couldn't be real he still cared deeply for Henry. He also hoped he could make something for himself once the year they had together is over and he is paid fully but one night Henry disappeared breaking their contract and leaving him with basically nothing. Bringing Kit into dark times. He might have came out of it a successful businessman who lacks for nothing but the prices he had to pay hardened him. He thought he left the past behind but when 18 years later Henry appears, "His duke" as his friend refers to him, it brings everything back. The love, the loss, the betrayal, the pain of fists he had to endure.