Sunday, October 18, 2020

Rifts & Refrains (Hush Note #2) [Quinn & Graham] by Devney Perry

Finishing the first book in this series I was intrigued about Quinn. I didn't like the way she behaved towards Kira but with one explanation I could totally see her POV. She was protecting someone she cares deeply about and she has already seen the women Jonas surrounded himself with and was NOT impressed. She needed to be sure this woman is right for him. That being said, for some reason I had a hard time connection with this story. I'm not sure exactly why. It was sad and heartfelt but I wasn't "there" with Quinn and her family as I would have liked to be (probably in tears half of the book). For some reason I felt like a bystander, a bit like she felt coming home after 9 years not knowing how or even if she can fit back into her family.

Quinn Montgomery is a rock star. She has worked hard to become one but it wasn't with anyone's blessing. Well, except for her grandmother "Nan". 9 years after she left everything and everyone behind she doesn't have a reason to return yet when her mother calls to tell her Nan has died in her sleep she knows it would be wrong to stay away. She needs to say her last goodbyes even if it's not going to be easy. She could handle a week and that's all she's planning to give this experience. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Sometimes There's Stars by Suki Fleet

I need to be ready mentally before I start Suki's books. While they are always heartfelt on the romantic side, the life situation is almost always horrific. This one was no different, at least for Echo. The sorrow, helplessness and general despair killed me. But with someone as sunny as Peri on his side things started to look up for him, or at least made him hope and wish for a better present and maybe even future. It wasn't an easy journey I can tell you that!

Echo (Ezekiel Bashir) didn't have an easy life growing up with just his mother Marsha but they loved each other with all their hearts and mostly it was enough even if they were poor and struggling. After Marsha died Echo totally lost himself and not only because he became indebted to the local loan shark. When he wasn't able to pay his new "employer" paid it for him and thus he became his errand boy and considering One-Eyed Frank's business (you can guess) things weren't exactly getting better. Then one day on his way to meet another one of Frank's clients he meets Peri and though the whole situation is not exactly a bright one considering Peri gets hit by a car and later on Echo is attacked himself that's the exact mark things change for both Peri and Echo.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

The Sex Coach (Skins) by Garrett Leigh

Such a beautiful and heart felt story. I think the name kinda gives the wrong impression though Cole DOES offer to be Toby's "Sex Coach" but he was only joking, well, sort of. For me the story was mostly about finding love and feeling you deserve it. Toby and Cole both had their insecurities but when they looked at one another they saw a person worth getting to know, someone to care for and appreciate. Someone they wished, yet didn't believe, they could have. 

Toby has worked on Whisper Farm for the past 10 years. It's his home now even if everyone treats him as a kid he isn't anymore. He lives a simple life and it suits him yet he does feel a bit overwhelmed by the (gay) couples around him. Wishing he could have what they have but too scared and unsure to look for someone on his own. Which has left him a virgin at 24.

Cole Maguire is a "City Boy" but when the mother of his child decides to move to her parents' town he accepts a job as a Pilates instructor on Whisper Farm through his friend Harry (whom he used to work with in London), allowing them to have shared custody on their baby girl Ella. Cole is struggling. His insecurities in himself, at being a parent, leaves him with insomnia and anxiety. When he sees strong and capable Toby he is intrigued but he isn't exactly the talkative guy, well, both of them aren't and as Toby is attracted to Cole he feels even more unsure about how to even BE around Cole.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Summer's Child (Titania's Court #2) (Dis & Marten #2) by Cari Z.

This novella starts right after the ending of the previous one - The Solstice Gift (the 4th installment in Oberon's Court). Dis is on his way to the Summer Fae's lands to bring Queen Titania the gift from her husband King Oberon. With his protective wolf Ciurlen by his side and a heavy heart for leaving his lover Marten behind he sets on his journey. 

The Summer Fae and their land couldn't be more different than the Winter land he has grown up in. It's warm and sunny. Filled with laughter and celebrations. Most of the Fae are friendly and charming and though they try to convince him he should stay he always denies them. He needs to come home to Marten even if his life there is far from perfect. Titania is nothing like what Dis expected she is honorable and welcoming. So very different than anything he has come to associate with the Fae world. Yet not everything is perfect.. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

The Solstice Gift (Oberon's Court #4) (Dis & Marten #1) by Cari Z.

This short novella was SO interesting. I was glued to it and couldn't put it down but then it ended. SO abruptly. I could see the promise of a better tomorrow if only Dis would survive today which is still something no one can be sure of. 

Dis is a "Changeling" - a human stolen from the human world to become a slave in the world of the Fae. These aren't your friendly faeries, oh no, these ones are mean and cruel and their world is no different, always frozen and cold, so so cold for Dis' human body. 

Dark Around the Edges (Cambion #1-6) by Cari Z.

This book was unavailable for a while now but it was suddenly "revived" so while I was a bit worried it's going to be more on the erotica side (which I haven't been interested in reading lately) I was happily surprised this was a sweet romantic read with a lot of intriguing suspense and action. Our MCs worked great together even though they seem like total opposites (and in a way they are..) but it also what made their relationship so special. 

Devon Harper and Rio Pagani both work for Safeguard Systems. It's a security company though they also deal with discarding demons and the cult they create around them. This time Devon is after Porter Grey a very powerful demon summoner whom the company have been hunting for years. He's finally in the US and it's time to get him. When his plans don't exactly go according to plan and his cover or rather his identity as half human-half incubus is revealed he is rescued by his favorite Safeguard's employee - Rio. Once together - they stay together and do their best to track and capture Porter who seem to be one step ahead of them. 

Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Sugared Game (The Will Darling Adventures #2) by K.J. Charles

Though it took me more than I would like I REALLY enjoyed this one. I can't wait to get the third and final installment but I would also be very sad to say goodbye to Will and Kim as well as Phoebe and Maisie. I hope we'll get some sort of happy ending for the ladies as well.

After the way things ended in the last installment you'd think Kim Secretan - Lord Arthur - would pay Will Darling a visit in his bookstore but he is being "Kimmish" as Phoebe puts it. He only reappears when he realizes Will has found himself - yet again - tangled with the Zodiac radial group. Will isn't impressed, he is rather angry with him but he agrees to help as truth being told, after serving in the war - being a bookstore is quite boring... 

It all started with an invitation for drinks in a club Maisie received which resulted in Maisie getting potential clients who adore her dress and design on his first visit and on the second a full out brawl. In between is when Kim informs Will about the shady business this club is handling - besides music and drinks.. They try to take down the club owners and through it get to "Capricorn" - the leader of Zodiac but the result leaves the two - once again - separated. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Cancer Sweetens Aquarius (Signs of Love #5.5) [Reid & Sullivan] by Anyta Sunday

This is short, TOO DAMN SHORT. Reid and Sullivan are one of my absolute favorite couples in this series. Their book was HILLARIOUS but it was also heartfelt and beautiful. I don't know what took me so long to get to this short novella - or rather scene. But after 2 (!) disappointments today I was more than ready to get a compensation. 

When Joanna (Sullivan's daughter) is unhappy after her boyfriend and his family leave the marina they are stationed on both men would do ANYTHING to make her happy. Which means Reid is all for everything sugary - Sullivan not so much. Which is what makes Reid bust out her Christmas present.