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Monday, June 1, 2020

Better Be Sure (Harrison Campus #1) [Jack & Ed] by Anyta Sunday & Andy Gallo

It's been a while since I've read a book resembling this one. In a way it's a typical New Adult, yet there is something about both characters as well as the setting of a college sorority that almost made these two (and the people around them) feel even younger than they actually were. Yet both MC are dealing with difficult issues - Jack with the loss of his parents and Ed with financial problems which also impact his struggle with coming out as gay. 

Jackson Murphy and Marcus Reynolds are best friends, just like their dads used to be. They are even sharing the same exact room their fathers shared in their own years at Harrison college. Yet the excitement is more bitter than sweet considering the accident that resulted in the death of both Jack's parents. He is still dealing with it, having panic attacks but Marcus' presence helps. 

Jack loves a fun bet, but when he finds himself betting said room as well as his place in the sorority against coming with a date to a dance he starts to doubt his ability considering his bad luck dating guys from college. His hope is renewed, at least for a little bit, when he meets Ed. 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Burn Zone (Hotshots #1) [Linc & Jacob] by Annabeth Albert

I'm not sure if this book had a slow start or it's just me who had one stressed out 2 weeks. But for some reason it took me time to understand Linc's true reasoning for pushing the one guy he is unable to resist, no matter the promises made to a dead man. Yet once I was IN the story I was TOTALLY in. Linc's background story is heart breaking and Jacob with his fun and loving personality seems to be the best cure for Linc's default mode of burying himself in the past. There is quite a bit age difference between them (10 years) but I gotta say it never truly showed in the interaction between them. They were a match made in heaven or rather Annabeth's head yet though there is fire around them with their occupation as Smoke Jumpers this is a true slow burn. 

Lincoln Reid has known Wyatt Hartman all of his life. They have been best friends from when they were little and though Linc coming out as gay pushed their friendship to it's limits, after awhile away, when he returned, things sort of went back to how they were before. Though some (or rather few) people know about Linc's sexual orientation it's not something he talks about and even the Hartman family - one he considers his own - doesn't know. Yet one guy figures it out - Jacob - Wyatt's little brother, who comes out himself as being gay. That's when Wyatt makes it VERY clear to Linc he needs to STAY AWAY and that he does, for 6 years. But when Wyatt dies on the job he shortly takes comfort in Jacob's arms and from there, especially considering Jacob's new post on his (their) Smoke Jumpers crew, makes him totally and utterly irresistible. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Marc Jillson & The Gazebo (Love Inscribed #2) [Marc & Hunter] by Anyta Sunday

I ADORED this book. Marc, Hunter, the issues the book dealt with, everyone who was given a second chance - in romance or generally in life. There was so much optimism and also acceptance. Let's be honest, Marc wasn't always a "good guy", if you've read "Liam Davis & The Raven" you might recall, but even if you didn't, Marc takes ownership on his behavior, only thing is, he isn't sure how to actually express his apology and mostly how to BECOME the person who DESERVED to be forgiven or maybe just accepted. His struggle is even more intense with Hunter but it's also complex with his uncle Ben (whom we've met as Chief Benedict the guy in charge of the "Scribe" newspaper). 

As I don't want to spoiler the previous book I'll just start by saying Marc Jillson was HIGHLY affected by the occurrence of last year leaving him isolated. Most of it was self imposed. He simply couldn't step outside of the basement he lives in with his uncle Ben, spending his time playing online games and eating Cheetos - that's how or rather where he "met" DeMage. They play the game together, or rather DeMage keeps saving him, but they also chat quite a lot about their lives. Yet once DeMage reveals he has figured out who he is, things change. Marc would never have guessed it's actually Travis Hunter who also works at the "Scribe". The same guy he more than just rude to more times than he can count. 

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sure Shot (Brooklyn Bruisers #7) [Mark & Bess] by Sarina Bowen

Honestly, this book was a struggle for me. It's no wonder it took me a week to read it, I simply couldn't connect with Bess, our MC. I didn't LIKE her, I didn't understand her and her way of thinking and near the end I didn't BELIEVE her. Yeah Sarina made everything happen in a perfect kind of way both her and Mark but if Bess was a "real person" and this wasn't a book promised to have a "Happily Ever After" I can guarantee her relationship with Mark would have ended and badly. 

We've met Bess Beringer. She is Dave's little sister. Though Dave was part of the "Brooklyn Bruisers" hokey team he found his own HEA with Zara in "Bountiful" (part of the "True North" series), and now it's time for his sister a sports agent to find her own. Spending time with Dave and Zara she makes a 5-year plan when she realizes her 30th birthday is near and though she has the career she has always wanted and is fairly secured financially she is still missing two key elements and time is running short at least on one of those – having kids. But her nicely laid plans are smacked when she meets the new add to the team Mark "Tank" Tankiewicz. Seeing him a day before her birthday reminds her of the last birthday she celebrated with him 9 years ago. They were both young not thinking things through when Bess was made to realize what a bad decision it was to have a relationship with him. 

For Mark, seeing Bess at a party he doesn't even feel like attending, bring hope for a better night than the previous ones and maybe the next to come. His life couldn't be more complicated. His wife divorcing him might not be a real shock to him, being transferred to his team's worst opponent is. They don't like him, they don't trust him, and they don't know how to work with him making the practices horrendous so he can't imagine the games would be any better. There are rumors as well, but he isn't interested enough to even pay attention to those. They can say whatever it is they want. It's all lies. 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

House Rules by Cari Z.

Though I'm usually a BIG fan of Cari's novels this one missed the mark but that's mostly becuase it was too short and also BDSM mostly doesn't work for me. Are you into spanking? Because if the answer is yes I think you'll really enjoy this one. Thing is, there is a lot in the first part of the novella that REALLY intriged me. The life of Jon and Al seems to follow rules that are made to keep Jon healthy and safe but sadly as this was rather short what we got isn't more about the two of them but what Jon knew he'll get once Al is home - what he deserved.

Proper English by K.J. Charles

I Loved this one! The only thing I could complain about would be me taking this long to read it especially after "Think of England" which has our favorite couple Pat and Fen as an established couple (taking place around 2 years after this one). The romance between the women was sweet and endearing and though it was established quite fast I think these two deserved firstly being SEEN, especially by one another. I truly believe this is something both had a lack of even if they were appreciate in their own way it wasn't what they long for.

Patricia Merton is excited about a retreat in her friend Jimmy Yoxall's house in the country where she can enjoy hunting. It's suppose to be a small circle of friends and family that would allow her to unwind and maybe think about her future while doing something she enjoys but also is VERY good at. Don't laugh Pat has the medals to show for her accomplishment in shooting. But when she arrives together with her older brother Bill they are both a bit disappointed to realize the company is going to be larger than they expect with a few people they would gladly do without..

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Spectred Isle (Green Men #1) [Randolph & Saul] by K.J Charles

Nope. This one just wasn't for me. I have similar feelings about this one as I did The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. I'll just say it.. I was bored. There was NOTHING grabbing me in this book. I don't understand the world building or the WORLD really. 26% in (where I stopped) and I basically don't understand anything about who's what and what is the purpose of anything or anyone. I expect to understand more of what's going on in a dual POV novel but while Saul is mostly confused about his "findings", Randolph who's supposed to be "on top of things" reveal very little in his inner dialogue and the ones he has with his partners / close friends leave me with the same questions I had in Simon Feximal's book. I've read most of K.J's books. I actually have only one left on my list and I ADORED so many of them. I enjoy her writing and her characters and relationship buildup but this one (and the previous one) feels TOTALLY different. I wouldn't have EVER guessed they were written by the same person. I just don't get it..

Friday, April 24, 2020

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by K.J. Charles

In one word - Redundant. I've read most of this book (DNF at 75%) and NOTHING makes sense about it. It's an assortment of "tales" written in retrospect by the journalist Robert Caldwell containing his adventures and relationship progression with Simon Feximal the ghost hunter from their first encounter to a friendship and partnership (professionally and intimately) spanning 20 years. The book contains 9 "stories" with very little connection between them and though it's obvious Simon and Robert's relationship is evolving it was very hard to feel any romantic vibe from neither man especially from Simon whom I'm not ever sure is actually a human. Honestly I hardly consider this one to be a romance novel.

We don't get explanation to right around ANYTHING in this book. We know Simon Feximal is a ghost hunter, we know he has a way of communicating with ghosts and he isn't there to eliminate them but to free them through their story. But besides that we know nothing about his powers / abilities, where they came from, where HE came from. What is his connection to Miss Theodosia Kay besides growing up like siblings (Why and how they came to live in her house). There are SO MANY unanswered questions in this one and that's without the very strange way this book is compiled. I feel like I'm missing half of the chapters with references to things that happened and weren't specifically told.