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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Enemies to Lovers (Enemies to Lovers #1-4) by Anyta Sunday

As I bought this series in this book bundle I thought I'll add my general review (instead of my usual "Series Page"). Though this IS a series the books are very loosely connected. The first was more of a standalone than the others though both Karl and Paul (from the 2nd book) have the smallest appearance there. Also unlike the next one's it was more of a New Adult with the other ones being more mature in age (late 20s).

From the 2nd book there's more connectivity between the characters - Will (the MCs in the 3rd book) being Karl's ex and later on, Rory and Eric being friends of the MCs in the 3rd installment.

Not all the books were a true enemies to lovers but anyhow they worked well together with a lovely slow burn. My favorite were the 2nd and 4th books. These for me are a MUST READ.

The F Words (Enemies to Lovers #4) [Eric & Rory] by Anyta Sunday

I LOVED this book. If you read any of them, it's gotta be this one! Though I still LOVE the second book of Karl and Paul. So actually I'm not sure which one I prefer. You know what? I'm NOT going to choose! Unlike the previous books in this series this was a dual POV which was a MUST considering there is A LOT going on in both these guys' minds. They both needed redemption, each for their own behaviors and speaking up about it wasn't easy so getting their thoughts FIRST was needed.

We've met both Rory and Eric in the previous installment. Though Eric and Will didn't hang out a lot they formed a friendship right from the start, even if Eric is the quiet brooding kind whom is hard to get to know. Rory on the other hand seems to be EASY to figure out with his very "out there" behavior, and especially his dislike of anyone being gay.. He  might have been very close to Heath after his brother William died (as Rory was William's best friend) but once he learned he was dating Will it ended abruptly, well, it's actually a well known pattern for Rory - when things don't work out he runs. That's also how he finds himself (stuck) on the road to Wellington being rescued by no other - Eric Graham - the guy who kissed him right before he told him off screaming and cursing him.

Friday, August 16, 2019

William (Enemies to Lovers #3) [Will & Heath] by Anyta Sunday

It's hard for me to summarize my thoughts about this book. I started really liking it, liking Will and his freakish behavior, trying to like Heath but not successfully getting there. I think that's my problem really. I didn't get Heath. His behavior was a constant "Hot-Cold". When he was cold he was downright mean to Will but when he was hot it was worse. He was SO high-handed I felt I can't connect with him AT ALL and didn't understand what Will saw in him. The story, through the name of the book, holds a dark secret, a truly heart breaking one and though I felt bad for the Wallace family and everything they went through I didn't feel the coupling of Heath and Will was "right".

After his bad break up with Karl (the MC from the second installment), William Sharp needs to sort his life. He decides continuing his studies in the far away New Zealand is his best bet. He got a sweet deal with Vicky Wallace who offered him a place to stay while her son is in College but not long before he arrives Vicky tells him of a change in plans - her son would actually be living with them. Nothing to freak about really.. Right?

Monday, August 12, 2019

Get It (Enemies to Lovers #2.5) [Benny & James] by Anyta Sunday

This short novella has no connection to the previous books as it takes place in a totally different place. I have a feeling it has a similar setting as the next two books in the series. Though I liked the idea behind this one - Best Friends to Lovers, Benny (our sole POV) was TOO clueless for me. I cringed and felt sorry for James most of this read.

Benny Reece is on a mission of finding a real relationship. He has a guy in mind, yeah he might not really be interested in him but he wants to know FOR SURE. Giving it enough chances. He tries asking his best friend James Stewart to be his "wing-man" a couple of times but James seems reluctant to help and he isn't sure why.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

St-St-Stuffed (Enemies to Lovers #2) [Karl & Paul] by Anyta Sunday

At first glance, when I looked at the names of our MCs I didn't get it.. Though the title of the book and series SHOULD have clued me in... Though Paul and Karl have the briefest appearance in Shane and Trey's book their animosity was pronounced enough.. You might recall Paul being Shane's favorite kid in his after school job he and Trey shared. Also seeing Paul struggling with his speech was what made him think of studying speak therapy. He had a hard time seeing Paul being ridiculed by the other kids for his stutter - especially by Karl.. So here we are, years later, when both are nearing 28 meeting again and the situation couldn't be more awkward and also reversed. Kinda perfect :)

Karl Andrews dreams shattered to the ground when his family disowned him leaving him with NOTHING but his grandfathers' inheritance - a sleek Lamborghini. Though he could sell it and be well off, he can't do that. It's the only thing he has of the one family member who actually cared for him. So here he is, homeless, living in said car barely making enough money for food, unsuccessful in finding a job as a chef. Granted he isn't trained as one (as he hoped to be before everything crashed and burned when he lost his parents and his boyfriend Will all together) but cooking is his passion and he is damn good at it! Yet the only jobs he finds - and barely keeps - is serving food. Everything changes when he finds himself serving a salad to a familiar guy with big gray eyes.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers #1) [Shane & Trey] by Anyta Sunday

Though I liked both Shane and Trey, somehow they didn't really grab me. Their story was sweet and a bit emotional as they were both exploring their sexuality for the first time. Getting to know each other as well as accepting who they are - together but also alone - dealing with their families.

The whole story was told from Shane Watson's POV. Finishing high-school he finds himself embarrassingly admitting to his best friend he is gay.  Didn't work out as planned, especially not with the audience of his twin sister June and her intimidating boyfriend Trey Brennan.

When Shane finds out he and Trey are going to be roommates in college he isn't sure what to think. It's convenient for his sister for sure but for him? not so much.. He is secretly attracted to the guy even if he doesn't know what to expect from him. A very strange encounter a few years back makes him hesitant to trust the guy even if his sister seems to think he is a great guy..

Monday, August 5, 2019

Pisces Floors Taurus (Signs of Love #4.5) [Zane & Becky] by Anyta Sunday

This was a sweet add to the story, more on the sexual side (as were the other bonus novellas). This one is available on Amazon for a wee bit.

It was sweet as all Zane and Becky's interactions and gave us another insight into who great they are together. Sweet, considerate and on their way to achieving their HEA.

Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) [Zane & Becky] by Anyta Sunday

OMG, I LOVED this one. It was THE sweetest story! It was a combination of a love at first sight with a slow burn if you can believe it. Both Becky and Zane TOTALLY got it right. There was something magnetic about their first encounter for sure, but their time spent together, their easy friendship and simple gradual attraction (at least for Zane) that made their love story perfect.

Zane Penn wants to stay in the US, where his brother resides with his darling wife with a new baby girl addition. He never found himself in life. He is an artist, loves to draw, but unlike his siblings he was never an academic. Truth be told he didn't even really find himself in his own family besides his big brother - his closest friend. He has traveled the world with an inheritance he got a few years back but now he is ready to settle and he would rather do that closer to his brother than to their home growing up (in New Zealand). Settle down also means finding the love of his life. But time is running short. He has a MONTH until his visa is over and he doesn't even have a real place to stay.. Complicated to say the least.