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Friday, December 9, 2016

Stuck Landing (Bluewater Bay, #11) [Anna & Natalya] by Lauren Gallagher

This is my very first F/F romance novel. I've read once a short scene (not even a novella) but my issues with it (actually like this one..) weren't AT ALL about the fact there are two women involved. This book was just.. well.. boring. Like the previous one, we only get Anna's POV in first person and THIS is what ruined this book for me. It was just a sort of repeat in her mind of the same issues over and over again plus repeating those ideas to her bodyguard - Jeremy and her best friend - Levi. I just couldn't take it anymore. 

Anna has recently broken up with her long time girlfriend Leigh. We were already on how much their relationship didn't work from the previous installment (and a few mentions over the series in general). I can't say that I understand what their issues were about.. They just kept on fighting about everything. This is not something I can make sense of really.. What does it mean? what's underneath it? Leigh didn't have enough time to take all her stuff from the house they used to share and Anna already hooked up with Natalya who JUST that day broke up from her boyfriend. Talking about bad ideas.. 

After their evening together, which was actually nice. I didn't know how I would feel about it, but as it seems my only "complaints" are about the amount of alcohol.. on top of what I wrote in the previous paragraph - going in TOTALLY drunk is also a bad idea (even if she wasn't drunk enough to forget what happened..). 

Then the next day came with all of Anna's insecurities.. Hooking up with someone from work, who technically works for her but more importantly hooking up with a bi woman who might lose interest in her when a "better deal" comes along, after all, being with a man (for a bi) is much better / simple / easy than staying with a woman.. Anna says every bi/lesbian couple she knew broke up because of this issue. I liked both Natalya and Jeremy's reply to this - first off - most relationships don't work.. second - if I dated a tattooed guy who turned to be a douche would I never date a tattooed guy over it? 

I don't think I would mind Anna's insecurity if it wasn't EVERYTHING I had to read in this one. 38% in and I'm bored to tears. NOTHING about Anna sounds appealing. Natalya sounds like a very interesting woman, maybe if we got HER POV or if the story would have been told in third person with actually plot besides Anna's lost thoughts this one would have been different for me. The only plot was going through Anna's job through meetings and it really didn't interest me beyond the "name dropping" of previous couples.. I just couldn't hold my interest. sorry.. 

Lauren Gallagher is a name L.A. Witt uses whenever writing Heterosexual, Bisexual & Lesbian romance.

(DNF 38%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 223 pages, 9 December 2016 / On GoodReads

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