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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hell on Wheels (Bluewater Bay #3) [Nash & Spencer] By Z.A. Maxfield

What a sweet sweet story! I loved everything about it! It was an easy read, wasn't angsty and yet there was enough emotion and the relationship buildup, much like the first one, it was about friendship before it was about love. Nash and Spenser were sweet together, they had so much in common but also they had so much to give one another, teach each other without even realizing the great lesson in life their short friendship brought to both of them.

Nash Holly has responsibilities tattooed on his forehead. He lives with his father and younger sister, in a way taking care of both of them. His father is an inventor, a crazy one it was hilarious all the things he had in mind to invent! But maybe because of that, Nash feels he needs grounding. Besides that his younger sister is handicapped, she mostly manages on her own  but he worries like a parent would. His twin brother is off to college and so Nash is running his father's auto repair garage and taking care of everyone expect for himself. He doesn't see love in the future for himself, he doesn't really see a real future besides doing what he does.. then he meets Spencer.. 

Spencer Kepler-Constantine is playing a werewolf in the "Wolf's Landing" series filming in the small town of Bluewater Bay, yet he isn't here to stay, his part will be over soon and not only because of that he isn't looking for anything when he meets Nash on a cold rainy road outside of town. He has a ring on his finger but he and his husband have been separated for months now. He is heart broken from the whole deal, not to mention just HOW public everything about it is, and he, a private person can't stand that. What Nash offers is really simple and he accepts out of desire. He doesn't expect for their "fling" to become more when they re-meet when Spencer comes to Nash's garage to return his lost wallet. 

The two cheering Nash and Spencer's friendship are Spencer's employees and good friends - his personal assistant and body guard. My god I LOVED THEM! They were great on their own, they were great together, and they were brilliant in every scene. It's obvious how much they love Spencer and wish him the best but their ways.. they were FUN! So with a bit of meddling from their side the friendship blooms, with it the sexual part as well but both know that once the series is done with his part they will continue on with their lives, not to mention Peter (Spencer's ex) keeps interfering with his life even if it's just a phone call that shakes Spencer. 

Yep! RECOMMENDED! It was a great story, loved the friendship and how genuine it was, the whole story was a fun read and yet it had many tender moments not only between the two but with the other members of the Holly family.   

This is the first I'm reading of Z.A. Maxfield, another author I'm glad I've met through this awesome series. I FINALLY had a true weekend meaning I sat today and enjoyed this book from start to finish.
Can't wait to start the next one! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 270 pages, 13 August 2016 / On GoodReads

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