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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

There's Something About Ari (Bluewater Bay #2) [Buck & Ari] By L.B. Gregg

This novella was absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed every minute of it! This is my first (and won't be the last!) from L.B. Gregg, honestly it's been a while since I've read a book by an author I don't know, I just somehow got stuck on reading full book lists of my favorites and so I'm happy I've read this one and got acquainted with someone new to "hunt" ;) This story was solely told from Buck's POV which was perfect. Yeah getting both POVs is always nice but I think the full impact of their relationship and emotions was done beautifully through Buck's eyes and mostly his mind since he is a man of few words (unlike Ari..)

Ari and Buck have been best friends most of their lives, but they both had their reasons to fall a little away from each other near the ending of school years, then when Buck's mother died (his father being long dead), he was stuck taking care of his kid brother and Ari simply disappeared leaving Buck all along in the world (except for his brother..). Buck has been secretly in love with Ari, but he simply couldn't tell Ari, who was dating every girl in school. He didn't want to lose him and yet he couldn't be in his presence without wanting him SO badly. Then when he disappeared Buck was crushed. Yeah Ari had his problems but he was everything to Buck and so when he returns 5 years later as a part of "Wolf's Landing" the new show being filmed in the small and sleepy town of Bluewater Bay, Buck refuses to be wooed. He is angry, he is confused, he is hurt and he simply cannot trust Ari. 

Ari had his reasons for leaving, once you hear them you'll get why them finding their way to each other now is the best deal for a HEA. I loved being in Buck's head, hearing about his life, what he accomplished all by himself, and even though he just works in a coffee shop I had HUGE respect for him especially concerning his brother but also I think he made life "work" for him even though it's obvious he isn't really happy. Or rather he could be happier.. Ari went through a lot in life, while he and Buck were friends but also after. He had his journey to go through before he was ready to return to Buck. But now that he is HERE he will NOT let Buck slip away from him. I loved the way he got Buck, he knew how to "handle" him, his silence, even when he was really rude, Ari knew who he was up against so he just kept on going, he had a target to lure and he did that expertly. 

GORGEOUS short novella. It could totally be read as a stand alone. Two characters from the previous installment are mentioned briefly - Anna and Levi, but there isn't even a reference to their story line so you can just pick this one out and enjoy it. 
Though it was short I was pleased with the way it played and also how it ended. I got what I signed up for!


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 104 pages, 8 August 2016 / On GoodReads

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