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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Deep of the Sound (Bluewater Bay #8) [Cal & Avery] by Amy Lane

This one was totally different from the previous installments, but after reading "Nascha" (the short novella in the 6th installment - "Lights, Camera, Cupid") you kinda expect this one to be a difficult heart clenching read. Actually, "Nascha" also gives this one a sort of hope to how everything can be resolved yet it doesn't truly feel like a spoiler, I guess, a sort of "relief" because the first 20% of the book, everything that happens is basically either bad or getting there. 

Both Cal and Avery's present is more than difficult. We start with Avery. He just realized he had enough of his douchebag manipulative cheating boyfriend, and his self-centered parents are NO help either so instead of leaving for Bluewater Bay for a few days for "Wolf's Landing" convention he decides to take his hybrid car and just move there. He is a journalist so basically he can work from anywhere as long as he has his laptop and wifi connection. But his first week mostly consists of EVERYTHING that can go wrong - actually crushing down. I was so sorry for him! and yet it was amazing how optimistic he was even when he was in his lowest of lows. He just believed he'll find his freedom and happiness, and that he did :) But yeah, it took us a LONG time to actually get there.. Basically the WHOLE book.. 

Avery isn't good looking, he doesn't seem to have a lot to offer, but when Cal finds him stuck on the road leading to Bluewater Bay his smile and optimism shines through. Well, it doesn't help THAT much because Cal has SO MUCH to deal with, a guy isn't one of them. Not in any way.. In "Nascha" we not only read about Nascha - Cal's great-uncle, but also the living situation of this small family. After Cal's parents died 6 years ago, Cal is left supporting his Great-Uncle who is sick with Alzheimer's and his younger brother who has too many diagnosis to count.. Asperger, ADHD, OCD.. So cal is working two jobs - fishing in the mornings, as his father used to do, in their small boat and bussing tables in the restaurant in one of the hotels in the city. Nothing glamorous and barely pays the bills.. 
Everything starts crashing down when he gets hurt one day while fishing, that's the situation we read about in "Nascha" as well.. Cal needs to take a few days off, and while doing that everything that ISN'T Avery gets even more difficult to handle.. 

But meeting Avery changes something for Cal, it makes him dream a little, though they both can't offer each other anything beyond "Until we can't" which is sad beyond words especially when we can see how much Cal and Avery need each other and the time they spend together means so much for them. 

There was something so sweet and tender in how they start their friendship. I loved how they each saw each other. For everyone else, Cal is just average, for Avery he is beautiful. Avery isn't a guy anyone really looks at, but Cal truly sees him for who he is and find his "flaws" endearing. I loved seeing them together, I loved the way they both saw either other's life situation and did their best to make it better even if both could do very little. There was something so HONEST about how they connected, their mutual need. My heart was breaking the WHOLE DAMN BOOK, I kept hoping for life to somehow stop being so horrible for both of them. I had hope and I had a sort of glimpse of a solution from the short novella, but at times it wasn't enough. I was heart broken for them.  

So when I arrived at the finish line I was just so happy with everything. I loved and enjoyed the book while reading it, but it was a sort of a "race" to get to their HEA because everything was SO BAD for them.. The ending was perfect. It was everything it needed to be in my eyes. It gave me a true feeling of closure and a strong belief this is going to work. Forever. Between these two remarkable young men. 

HIGHLY Recommended, but keep tissues handy.. and expect to be crashed more times than content - up until the sweet beautiful end.. Yep, Amy did it again. ~sigh~ I LOVE Amy's books. Can't get enough!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 262 pages, 5-6 December 2016 / On GoodReads

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