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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lone Wolf (Bluewater Bay #4) [Hunter & Kevin] By Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt

I had high hopes for this one..  I added this series initially because I loved the collaboration I've read of L.A. Witt with Aleksandr Voinov. I thought the other books in the series would be a nice bonus so when I started this book and almost from the start couldn't connect with either Hunter or Kevin I didn't know in which unknown parallel universe I'm at.. I know this book will appeal to certain people, but I'm not one of them :( I tried giving this book enough of a chance but at the 25% point I decided to finally let it go. 

This book is a sort of the total wet dream of people who are into FanFic and SURELY for anyone who've wrote any. I have never read FanFic before and don't actually feel like reading any. I do appreciate the whole idea behind it, and I think new authors can start there and grow with a known universe at first, before jumping into writing their own fiction, but generally speaking, it never drew me in. I love many authors, I wish I could meet them but it doesn't seem likely (being across an ocean and a sea..) but I don't think I've ever read a series I was THAT obsessed about to truly participate in group discussions. I do follow some authors' groups but I'm not really active. It's just great getting the updates and such and naturally meeting more people who are into the genres I read. But the authors? Yeah they're great but I don't idolize them. I appreciate them, I respect the hell out of them. But it stays there.. which is why (I think..) this book passed right by me without making an impact 

Hunter Easton is the author of "Wolf's Landing" the book series which is being filmed in Bluewater Bay. This time, instead of focusing on the actors it's all about the books, or rather the 8th book which Hunter have NO idea how to finish.. Though he's not supposed to read FanFic he only reads the one by "Lone Wolf" and after getting his full novel he is literally floored. His book is PERFECT. Yet the problem is - "Lone Wolf" doesn't know he just shared his book with the real author of the series.. 

Kevin Hussain is a HUGE admirer of the "Wolf's Landing" series, he shares his book with his friend "Wolf Hunter" without realizing he's sending it to his idol and when they finally meet to talk about the book (Hunter's idea) Kevin doesn't know how to deal with being in front of a man he idolized for years. He is more than starstruck. It would have been adorable, it was in the beginning but as the book progressed it was a bit too much getting the thoughts of a twenty something guy how thinks like a teenager when it comes to interactions with Hunter. He can barely form words, he gets clumsy etc. 

Both of their behavior to one another and mostly their inner dialogue put me off. Kevin's HUGE crush on Hunter felt quite childish. Hunter was no better, blushing like a little girl in every situation between the two. I expected more from him, certainly when you consider he was a soldier for years. I would expect him to be more "hardened". When finally they act upon their mutual attraction (who was mentioned ALL THE TIME, mostly with reference to erotic FanFic they shared) Kevin changed from the shy idolizing young men to an alpha wolf. What was that all about? It put me off so much THIS was the scene that made me put this book aside. It felt totally out of character to the person we got to know for the first quarter part of the book. I would have rather had a more "tame" relationship between the two than "power play" (mostly considering they were "blushing girls" up until two paragraphs before..).

Another issue I had was them talking about the books, about the characters, about ideas they had for the series' progress as well as things that Hunter had to put aside to make it more mainstream.. ALL of it felt totally redundant. I mean, I haven't read this imaginary series so it felt, well, foreign. It was what connected Hunter to Kevin but it didn't mean anything to me or interest me in any way.  

So sadly this wasn't for me. If you're into FanFic or the concept of this book appeals to you I say give it a try. I really enjoyed the previous ones in the series and I did enjoy everything I've read by these two authors together. 
This book has interest points in the age difference between Hunter and Kevin, as well as their different background and upbringing, and though you would expect the creator of the series to be the alpha wolf, he actually isn't. It was a nice idea I just didn't see that working for me with Kevin. 

I will be continuing on with the series. 

(DNF 25%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 308 pages, 15 August 2016 / On GoodReads

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