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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Starstruck (Bluewater Bay #1) [Levi & Carter] by L.A. Witt

This was a nice start to the series. It felt honest and sweet from both Levi and Carter's POV. It took me a while to get through this one even though it's not long, when I think about it, it's me having hard time concentrating and so reading less, but also though I really did enjoy Levi and Carter, the story was somehow missing. I'm not sure what really, because I really enjoyed the writing and the way Levi and Carter started and the way the relationship progressed. 

Levi Pritchard is living in the small town of Bluewater Bay because he is sick and tired of Hollywood. He started doing the thing he loved but after getting a part as an action figure, in a series of movies in which he didn't really have to ACT, he realizes he had enough. Not to mention being in the closet while being in the spot-light doesn't help. Not when he is trying VERY hard to connect with his parents, the ones who can't possibly accept their son being gay. Not now and let's face it - not never. But still he hopes. Hopes he will one day please his parents, hopes the work he does as a director in the local theater would be enough of what he wants, hoping living in the small town would give him the peace of mind he needs. Yet none of it is enough. Something IS missing. Acting, love, being accepted for who he really is.. 

Carter Samuels is a new star on the rise, his leading part in the new series "Wolf's Landing" is awesome so he doesn't expect it to be even more so when Levi Pritchard is rumored to join the show. Levi had a HUGE impact on Carter's life even though it was done without Levi's knowledge and so for Carter meeting Levi is literally a dream coming true. He can't help himself and he looks for him in the small theater he directs and from there a sweet friendship blooms. At first Carter isn't sure if Levi is gay or not but they both enjoy each other's company so much there is nothing to re-think really. But even before something can happen between the two the production puts a stop to it.. 

Since Anna the director of the show is openly gay, Carter is openly gay, and the books the show is based on have a sort of homosexual vibe (though nothing actually happens to confirm those vibes), they production doesn't want the show to be considered as one for the LGBT community and so even though it was never confirmed Levi is or isn't gay (Hollywood.. Rumors.. yeah..) the one rule Levi has to agree to when he signs for the part of his life, the one enabling him to actually PLAY a complicated meaningful character, is NOT act openly as being gay. Levi doesn't really have a problem with this request because he has been closeted gay for most of his life. He had a few relationships mostly with Dylan which ended BADLY with Dylan outing him out (though he always denied it), but it always comes down to him unable to do the deed, especially now when his relationship with his parents is somehow getting better.. 

But meeting Carter changes everything while changes nothing. Levi is SCARED of coming out, for the reasons mentioned above and so even though he wants Carter like he never wanted anyone it can't work between them so they must stay friends and nothing more. Especially since Carter doesn't do one-nights and he is NOT willing to be anyone's dirty little secret. Yet as they spend more time with each other, and when they are finally together in front of the camera it's impossible to keep just being friends. Something, someONE has to give. 

I enjoyed both characters, liked how tender the relationship between them was, they had so much in common and so it wasn't a surprise they became best friends, and so it's no wonder Levi couldn't hold himself back. Both Levi and Carter didn't want to give each other up, not with the beautiful friendship they built but the attraction can't be denied forever. 

off to the next one.. :) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 254 pages, 1-6 August 2016 / On GoodReads

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