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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Another Day With Jory (A Matter of Time #8.6) by Mary Calmes

Reading Jory's POV is also missing him, the way he always gets into trouble and how resigned yet loving Sam is about all of it. It was fun seeing the other side characters from the series - Aaron and Duncan and a little bit of Dane and Aja. Yet sadly this was reminding me of the previous short free-read because though the story was focused on Jory getting into trouble per-usual it was MAINLY, something like 90%, about the kids, the interaction with them, how they are, what they do. It's like mothers meeting at the mall. I'm NOT interested in those. I'm here about the romance which was sweet and endearing but was also shadowed by Jory and Sam's everyday's life which is now family focused or rather - kids focused. 

If you haven't read this series you are seriously missing out! Go grab the first one today! I LOVED this series. These free reads at the end are just sweet snippets of what Sam and Jory's life turned out to be - domesticated mostly. But the beginning, the middle and the end, the building of Sam and Jory was a JOY to read. Seriously HIGHLY recommended. 

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