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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Fenestra Penetration by Amy Lane

This one was extremely short but it was also cute, heart warming and HOT. This very short novella was originally part of the "Foolish Encounters" Anthology but now that it's not available anymore Amy published it for free on her website. 

Steve is a delivery guy. I really enjoyed his POV and the way he described his job and the things he enjoyed the most. I think I would be the same, wondering about the people I'm delivering stuff to, and enjoying their enjoyment of receiving their goods. I myself order online constantly so I totally get the pure joy of a package arriving. 

Steve delivers a package from a sex store to Gordie's door. In his line of work you already know the (discrete) names these websites use.. Seeing Gordie makes him wish for more than a toy can give him (or Gordie) - a warm person by his side. It was tenderly said by both of them which only made this story even more sweet and endearing. 

Gordie orders another package just so he could see Steve again and when he comes to deliver the package they both make a leap of faith and go for one another. It was steamy and fun but also tender. I could see these two trying to building more after their sexy encounter. 

There is a slight mention of Gordie's ex - Scott who is a MC in Ryan and Scott's novellas. There is no real connection beside a light mention but still it was nice feeling familiarity. 

If you have a little free time on your hand give it a try, it's fun, slightly kinky and mostly genuine and sweet. 

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