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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bulletproof (A Matter of Time #5) by Mary Calmes

The first chapter of this book kinda surprised me, I got to see a Jory I've never met before and I was puzzled, wasn't sure I was liking what I seeing, but I think maybe THAT's exactly what was wrong, Jory was wrong, three years after the previous installment and also after closing his business due to economic recession, working for someone OTHER than his brother Dane, doing something he doesn't care for made him into someone HE isn't enjoyed being and not only that, Sam is away for the past 4 months on an undercover job. So while Sam and Jory are together as a married couple, same as they were at the end of the previous installment, they are still going strong yet struggling with life together mostly "job related". 

Jory misses Sam so much, and so he does what Dane says he shouldn't and it's meeting new people while not realizing he is sending the wrong signals to them. One of them is a Cristo Liron, the brother of a guy he rescued (one of those Jory moments where he saw someone needing of help and just went for it no questions asked..), too bad Cristo is a gangster and not only that he is also the guy Sam (!) is after.. so when Sam and Jory meet when he is undercover it's difficult for the both of them, seeing each other as well as Sam being afraid for Jory messing with such a dangerous guy. In the beginning Cristo was kinda nice to Jory and I thought maybe he was "misunderstood" but it didn't take long to realize he is the "real deal" and should not be messed with.. Jory also meets Hayes Fisher through his current job, he doesn't get that he is into him though he suspects he is gay, maybe because the guy can barely accept being gay himself but he is exactly the catalyst to make Jory see he is doing it all wrong, he misses Sam and so he is trying to have new friends, ones that don't know him and so don't ask him the "sad"/"hard" questions about how he is, how he is dealing etc. I totally got him the poor thing.. 

Jory and Cristo become friends, sort of, but as Cristo realizes Jory might be lying to him and also that he might be somehow connect to one of the guys he is working with (Sam in disguise) the regular "mess" starts to really hit the fan.. Sam is hurt and Jory is made to leave to Hawaii so Cristo won't get a hold on him. While in Hawaii he naturally makes a whole lot of friends but he also meets his ex Aaron Sutter and his new boyfriend (spitting image of Jory..) and Hayes Fisher both on vocation with some of their mutual friends. They hang out together but they mostly show Jory how much he misses his Sam and how much what they are offering would NEVER appeal to him. I felt kinda bad for both of them, being SO rich fucked with their heads, they are not sure what they want and how to deal with other people who DON'T have as much money as they do. Honestly I would put the two of them together - Hayes and Aaron that is, though I'm not sure beside the money and social circles they even have something in common... worth the try I guess :)

Hawaii did something good for Jory, it gave him the time to consider and re-consider his work situation and find a way to make himself happy again doing the things he love. Sam was already missing Jory too much so he also knew that this mission is his last in the police force (he is already half way through getting to be a US Marshal), being away from Jory it just NOT right by him and so when they reconnect in Hawaii when the case is closed the amount of sex and relaxation felt exactly what the two of them needed after being apart for so long (not to mention most of the book). I wasn't ready for a little bit more of gun point, chases and hospitals Jory and Sam always find themselves into. But though it was intense the way everything was wrapped up in the end, Jory and Sam expecting a life together no matter life consequences was everything I could have wished for. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as all the other books in the series are. It might have started strange but once I got sucked into the story I couldn't put it down! well, up until I crashed to sleep, dreaming of Sam and Jory, woke up in the morning, finished reading the book and THEN got out of bed. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 260 pages, 11-12 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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