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Friday, May 13, 2016

But for You (A Matter of Time #6) by Mary Calmes

Though I enjoyed this one, it's not one of my favorites. My problem was, not unexpectedly - there were too many kids / scenes with kids and basically they took too much page space, even though I DID find myself laughing out loud in a few scenes with them, it wasn't really the kids as it was Jory being himself. 

There's no doubt both Sam and Jory grew up in the last couple of books, they are now not only a couple but a family of 4 having adopted two kids in the past three years since the last installment. 

It was sweet seeing Jory as the "mother hen", working mostly from home and doing his best to be the best parent he can to his two kids - 6 years old Kola and 4 years old Hannah. Sam is even more driven in being the family's protector than he was when it was only he and Jory in the picture which doesn't always get a positive reaction from Jory, but all in all they are finally one (not that) big happy family, having around them the people they care most about. Jory has a bigger family now, it's not just him and Dane, it's also Dane's wife and two kids and he also got a sort of father and mother figures through Sam's parents as well as many more relatives through Sam's siblings, spouses and kids. It's even more pronounced in this book as all of Sam's family travel to Phoenix for an extended family reunion.  

It's not possible for Jory and Sam to stay safe in a book is it? But unlike previous books it's actually solely  "Sam's fault" when he decides to look for a witness who disappeared in Pheonix while they are there.. things don't go as planed not to mention there's a "ghost from the past" who comes to visit - Sam's ex, one that Sam kept from Jory.. I totally got Sam's reasoning and I'm glad what made Jory anxious was not the fact there's an ex (= pure jealousy) but the fact Sam lied about it in the first place and then kept it a secret until he was confronted. 

Jory's decisions in this book shows how much he has changed from the guy who jumps into danger or doesn't even acknowledge danger to someone who puts his family first, mostly the kids' safety. I think even Sam is surprised with how level headed Jory CAN be in life/death situations. But not only that, the way he shows responsibility when his kid got hurt also shows that unlike Sam he was  more concerned of safety than "getting even".

Though it wasn't my favorite installment and though there was no real "need" for this book, thinking of the "regular" way romance novels finish telling a couple's tale - I think it DID give us a point of view I was glad to have seen - a mature Jory, working in the job he enjoys, maneuvering beautifully all the parts of his life - working, being there for the kids, having a healthy relationship with his partner and not forgetting his close family and friends. He might be juggling quite a lot but it's obvious he's happy and content in his life. 

I don't know what more Mary has for Jory and Sam but since I'm already addicted to Jory's POV I don't care that much :) also, truth be told there is so very little left to this series! I'm SO going to miss Jory wherever my readings take me. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 242 pages, 12 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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