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Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #3) by Mary Calmes

One gulp read! Though I started quite late yesterday I ended up reading till after 3 a.m. - note to self - DON'T start reading the next one in an "unappropriated" hour... ;) So, yep, another great installment. We start right were we stopped and quite quickly the plot moves three years later to where Jory is in life - a MUCH better on many levels but naturally not romantically. 

As I've just mentioned, the book starts with Jory kidnapped by Dominic (Sam's partner). Jory survives and yet he went through quite the ordeal and the fact Sam didn't stick by his side during his recovery tore a hole through his heart, and yet when the story moves forward three years, we see a slightly maturer Jory - He opened his own company with Dylan (his partner), moved to a better apartment even was in a serious relationship up until recently. Yep, doing quite well. 

When Sam appears Jory clearly doesn't want anything to do with him, though I gotta say, Sam DID have his reasons for leaving, in his head I'm sure they made sense even if the people around him saw him as just a coward, I'm not sure what to think actually, he did the best he could in his mind and while he put Jory through hell it's not like he was living in heaven.. One thing is pretty obvious, Sam will NOT take no for an answer, he wants Jory back, this time forever and so he gets as pushy as only he knows how until Jory succumbs to what he truly wants in his heart as well - to be back with the love of his life. 

Jory is confused, on the one hand he showed himself he is able to move on considering what he had with Aaron. They were together for a year and a half and it only ended when Aaron wanted the relationship to move further and Jory wasn't ready yet. But thinking about the relationship when Sam is offering himself back to him only makes Jory realize just how WRONG Aaron is for him and how unsatisfying compared to what he had with Sam even if they were only a short while together. So while he wants Sam he is still unable to trust him. Lucky for them, Sam's impossible stubbornness was able to break through Jory's resolve so they could have their third (?) chance at romance.   

Though I'm VERY understanding when it comes to Sam, I gotta say he felt TOO pushy. I mean, I get that he didn't want to give up on Jory and since Jory kept pushing him away he had very little to do but push back, and yeah I realize what Jory loves about him is the way he uses his strength to make Jory do his will, I"m not a fan of the idea and since this time around Jory didn't seem he's into it - it didn't feel right. I'm not THAT annoyed with it, I guess it's Sam being "true to character" and also it was what brought them back together so I'll forgive Sam with this one as well..

I have two last complaints! First WHERE THE HELL WAS DANE?! He's on his honeymoon in case you're wondering, but it also means that except for ONE scene he is absent from the story. I was SO waiting to get MORE of him and what becomes of his and Jory's relationship now that they are brothers, so getting practically NOTHING was heart wrenching! Second, near the end there's a scene in which Jory meets Sam's family when they are truly back together and though it was great because it came full circle it was a bit too cheesy for me. I think it was meant as the happy ending that it was, and yet considering how the previous ones ended it felt a bit too much. 

Before I close my review I gotta say that though I had my compaints in this one (unlike the previous ones) this was still a great installment! Really enjoyed it and only reduce half a star in total. The story ends (at last!) with a clear HFN so I really don't know what the next ones are going to be like. I enjoyed all installment up until now, I love Jory, Dane and Sam and getting more of them is a sweet promise. 


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 157 pages, 4 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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