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Monday, May 9, 2016

A Matter of Time (A Matter of Time #4) by Mary Calmes

Another great installment! I think it's my favorite up until now and not only because we FINALLY have Jory and Sam as a real couple and they stay that way the whole book (with a sort of HEA).

Though I read most of this book in one sitting, life truly got in my way and so it took me a few days to rap things up. I gotta say I really enjoyed getting a WHOLE novel. The previous ones were shorter and since they all ended with barely a HFN they felt more partial to a real full length novel. They also ended quite abruptly and resumed right were they ended.. so I actually see the three prior installments as a sort of a "full story" in which Jory and Sam get together. 

This one has a different mystery, one that was mentioned in the previous installment and was never actually "solved", someone, very similar in appearance to Jory, was murdered in an apartment Jory used to live in. It could have been done by the mob that were after Jory but there was no mention of it anywhere.. 

So, yeah, someone is after Jory AGAIN, but this time, our villain is SERIOUS, and so not only Jory gets abducted (yep, AGAIN), when the villain realizes as long as Sam is in the picture getting to Jory is nearly impossible - Sam is also being targeted and is hurt quite badly.

This is the point were Jory realizes that what Sam did, three years ago, leaving him in the hospital to go after the ones who tried to hurt his lover, what exactly what HE has in mind, so even though both the police and FBI are after the ones who abducted him and nearly killed Sam, Jory is on top of it all, and I gotta say - I LOVED getting to see him this way! It's not just how smart he is, and how intuitive his thinking is, it's how damn funny he is! Like after getting cuffed he runs away and enters a sex shop and asks if they can help him out since his lover lost the key.. the shop workers comment on how REAL the cuffs are but they still help him out, I laughed SO hard at that, also there is another instance he finds himself confined and he is damn brilliant in the way he gets himself out. It's just that he doesn't seem afraid of ANYTHING and so he says and does what he thinks will help him out even if it's dangerous. 

Sam, Dane and the police force, all try to stop him, but even when he promises he will return home and stop his sleuthing he takes a shower and a few cloths from home and sneaks out of the back door.. But unlike Sam, Jory keeps both Sam and Dane updated, not exactly where he is or what he is doing but at least that he is basically okay and when he finds out something of importance they call the police and so the investigation is always on with his HUGE help. Though both Sam and Dane had a hard time with Jory's reckless behavior I think Sam understands, even if he is REALLY not happy about Jory being in such a huge risk.

Concerning our villain, I had my guesses but there weren't as deranged as everything turned out to be in the end.. It made sense in a very sick way... 


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 253 pages, 5-8 May 2016 / On GoodReads

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