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Pisces Hooks Taurus (Signs of Love #4) [Zane & Becky] by Anyta Sunday

OMG, I LOVED this one. It was THE sweetest story! It was a combination of a love at first sight with a slow burn if you can believe it. Both Becky and Zane TOTALLY got it right. There was something magnetic about their first encounter for sure, but their time spent together, their easy friendship and simple gradual attraction (at least for Zane) that made their love story perfect.

Zane Penn wants to stay in the US, where his brother resides with his darling wife with a new baby girl addition. He never found himself in life. He is an artist, loves to draw, but unlike his siblings he was never an academic. Truth be told he didn't even really find himself in his own family besides his big brother - his closest friend. He has traveled the world with an inheritance he got a few years back but now he is ready to settle and he would rather do that closer to his brother than to their home growing up (in New Zealand). Settle down also means finding the love of his life. But time is running short. He has a MONTH until his visa is over and he doesn't even have a real place to stay.. Complicated to say the least.

Lucky for him his sister-in-law offers he stays with her good friend "Professor Becky". Having no other choice he decides to charm the older woman but when he realized Becky might be a professor but HE is actually not that much older than him.. well.. that changes mmm nothing! From their first few texts to their easy banter when they meet, it's obvious they are drawn to one another and thus they come to live together.

Though we only get Zane's POV, Becky - Beckett Fisher - is a rather open book to us, even if Zane doesn't always interpret him correctly, or even understands himself! He decides right from the start they should have a "Bromance" together. Becky isn't sure about THAT because his attraction to the beautiful, sweet and kind Zane makes it hard to just want to be friends but Zane considers himself straight so it's obvious he won't make any move.

Most of the story, more than two thirds, they are building a friendship. A real one. Though it's obvious Becky might wish in his heart for more, the confused one is Zane who doesn't know or realize his strange feelings for Becky shows he isn't totally straight.. he even jokes about it and yet until almost the very end he stays a bit oblivious. It was truly endearing because he was making so many romantic and sweet gestures, the only thing "missing" was the physical part. But he needed his time and Becky being so insecure about the whole thing needed his time as well. It's been a while even since his ex dumped him but he is still hurting. He isn't ready to give his heart away, especially not to someone younger than him, who doesn't consider himself to be gay and would soon be leaving the US..

I loved the whole thing. Zane seems so carefree but he carries in his heart so much hurt and insecurity. He opens his big heart to Becky offers him EVERYTHING and it's clear how much Becky is affected and how much he wants to help Zane see his worth yet he is also conflicted the whole time - get closer to Zane or try and keep his distance? and how can he possibly do that when Zane keeps being RIGHT THERE besides him, being a partner, a friend - so easily and naturally.

In the end they both need to make a decision. Time is running short. Their friends try and help, but mostly it's up to them. The turf of friends to lovers is a favorite of mine for sure and while Zane and Becky started their friendship recently they manage to truly become good friends. Ones who care about each other and help each other grow. They see one another, they do their best to help, not criticize and ACCEPT the other person. It was BEAUTIFUL to read.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Each one in this series can be read as a stand alone. Though there is the tiniest appearance of the MCs from the first book (Darla - Becky's neighbor - being Theo's grandmother) it really doesn't affect either book - BOTH are great (standalone) reads!

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4-5 August 2019

Signs of Love is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. If you are a Horoscope fan you're going to LOVE this one, and even if you aren't (like me ;)) this is GREAT fun. Each novel focuses on it's own characters (Stand alone) with every one of them also getting a bonus novella. The stories are mostly connected through Crystal Wallace (Theo and Leone's mother) who is the Horoscope Queen! She meddles, but it's not truly her, it's the horoscope and what it has in store for each couple (she takes it from her mother - Darla - who also makes an appearance and meddles in her own way). But even when both women are absent we still get both a bit of astrology as well as minor connection between the other characters.

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