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Cancer Ships Aquarius (Signs of Love #5) [Reid & Sullivan] by Anyta Sunday

This book was such a treat! I haven't read ANYTHING this month, I was busy with life in general, and somehow when the day ended I found myself falling asleep with my kindle forgotten. When Friday came and with it Valentine's Day I decided this is going to be my very own chocolate box I'll be gifting myself.

I was hooked to this book right from the start. The whole story is told from Reid Glover's POV and while I would have LOVED to be inside Sullivan's head I understood why it was better this way plot-wise. Reid is in a very tight spot. His two best friends are going to travel the world together, first meaning he's all on his own now, and secondly and not less important - he has no place to stay.. His only chance is a job as a manny he was offered through a relative (If you've been reading this series you actually know him - Callaghan Glover from "Scorpio Hates Virgo"). With a very colorful CV and shaking legs he boards the Bell's yacht "Aquarian" hoping for the best but certainly expecting the worst and when a 13 years old Joanna greets him with a very unconventional job description he finds he is somehow unable to say no to the offer, even after he realizes he has made a bit of a fool out of himself earlier this morning in front of his real boss - Joanna's father - Sullivan Bell.

The Bell family consists of Joanna and Sullivan and while Sullivan loves his daughter dearly after he lost the love of his life - Riley - he has changed, became closed off, not being able to enjoy life like he had before and also unable to set a real anchor - every year docking in a new city. Joanna have HAD IT with his behavior she wants him to MOVE ON, and the only way she can think of, is bringing a "manny" into their lives, someone to befriend her father and take him out a bit, make him LIVE and by that heal their little family of two. All the while on the guise of helping HER out, taking care of her, showing her the city and helping a bit on the yacht.

This is all VERY complicated without mentioning the fact Reid might have written he knows how to cook but he mostly meant mixing milk powder with water for the two babies he used to care for.. No REAL meals and certainly not VEGAN, also he's HIGHLY afraid of open waters and while the yacht doesn't often move from the docks it does rock a bit in the water which is scary enough, almost as scary as Sullivan is with his grumpy demeanor and reluctant to have any interaction with Reid.

The interaction between Reid and Bells was HILARIOUS or maybe it was just Reid being a riot! There were times I laughed out loud re-reading a paragraph and being unable to continue until I settle myself. Like when Reid buys a shirt from a thrift shop resembling the couches hoping it will make him invisible to Sullivan. But no matter what he does Sullivan keeps his distance, until Reid offers his real sympathy for Sullivan's loss of his wife. That's when Sullivan starts to soften toward him and actually become his friend. Trouble with that - it makes Sullivan even more irresistible to Reid and he finds himself falling for him knowing nothing good is going to happen from that considering Sullivan's borderline homophobic remarks.

Yet things are not what they seems. Both Reid and Sullivan's past hoover above their heads making it hard for both of them to even ask for what their heart longs for. Both of their life stories were heart breaking but it also made them perfect for one another. My heart broke for both of them. I had HUGE respect for Reid though, he might be the guy who keeps being "left behind" but when he sets his heart unto something he is willing to work and fight for what he believes in, even if it means facing his biggest fears.

A WONDERFUL novel. I've enjoyed this series through and through but I think this one is a true favorite!

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

This book is out TODAY - 17 February 2020 - Grab it through the link below (also available on KU).

Read on:
14-15 February 2020

Signs of Love is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. If you are a Horoscope fan you're going to LOVE this one, and even if you aren't (like me ;)) this is GREAT fun. Each novel focuses on it's own characters (Stand alone) with every one of them also getting a bonus novella. The stories are mostly connected through Crystal Wallace (Theo and Leone's mother) who is the Horoscope Queen! She meddles, but it's not truly her, it's the horoscope and what it has in store for each couple (she takes it from her mother - Darla - who also makes an appearance and meddles in her own way). But even when both women are absent we still get both a bit of astrology as well as minor connection between the other characters.

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