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Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love #1) [Theo & Jamie] by Anyta Sunday

This book was simply AWESOME! I really enjoyed it. Lately I've been SO into slow burn romance, and I gotta say at times, it's even better when it's the GFY turf. Though I'm not into the whole Horoscope thing it was mostly cute the way it entwined with the plot. It didn't feel forced, just a way of incorporating a bit of "magic" (or rather "magic signs") without actually being "fantastical".

Theo and Leone Wallace are twins, living together in an apartment going through College. They have two things on their mind at the moment, first is finding a roommate for the third bedroom in the house and the second is finding a date for their exs' wedding and I mean it in the plural.. Somehow Leone's boyfriend and Theo's girlfriend managed to fall in love with each other and out of love with Theo and Leone.. they both didn't take it lightly but they are determined to put what happened to the both of them behind - finding a date for each other seems like a great mission to put their minds into.

Theo is really excited when everything seems to fall into place - like destiny all the signs are aligned! or like the Horoscope their mother sent them (as per yoozh..) foretold - His last semester's tutor is not only looking for a place to rent he also seems like a genuinely good guy who doesn't give Leone the "special treatment" for being blind. That's without mentioning he can help Theo out in the new course in Economy he feels like his is going to fail without real help..

While Theo is our sole POV, I truly didn't need to hear Jaime Cooper's voice to read him like an open book (what Theo failed at EVERY turn..). Though Theo was more than annoying when he was his tutor, he was somehow a bit charmed by him. Living together, spending time together the banter was HILARIOUS. But sadly I don't think adding any examples here will do them justice you'd just have to read it for yourself and crack up with how silly these guys could get. Just thinking about some of these cracks me up!

It's obvious from everything that is going on that the Leos (Theo and Leone) are getting along GREAT with the Aries (Jamie) just like the Horoscope says about these two signs, but though it's obvious they are becoming best friends and come to care about each other deeply, Theo somehow always figured Jamie was falling for his sister (and not himself..). Jamie put all the clues out there, he truly did! Yet Theo didn't see it AT ALL. He was also oblivious to the meaning of his OWN feelings towards Jamie. There was something a bit jealous and possessive about his behavior - not in a bad way.. he was mostly being cute with how he was intimidated by Jamie's childhood friend Sean.

There was something truly endearing with how out of it Theo truly was but it still felt genuine to me. I think for someone who was never attracted to a guy before it's not something he would consider and yet they shared something special between them (beyond the competitive banter). Everything Jamie did was so touching, he wore his heart on his sleeve. Theo was in awe of him so many times (as was I..). He came to depend on him and trust in him in a way he never felt towards anyone before. It's no wonder once the truth was on the table he wasn't hesitant about experimenting..

I could say more, about Theo and Leone together and how touching their relationship was, and also their somewhat crazy mother. I enjoyed their friends and how their interacted together. I loved how slow yet always progressing was the connection between all of them but naturally mostly Theo and Jamie. Everything needed to be in the right place and time. They both needed to trust in the universe and mostly in themselves to believe they could be more than friends, and yeah, even more than friends with benefits. They share everything a couple needs to live their Happily Ever After.

Another WONDERFUL read by Anyta. I actually read this one in a SINGLE GULP, don't want to admit how late it was when I finally put this book down. Really can't wait to get into the next books in the series. 

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16 June 2019

Signs of Love is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. If you are a Horoscope fan you're going to LOVE this one, and even if you aren't (like me ;)) this is GREAT fun. Each novel focuses on it's own characters (Stand alone) with every one of them also getting a bonus novella. The stories are mostly connected through Crystal Wallace (Theo and Leone's mother) who is the Horoscope Queen! She meddles, but it's not truly her, it's the horoscope and what it has in store for each couple (she takes it from her mother - Darla - who also makes an appearance and meddles in her own way). But even when both women are absent we still get both a bit of astrology as well as minor connection between the other characters.

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