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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winterblaze (Darkest London #3) [Poppy Ellis Lane & Winston Lane] by Kristen Callihan

Another GREAT installment in the Darkest London series. I have no problem admitting that the first thing that drew me to this book, and surly to this series was the cover of this one! Yet after actually reading it (and the two and a half previous installment) I'm utterly HOOKED. Though Historical Romance isn't exactly my "style" I can't wait to continue exploring London and it's unnatural and not so unnatural inhabitants. 
We met both Poppy and Winston Lane in the previous installments yet we didn't really KNOW them. Poppy isn't exactly what she seems.. firstly like her sister she too has a special power and there is much more she kept from her dear sisters but mostly from her husband. After he is attached near the ending of the previous book all the truths are revealed and Poppy and Winston relationship is shattered. If there is something that Winston can't handle is being lied to, especially by his wife, the one who shared his bed the past 14 years. 

Though they both love each other dearly the truths that have been revealed not only showed Winston what he didn't know about his wife, it also put his place as the "dominant male" at stake and you should be reminded that we are at 1883, not 2014.. a woman having more power - mentally, physically - is not something that a man can truly handle with ease even if Winston knew from the very start that Poppy isn't really a "regular woman". She always had a more dominant side in a way, but knowing her status within the supernatural world and all the things she does, handles, puts him in a place of being protected by a woman and not the other way around. I loved how this book handled the matter, from the start till end it was a struggles between a man and a woman deeply in love with each other yet have too much ego to step aside and let the other lead.

I don't think I've ever read a book that dealt with a formed couple in which the main couple basically have to work their problems. It was different in a beautiful way since they KNOW each other SO well, yet there are things they didn't know that needs to be attended. Things that matter enough to make them separate but not enough for them to put the other aside.

The main theme in this one is haunting down a demon that Poppy dealt with in the past and is now trying to take her heart - Winston - from her as an act of revenge. There is MUCH more to the story than this and there are A LOT of truths that are being revealed throughout the novel that are pretty shocking! be prepared!

The characters in the previous novels have a short appearance though I'd love to read even more of Daisy, Ian, Miranda and Archer. We got to know Jack Talent and Mary Chase a bit more as they both travel with Poppy and Winston to try and unravel a way to remove the demon's treat from them. I really can't wait to read of the two of them! But first there is a short novella that I think I can guess who it is about (there's a hint to that in this one toward the end). 

AMAZING installment! This series just keeps getting better and better! The men are manly and yummy yet the women are powerful and compelling not only with their special power but with their will and independence. 

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (But be sure to start with the first on - Firelight)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 400 pages, 2-4 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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