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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ember (Darkest London 0.5) [Miranda Ellis & Benjamin Archer] by Kristen Callihan

Saturday morning, waking up lazily and reading before I get out of bed. Usually it's so lazy I fall back to sleep after a while then wake up fully and leave the comfort of my bed. Today I just kept turning and turning the pages (more pressing the Kindle screen though..) even though I know how this one will end since it's the prequel to Firelight I just finished. It CAN'T have a really happy ending as I know the state of both characters in the beginning of Firelight. They both want a happy ending, or rather a sort of adventure yet they are still each in his / her own mind and basically alone even while having people around them.

We meet Miranda and Archer as they were before their lives truly crossed. We hear each of their POVs and learn what happened to them in the 3 years after they met in a cold dark ally where Archer defended Miranda without even knowing who she is (realizing only later on how much her father owns him) and without HER ever founding out who her mysterious savior was.  

While Miranda's father lost all his fortune when his ship sank, Archer lost a lot more, since what was on that ship was his salvation. After the chance meeting with Miranda he is determined to find the cure to what plagues him and claim her as his wife. The three years he spends in wandering around the world looking for an out of reach cure. Miranda on the other hand, is on her own even while having her father and her childhood friend turned lover. She is forced to steal for a living, a fact she hides from everyone except for her father who demanded she do it on account of her fault in accidentally torching their fortune when she was only a child. Yes, Miranda has demons in her past but she is determined to keep them hidden from her soon to become husband and with him have a better life. Only plans don't go as expected with the cards life deals her and what she HAS to do to survive. 

This was a really sad yet sweet novella. I really enjoyed it even though it has SUCH a sad note to it. It helps better understand Miranda and Archer past and what brought them to the state they were in. 

Highly recommend! Yet start with reading the previous book - Firelight - a Paranormal Historical Romance enacting the Beauty and The Beast.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 88 pages, 29 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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