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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shadowdance (Darkest London #4) [Mary Chase & Jack Talent] by Kristen Callihan

Another amazing installment in the Darkest London series! Absolutely LOVED this one, adored Mary Chase was totally in love with Jack Talent. Both of them are much more than they seem, well, mostly Jack - there is SO MUCH we don't know about him, maybe guessed, maybe guessed wrong :P (yeah, I'm talking about myself here..). My only complaint about this one is it took a bit too long for us to really get to the part were the truths of Jack's past and why he acts the way he does with Mary. 

On the previous installment Jack Talent is tortured and bled out by demons, to say it mildly, he had enough on his plate as it is.. having the torture on top of it all was too much for him. He became a shell of himself and did his best to avoid everyone around him including Ian who was like a father to him (I swear I was with tears in my eyes when Jack confessed to Ian of how much he means to him). He does the only thing he think he CAN to try and dig his way out of his ragged state. 

Mary Chase is finally getting a real case to investigate. The only problem with it is she is assigned to work with Jack Talent who sees to HATE her and she doesn't even know why. Also she doesn't understand why Jack hasn't solved this case already! With all the cases he went through in the past few years, it's kinda strange that this one is taking him so long. Yet, it's a good opportunity for her to shine. So she isn't going to let him stand in her way.

The beginning is rough on both of them. They simply don't get along. Also there is too much that Jack is keeping from Mary and she starts to wonder if maybe Jack his hiding something that if got out might shock the people around him and might even result in them kicking him out. But things don't add up, so she rather keep her own investigation and see were it leads. 

The romance between the two of them is REALLY slow in building. Even when they both start being nicer to each other there is too much bellow the surface. Mostly the secrets Jack is keeping since we get Mary's tale pretty soon in the story. I should say that some of the things Jack did were sweet and brought a stupid romantic look on my face, yet other things felt a bit too sticky.. I'm not sure I would have guessed that jack would act this way when in love.. 

Both Jack and Mary are pretty damaged, they both went through Hell and back in their past leaving them quite incapable of having a normal relationship even if both of them want in t way to be in one. I loved that when they finally got together their past wasn't left behind, they were constantly battling what happened to them. Sure it was a bit hard to read, yet I hate when character's past gets solved immediately when there is a love interest in sight. 

I'm not sure if I really got the main villain in this one, he was crazy all right! I have a feeling that some things were kinda left unresolved in the end.. but since this book was quite long maybe some of the things might get page time on the next one. 

Like in previous installments we got a small glimpse into the conflict of the main characters of the next one which are Holly Evernight and Will Thorne. Holly we met in the 3rd installment, she is the SOS engineer and also the grand daughter of Eamon Evernight the main character in the short novella Entwined. Will on the other hand makes his first appearance in this one as one of Jack's childhood friends. We also meet Adam (the creator of the GIM) and Eliza May, the main heroes in the 6th installment (that hasn't been published yet). 

I love were this series is going. Love the feel of London as such a creepy and shadowy place. Really enjoy all the main characters, I feel that on the one hand they are very appropriate for their time (this IS a Historical Romance after all) yet, the characters are unique and interesting, each in his / her own way, making them feel a lot more "modern". 

Highly Recommended as all the previous book in the series are. I DON'T recommend you start with a random book in the series as these depend on the previous ones, not in plot line but in the main and side characters and what happens to them in the previous installments. So do yourselves a favor, take a bit of a time off and start with the first one :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 464 pages, 5-6 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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