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Friday, November 28, 2014

Firelight (Darkest London #1) [Miranda Ellis & Benjamin Archer] by Kristen Callihan

Such a BEAUTIFUL story! I loved every second of it! and I SHOULD say that I'm not usually into Historical Romance. But after reading Tami's review I KNEW I have to give this one a go, and as I saw that she was keeping on reading the next ones and enjoying it so much I decided to put in on my immediate list. "Lucky me" I had so many disappointments and DNF this month I had a little "free time" book wise. 

First off, this is no "regular" Historical Romance it's a Paranormal Historical Romance which is GREAT. I loved that idea. There are so many futuristic Paranormals or current Paranormals but I haven't seen any books that are of the Historical kind. I might just don't know about them for lack of real interest in this genre... (which I should probable remedy) But anyhow that's not the only thing I absolutely loved about this book - It was also a new tale of "Beauty and the Beast". I'm not sure if the other ones in the series have the same concept of "fairy tale" reinvented but if so - it's simply awesome! (I should say that the next one TOTALLY feels like a reinvented fairy tale, you'll get the hints in this one)

Out current "Belle" is Miranda, a true beauty who used to come from wealth but her father delved into too many improper things ending up in losing all his wealth. At the first chance he gets he sells off his three daughters the younger of which is Miranda to the mysterious Lord Archer - our current "Beast". Belle has a dark secret she tells no one though her family knows - she has the will to control and create fire. When she was younger she had a few unfortunate accidents that made her reluctant to use her power not to mention people don't react well to learning she has such an unusual power. 

Lord Archer has a lot of secrets himself, one of which makes him wear a heavy mask over his face and cover up all his body. He has been all over the world in search for a cure for his current state of health and the last draw back brought him face to face (in a dark ally) with our beautiful and strong minded Miranda. Both have been affected by the encounter yet Archer left England for another escapade and Miranda continued her miserable life with her father. 

Three years later as Archer returns to England he makes a deal with Miranda's father who is thrilled to be rid of his last daughter and commitment. Miranda isn't sure of this marriage but everything is better than staying with her father and be forced to steal for a living. Moreover, she knows that she can torch her "dear husband" if he misbehaved. But he doesn't.. they form a beautiful friendship spiked with lust from both sides that none of them act upon - for too long you might think, but that's one of the things that made this novel so beautiful and sensitive. The relationship between them built beautifully!

Their romance is interrupted by recent killings in London, all of which seems to point to Archer being the killer, yet Miranda refuses to see her new husband as a killer even if he is so secretive and disappears at odd hours. Archer on the other hand is enamored with his independent and strong willed wife but is unable to trust her enough to tell her and SHOW her who he really is. Lies and lies surround them from all sides yet the only truth is the way they feel about each other and even though Archer doesn't want Miranda to be in danger now that she is married to him it's too late now.. all he can do is try to protect her. Miranda on the other hand WON'T stand and see Archer being harmed even if he wants to shield her she knows she can protect him as well!

I can rave about this book for hours, I swear. I LOVED it to pieces and made the "necessary" changes so I can delve into the rest of the series right NOW! Highly highly recommended! If you enjoy a more slow going romance, an interesting tale that is half fairy tale half horror with a mysterious killer - this is for you! regardless of the fact that we are in the late 1800s.


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 387 pages, 26-27 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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