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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Moonglow (Darkest London, #2) [Daisy Ellis Craigmore & Ian Ranulf] by Kristen Callihan

OMG. This book was IMPOSSIBLE to put down. I started one day Saturday evening, quite late, so I just managed 20%, then on Sunday I was reading non-stop until on 12:30 am I resigned myself to go to sleep but I just couldn't fall asleep! So I told myself, yeah, a little bit more and that's it. So I read for about an hour then went back to sleep but AGAIN, I just couldn't! So I just finished off the book and THEN fell asleep peacefully :)

I'm not sure which of the two I loved more - this one or the first installment. Ian and Daisy were a treat to read. They were both tortured each in his/her own way. Though we met Ian in the previous book there is MUCH that we don't know about him or his past. I guess it's pretty easy to guess what makes him look as young as he does and yet his past and what REALLY made him chase Miranda in the previous one, isn't what you think.
Daisy is tortured in another way, though she has a loving family (well, her 2 sisters..) her husband who passed away recently didn't treat her very well (to say the least!) and it left her heart and mind broken on some level. Now that her husband is dead she means to change her life, but since he had such a big influence on her mind it's not easy, it's especially near impossible to be able to trust a man, surly someone like Ian. Daisy is a real sweet heart, she is strong and independent as Miranda was but I think she has a more mischievous tone to her that makes reading her more fun. She also has something special about her that is revealed somewhere along the book which was interesting to read though I wouldn't have mind reading more about it. 

Ian on the other hand just wants to be left alone to live his life in relatively peace with no real need to show any kind of feelings. But as he saves Daisy's life from a new killer that struck London he realizes that this is an evil he MUST chase for more than one reason. 

As Daisy and Ian spend more time together they become very close, but more than that they come to enjoy each others unique personality yet both are reluctant to show their true feelings and moreover Ian especially knows that what is now between them can never really last. Unless.. 

After the first installment, and totally missing who the killer is, I actually realized quite soon who our killer is, nevertheless the ending of the mystery left me heartbroken. Yet the ending of the whole story and the resolve of Ian and Daisy's love put me back together. 

Near the ending of this book the events that lead to the next installment of Poppy and Winston is revealed leaving me with SUCH a taste for more! Also we meet Mary Chase and Jack Talent the MC in Shadowdance the 4th installment in the series. 

I'm going on vocation in a little bit so hopefully I'll finish as much as possible of this series before I return Saturday night to the comforts of my home, but mostly the comfort of my two precious dogs.

Have a great week!

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 384 pages, 29-30 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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