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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Evernight (Darkest London #5) [Holly Everlight & William Thorne] by Kristen Callihan

I'm quite reluctant to write this review.. while this one started and continued on being a total and absolute JOY to read, near the ending I just felt lost, annoyed, tricked and mostly pissed off at the tricks of the Fae. The ending even made me reluctant to read the next one.. I guess it's better then that it will be published in about two months so I'll have my time to cool down and try and forgive Kristen for ruining this one for me. 

As I said, it started AMAZING. I loved both William Thorne and Holly Evernight from the start. Holly is a cold and calculated woman, a scientist who thinks with her head and ignores the emotions she might be feeling, they don't matter, only science and her creations does. But after what she went through - being captured, building the platinum heart that was installed into Will - something inside her changed, or maybe broke, she spent the whole year at her house, never leaving, being captured by herself in her own golden cage. 

Will have been in total torment the past year. After being transferred into something he can't even name he lost his mind, mostly to agonizing pain that he can't control. In his small lucid moments all he could think would be killing the one who made him - Everlight. Holly. 

When he finally arrives at her home, not sure how he even got there he feels a certain relief he can't explain. Holly is dumb folded when she sees Will at her doorstep. He was the 4th demon trying to kill her and while she had no problem killing the previous intruders Will is different, he is hers, her terrible creation and he is in utter pain, pain she is responsible too. 

The least she could do it try to help Will, the least he could do is protect her from the ones trying to kill her and maybe try and find who hired the assassins. This is how their relationship begins. It continues with a lot of antagonism on both parts, mostly on Holly's as she won't let emotions control her and anyhow, Will is Nex, he is a crazy demon with a heart of platinum he can't control and gives him constant pain. Even if she could fix him (can she?) they couldn't have any future together. 

Will isn't a bad "guy", he isn't a good guy either. Yes, he is a blood sucking demon (hooray for the vampire!) yet he truly doesn't want to hurt Holly now that his mind is his own and as time goes by he wants to be more and more in her company and not only because she takes his pain away. I really enjoyed getting to know him. It was also interesting the way we found (with him) about his past as his memory was somehow altered. Holly was a great inspiration, a woman that shouldn't have lived in history but in our days. I think she was the strongest willed and most modern woman of all the ones in the series and the fact that she is a scientist, working with metal made her even more special as even in our times it would be different. There is one or maybe two scenes that surprised me as we see a dominant woman being appreciated by a male who has no problem submitting. Must say, that I didn't see this one coming. Especially not in a Historical Romance.

We got a few glimpsed and several POVs of Sin - St. John Evernight - who is Miranda, Daisy and Poppy's younger brother. I guess he will be getting his book but honestly don't know when.. though I have a feeling that it would be the 7th book in the series. His part in this one feels as a sort of preparation, similar to the way other characters were introduced in the previous novels (including the smallest glimpses into his love interest). Right now he seems EXTREMELY powerful, yet quite childish and naive in his  behavior. We also got more of Adam and Eliza May - the main characters in the next novel - which was totally unclear up until the very end which totally destroyed the book for me. 

In general I didn't enjoy the manipulative feel of the whole book, which was revealed to it's extent nearing the ending as things starts to fall into place. Didn't appreciate the twist in the end. It felt totally unnecessary. You see that in a lot of books were there is one final twist in the end that brings the characters together in the best possible way, yet here it felt they were READY for the happy ending with no need for a twist just a nice solution to one of two "minor" problems.. 

I don't know. I enjoyed this one, was totally hooked from the first page, loved both main characters was intrigued by the miserable Adam and interested in seeing who this Sin is and what he could do, yet the way this one concluded left me somehow unsatisfied. I'm giving this one 4 stars because I DID enjoy most of it and I LOVE this series to pieces. But to be honest, if I would wait for tomorrow before I publish this post my rating might drop since I KNOW I would be even more annoyed after thinking more about it..

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 432 pages, 8-10 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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