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Soulbound (Darkest London #6) [Eliza May & Aodh MacNeil/Adam] by Kristen Callihan

We met both Adam and Eliza May in the previous installment in the series. It's the beginning of their (love) story - as she lays dying after being attached, Daisy and Mary Chase find her and offer her an immortal life as a GIM. They call upon Adam who sees her and realizes she is the one who was promised to him so long ago. Taking his vow she is now eternally his, well, up until Sin and Will Thorne break her free. 

What exactly happened the time they spend together we know very little of, and frankly it doesn't even make any sense. He is happy she is by his side, but he is also a bit wary, he doesn't want to confide with her, yet he wants her to speak to him. She just sees a brooding annoying man who keeps her chained to his side so she gives him the "silence treatment" which annoys the heck out of him and in the end, when she finds her way out she happy to finally be free. 

Eliza May has already been captured and enslaved in a certain way before she died, she was bound to Mellan. So when Adam chained her to him, for her it was twice giving away her freedom. On her first "trial" it was out of no choice since she had no one in her world back then, with Adam in a way it was also a no choice deal since she was already dead and didn't want to give her life away. It doesn't mean she willingly accept that she is bound to him.. 

This is where the book begins, sort of, for the past year she has been free of Adam and living with her "aunt" (actually her grandmother) Mabella the Fae. You probably remember the mentally imbalanced Mab. I couldn't stand her in the previous installment so it's not wonder I still find her a total bore. Villains that are villains because they are "evil" have no appeal to me. I have to understand their reasoning even if it really doesn't make any sense (or it does in a twisted sort of way), with her it DOES make sense - she basically wants world domination.. which is the second thing I can't stand in villains.. When their scheme is OTT I just think it's stupid. 

Living with Mab might look glamorous with all the new cloths and endless parties. Yet Mab is a cruel woman who enjoys not only being adored but torturing and inflicting pain unto others. Yet she owes her so much and it's not that she has anywhere else to go..

Two changes in her life with Mab make her realize she need to leave and NOW. 
The first one is finding out Adam is chained in an underground prison, where Mab tortures him daily. Talking to Adam she realizes how much she dislikes the life she is living with Mab, but she set Adam free and chains herself willingly to him now so he can help her escape herself when she realizes that her past tormentor Mellan is no other than Mab's brother and he intends to marry her and make her his slave (with Mab's blessing..)

The story in itself IS interesting and there is more about the GIM and Adam in this one which I found interesting from the first time we were introduced to a GIM in the series. Adam or rather Aodh MacNeil is actually a man who had a few special abilities who was cursed by Mab to live as an immortal not being able to feel anything (joy or pain) until he finds the woman who is destined for him. 

Yet I find myself struggling literally with every page in this book because I couldn't find myself even remotely liking the two main characters - Adam and Eliza May. They are both very childish in their behavior toward one another. They keep "playing games" saying the opposite to what they feel to "guard" themselves and seem indifferent when all it does is keep the other at more than an arms' length. Eliza May can't stand Adam who is arrogant and overly flirtatious and Adam is annoyed with how much Eliza is affecting him so he does his best to show her she means nothing to him. 

What is the end result? they detest each other. Yep.. From Eliza's point of view it means nothing, from Adam on the other hand it's him losing his salvation and after 700 years he yearns it. So why does he behave towards her like he does? because of pride? and even if it started out this way, why not say the truth to her when he feels she is slipping away? 

It was annoying beyond words seeing the way they behaved. They were like to 12 years old children. The first 30% of the book was a TORTURE to read. It was just boring. Like reading a YA novel with no young adults in it.. Then when the truth came out and they actually started working together I had the evil Mab and Mellan to deal with and I just felt like I couldn't do this anymore. The MC were no on the okay side (sort of) but the villains were beyond disgusting and annoying. There is a little of side plots which could have saved this book if there were more of it.. I love Ian Ranulf and Daisy and enjoyed seeing a glimpse of them and there was also a few scenes with Sin (the MC in the next installment) but it wasn't enough to keep me interested in the plot when I couldn't really care for the MC, I didn't even WANT them to be together.. 

So yeah, it's a DNF at 45%. I'm really sad that a series I LOVED so much and highly recommended turned into a bad YA Paranormal I can barely stand :( But it is what it is.. I'll try the last installment in the series, hoping that they finish off Mab and Mellan in this one so they won't appear in the next and last installment but I have a bad bad feeling that the final confrontation between whomever and Mab will be in the very end of the series. 

 (DNF 45%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 240 pages, 1 February 2015 / On GoodReads
Darkest London is a Paranormal Historical Romance / Steampunk series by Kristen Callihan.
The series takes place in London (how shocking! ;)) around 1880~

All the main heroes in the books have a special power or legacy and as the series progress we also learn about the organization in charge of hiding the knowledge of people with special powers, demons and other beings from the general population. 

The series is mostly concerned with the Ellis siblings, starting out with Miranda, Daisy and Poppy in the first three installments and ending in the 7th and final novel of St. John. 

Each novel tells us of two characters finding their HEA but is also action packed with a murder and mystery to be revealed. In some books it's possible to guess who the villain is but you have to really watch for the clues! 

I love that though it's Victorian times all the woman characters are strong and quite independent and the men while being strong as well don't overpower the women or try to put them in a "certain place where they belong".

I'm not usually into Historical Romance but I really enjoyed the feel of London as being such a dark, smelly, menacing place. I loved the way Kristen described the paranormal world with the creatures is contains. We have Werewolves and Vampires as a lot of Paranormal series have, yet they are portrayed differently which was a nice change, also there are creatures I've never heard of before (Like the "GIM"). The whole setting and the way the "special beings" are brought to us felt very unique and interesting. 

Though I REALLY enjoyed the first 4 novels, but then came the 5th one and I did NOT like where Kristen was taking this series. The 6th one was a total disappointment which is why I decided not to read the last one - Forevermore (of St. John/Sin and Layla Starling). 
Do I recommend this series? I'm not sure. The first ones were AWESOME. So I don't know, I leave it up to you. 

0.5 Ember [Miranda Ellis & Benjamin Archer] (published 31 January 2012) ★★★★★
1. Firelight [Miranda Ellis & Benjamin Archer] (published 31 January 2012) ★★★★★
2. Moonglow [Daisy Ellis Craigmore & Ian Ranulf] (published 31 July 2012) ★★★★★
3. Winterblaze [Poppy Ellis Lane & Winston Lane] (published 26 February 2013) ★★★★★
3.5  Entwined [Luella Jane & Eamon Evernight] (published 5 November 2013) ★★★★★
4.  Shadowdance [Mary Chase & Jack Talent] (published 17 December 2013) ★★★★★
5. Evernight [Holly Evernight & Will Thorne] (published 26 August 2014) ★★★★
6.  Soulbound [Eliza May & Aodh MacNeil/Adam] (published 24 February 2015) ★ (DNF 45%)

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